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Think a disability or old age puts a wedge on your travel plans? Well, it’s time you bring those travel postcards out and start listing down the places you want to visit. Dive right in to know all about accessible travel.

Everyone deserves to experience the pleasures associated with travel and Enable Travel offers just the right solutions and special equipment for comfortable and safe holidays. While young travellers complain about picking the right time to use up leaves, seniors have all the time (and the money) they need to travel. It’s true, Life truly begins at 50.

Enable Travel, India’s first digital platform for accessible holidays, believes everyone should have the opportunity to live without barriers. Limited mobility and old age should not stop you from witnessing the iconic monuments, experiencing diverse cultures, exploring varied landscapes or even enjoying a leisured beach holiday; travel is for all and we make it possible for you.

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With this belief, Enable Travel launched their accessible tours for the disabled and senior citizens in March 2017. Designed by accessibility experts, with special equipment, personal caregivers, multi-lingual guides, sign-language interpreters and trained drivers, these tours guarantee your safety and comfort.

Enable Travel also customises holidays to suit your special needs. While tours for the deaf and speech-impaired come with sign-language interpreters, the same holidays for the vision-impaired focus on the sense of smell, sound and touch. Enable Travel also pays special attention to wheelchair users, offering rear-entry vans with portable ramps and safety harnesses, amphibian chairs for beach and water activities, and hiking chairs to help them up slopes and steps.

Our itineraries are carefully crafted, keeping in mind the comfort and pace of senior citizens, and the hotels are hand-picked for a fully accessible and at-home experience.

Enable Travel strongly believes that travel is for everyone and emphasizes on making your holiday completely stress free not only for you but your family back home. With its accessible tours and impeccable service, Enable Travel instills a sense of liberty that every person thrives for each day of their lifetime.

To know more about accessible travel, you can write to us on info@enabletravel.com

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