Everything you need to know about Blood Pressure Monitors

The adage ‘Keep your blood pressure in control and the rest of your body will take care of itself’ is true to an extent. In today’s day and age, the pressures of life and ageing can take a serious toll on our blood pressure levels and it is of paramount importance that we take good care of our body’s internal mechanism to ensure a healthy and happy life.

Blood pressure problems usually arise in the later stages of our life and are common amongst senior citizens. With age, your arteries tend to degenerate and lose their natural elasticity. In such cases, your heart works harder to ensure the effective pumping of blood to your internal organs, causing your blood pressure to fluctuate.

Here’s the complete lowdown on what blood pressure means and how you can monitor its levels without having to make frequent visits to the doctor.

Understanding Blood Pressure – Causes, Symptoms & Management

The heart pumps blood through the circulatory system and ‘normal blood pressure’ is essential to a healthy body. Our internal organs and tissues need ‘good blood’ in order to function normally and the heart pumps oxygen and vital nutrients to these parts by circulating fresh blood to them. The arteries carry this blood and if they contract, the narrowing of the arteries can lead to serious health conditions such as heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure, blindness, etc. The blood moves through arteries and veins, exerting a certain amount of pressure on their walls. This pressure is referred to as ‘blood pressure’ or BP.

Typical symptoms of high or low blood pressure include frequent headaches, blurred vision, dizziness and nosebleeds.

Your blood pressure levels can be dictated or affected by:

  • Biological ageing
  • Family health history
  • Inadequate nutrition
  • Irregular sleep patterns
  • Lack of physical activity or exercise
  • Stress and anxiety

The best way to keep your blood pressure in check and under control is by:

  • Keeping a tab on your weight
  • Indulging in daily workouts or playing a sport
  • Eating a nutrient-rich, healthy diet
  • Avoiding potentially damaging habits such as smoking and consuming excessive alcohol
  • Keeping daily track of your blood pressure

Measuring blood pressure using a BP monitor

On that last note, here is some information that you might find useful if you (or any of your family members) are suffering from blood pressure issues. Gauging and checking your blood pressure is essential in terms of ensuring your wellbeing and identifying any potential problems on time.

Typically, blood pressure is checked using a sphygmomanometer or blood pressure machine. Measured in millimetres of mercury (mmHg), the ideal blood pressure for humans should be between 120mmHg (systolic blood pressure) and 80mmHg (diastolic blood pressure). If it falls below this bracket, the condition is called low blood pressure (hypotension) and when it goes beyond the upper limit, it is referred to as high blood pressure (hypertension).

While you will find BP monitors at the doctor’s clinic or at all hospitals that deal with blood pressure patients, it is best to invest in a quality blood pressure checker that you can keep handy at home or even in your office. Modern-day blood pressure machines come in various shapes and sizes.

Top benefits of using a home blood pressure monitor

  • No need to visit the doctor every time you want to check your BP
  • Home blood pressure monitors are extremely user-friendly
  • You can maintain a daily log of your readings in a convenient manner

5 of the best blood pressure monitors you can buy online

Here’s a list of BP monitors by reliable brands like Omron, Karma and Easy Care that we believe are fantastic aids for those struggling with regular blood pressure monitoring.


1. Blood Pressure Monitor BM 28 - Beurer


This Blood Pressure Monitor by Beurer provides a fully automatic measurement of blood pressure and pulse on the wrist. It has a clear and easy-to-read display. It is also an arrhythmia irregular heart beat indicator.

Key features:

    • Has two adjustable alarm times
    • Display can be read easily
    • Automatic switch-off
    • Has a low battery indicator


2. BP Monitor – Solomon


The Solomon Super Eco Blood Pressure Monitor with PC link features ultramodern options like a jumbo LCD display, WHO BP classification indicator, irregular heartbeat warning system, mini-USB port and an illuminated start/stop button. This automatic battery-operated device enables you to check your blood pressure no matter where you are. Apart from the aforementioned features, the premium BP monitor also has an internal storage capacity of up to 120 memories (accurate BP readings with date and time) in three databases and can provide an average of your last three readings. The machine has an automatic inflation/deflation feature, auto power off and illuminated buttons. Its easy-to-read large-sized white font makes it an ideal device for the elderly.

Key features:

      • Meaurement: Oscillometric (BP accuracy of 3 mmHg)
      • Pulse accuracy: 5%
      • Cuff size: 520 x 140 mm
      • Dimensions: 17 x 17 x 13 cm
      • Weight: 300 g
      • Power: 4 x AA batteries


3. BP Monitor 3AQ1-2P – Karma Microlife


A high-quality blood pressure monitor that is widely used across homes, clinics and hospitals in India, this device by Karma BP machine is one of the most reliable and accurate devices in the market. With a 12-month guarantee from the manufacturer, this automatic BP monitor is loaded with a range of ultramodern features, including pulse arrhythmia detection and a wide-range cuff (22-42 cm). The product does not come with an AC adapter.

Key features:

      • Automatic blood pressure monitor
      • Highly accurate readings
      • Pulse arrhythmia detection
      • Can detect 4 types of IHBs in a click
      • Wide-ranged cuff: 22-42 cm


4. Fully Automatic Arm Cuff BP Monitor – EasyCare


Based on the oscillometric method of blood pressure measurement, this device comes with an integrated silicon pressure sensor. The fully-automatic BP monitor with arm cuff enables you to gauge blood pressure levels and pulse rate in a non-invasive manner. Super-compact and easy to carry, the machine is light in weight and comes with a digital display. All your blood pressure measurements, including the date and time, are displayed on this screen at once. The BP monitor’s oscillometric methodology means that you can measure both systolic as well as diastolic blood pressure and your pulse rate with ease.

Key features:

      • Fully automatic blood pressure monitor
      • Digital display
      • Compact and extremely lightweight
      • Silicon integrated pressure sensor
      • Non-invasive measurement of blood pressure and pulse rate


5. Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor - Omron 8712


Omron Blood Pressure HEM-8712-IN is a compact and fully automatic blood pressure monitor which works on the oscillometric principle to measure your blood pressure and pulse rate without any fuss. The device uses its advanced IntelliSense technology for comfortable and controlled inflation without the need of pressure pre-setting or re-inflation.

Key features:

      • Easy, one-touch operation
      • Body movement detection and hypertension indicator
      • Irregular heartbeat detection
      • Measurement Range: Pressure 0 TO 299mmhg
      • Pulse: 40 to 180 beats/min

How to use a home blood pressure monitor?

While each model and variant is slightly different in terms of size, make and functionality, here are the common steps that you should follow when using a blood pressure machine:

1. Sit in an upright position and keep your arm steady.

2. Avoid any kind of stress, since that may lead to a temporary increase in your blood pressure levels.

3. Identify your pulse by pressing the brachial artery (just above the elbow area on the inside of your left arm)

4. Slide the arm cuff through the metal ring to a loop, making sure that the softer fabric is on the inside

5. Ensure that the metal ring is not in direct contact with your skin or arm

6. Once you put your left arm through the cuff’s loop, make sure the tube is over the brachial artery on the inside part of your arm

7. Tighten the top and bottom parts of the cuff by pulling it (the Velcro should be on the outside)

It is recommended that you stay off caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes or heavy exercise an hour before the readings are taken. Make sure you read the user manual carefully before using the blood pressure monitor and follow the instructions therein. Once you take the first reading, cross-check the same with your doctor (using a manual sphygmomanometer) to ensure that the measurements are accurate.

Where to buy a blood pressure monitor?

Blood pressure monitors are a convenient way of measuring BP at home. There are thousands of models available in the online and physical retail market that you can choose from. Look at essential features like the cuff size, screen/display, power source and cost before taking your pick.

At Seniority, we offer a wide range of automatic digital blood pressure monitors from brands like Omron, Dr. Morepen, Beurer, Rossmax, Easy Care, and Apollo Pharmacy at competitive prices. What’s more, we also offer free shipping on our products. Browse through our assortment of BP high-quality blood pressure machines here, and place your order now!