Electronic Walking Stick with Chair: A Smart Blind Stick

We all know that the visually impaired rely on support devices like walking sticks to move around independently. The cane (usually white and red in color) not only helps blind people scan the area they are moving in for potential hurdles and navigate better, but also notifies people like us to assist them if need be.

Technological advancements have permeated through all facets of life and it is no surprise that manufacturers have taken it upon themselves to develop gadgets and devices that can aid those who need them the most – physically impaired and specially-abled people. Certain people have varied needs, especially when it comes to carrying out routine activities such as sitting, standing or walking. We take these things for granted, but individuals suffering from specific conditions (or those who don’t have age and natural physical fitness on their side) might need additional support or assistive devices that can help them do these activities independently.

On that note, here are a few such innovative types of equipment (ultrasonic electronic walking sticks for the blind) that are specially designed to make life easier for the visually impaired and disabled that Seniority offers online.

Smart Electronic Walking Sticks for the Blind

1.      Electronic Walking Stick with Folding Chair

This cutting-edge walking stick has been specifically designed keeping in mind the needs of senior citizens, blind individuals, and physically-impaired people. Loaded with modern technology like an LED torch, blinking emergency lamp and alarm siren, the stick is more than just a regular walking stick. Made from anodized aluminum, its frame is adjustable up to 5 slots and comes in a bright, attractive finish. The fact that it can bear a weight of up to 120 kilos is an added bonus and the polypropylene seat makes for an extremely comfortable seating option.

 2.      Walking Stick with Folding Stool

This lightweight stick comes loaded with a comfortable polypropylene seat (24 x 20 centimeters) with a hanger string that allows the user to rest whenever they feel the need to take a break from walking. Strong, durable and with an easy-to-grip handle, this walking stick with a foldable stool is easy to transport.

 3.      Walking Stick with Seat – Avanti

Ergonomically designed to direct a load of your body through your arms to the walking stick, thus transferring the force from the limbs to the stick, this device provides a great deal of assistance. Its scratch-proof aluminum frame is strong and durable, ensuring that you never feel unsteady while walking or resting on the seat.

 4.      Walking Stick with Seat – Pedder Johnson

Pedder Johnson’s walking stick comes with an attached foldable seat and is ideal for those who need to rest sporadically while moving around at home or outdoors. Like the ones mentioned above, this product, too, is made from aluminum and delivers ample support to the user at all times. Sleek, sturdy and with an aesthetically-pleasing wooden handle, this walking stick with the seat is just what you were looking for!

So, there you go – Seniority offers an assorted selection of groundbreaking designs and makes of electronic walking sticks with attached seats. If you have someone in your home who needs a modern walking stick that allows them to take a break whenever they feel like it, look no further. In fact, these sticks are great for those who:

  • old-aged people
  • people who have joint pain, especially in the lower body
  • are visually impaired (partially or fully blind)
  • physically disabled (partially or fully)
  • are recuperating from a surgery
  • have damaged their limb(s) in an accident

Choose from our variety of walking sticks and order the one that appeals to you the most today!

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