Five Ways the Elderly Are Using the Internet

The internet is redefining the way people lead their lives. From students to working professionals, everyone is making use of the internet for various purposes. Interestingly, the use of the internet is no longer limited to the young generation. Even the elderly generation is fast adopting this modern technology to live a happy and healthy life. As technology takes new leaps every day, the older generation is discovering the internet's various facets and learning how to keep up with this blaze-pace wonder. If you too belong to the same generation, it’s time to embrace this technology with open arms. Check out five ways the elderly are using the internet and why you should use it too.


1. Staying Socially Active and Engaged

Socially Active

With increasing age, the social engagements and activities of the elderly generation tend to decrease. But, staying socially active is quite important for maintaining a healthy mind and body. The internet has proved to be a boon in this aspect. While there’s no replacement for human interaction, you can make use of this technology to keep in touch with family and friends whom you can’t meet frequently. By using Internet-based services like Skype, email, social media platforms, etc., you can easily maintain an active social life right from the comfort of your home.


2. Remaining Safe and Sound

Most seniors prefer staying in their own home in their twilight years, even when it means staying alone or away from their children. There’s always a risk involved in such a situation. You may get hurt or may need immediate help in case of an emergency. The internet comes to your rescue in such cases as well. There are several internet-based apps that can ensure your safety while living alone. You can make use of apps that can activate an alert call to your loved ones at the touch of a button. Seniors suffering from Alzheimer's disease or other types of dementia can even use GPS tracking devices to enable their family members to locate them in case they wander off.


3. Maintaining a Fit Body and Mind

Maintaining a Fit Body and Mind

As age starts taking its toll, many seniors give up on their efforts to maintain a fit body. The issue is further aggravated by medical conditions that prevent them from going to a gym or even going on long walks. For such seniors, the internet comes to the rescue. You can now use the internet to engage in light exercises even without stepping out of your bedroom. From following videos of light exercises to playing video games that enable you to get regain normal range of motion, and even engaging in mind games that help to keep your grey cells active, you can utilise the internet to maintain a fit mind and body.


4. Preventing Medication Errors

With increasing age, medication becomes an undesired but unavoidable reality for many people. As the number of medications increases, the challenge of keeping track of all of them and taking them on time increases as well. The internet can come to your aid in this case as well. The senior generation is waking up to the benefits of smartphone apps that can remind them of their medication timings without fail. Most importantly, these apps can help you to not just take your medicines on time but also to take the correct medicines, thus preventing medication errors. No wonder, the seniors are making use of the internet for their medicinal purposes with much enthusiasm.


5. Ensuring Personal Enrichment

The retired life doesn’t have to be a dull and boring life, devoid of any engaging activities or any scope to enrich oneself. Several seniors are discovering that the internet offers a world of opportunities for anyone who’s interested in personal development. From various courses for the seniors to different age-based hobbies and even personal enrichment ideas and opportunities, it’s a treasure trove of information out there. You can definitely use the internet for your personal enrichment purposes.

Life doesn’t come to a standstill at the age of 60, especially when you have the internet at your fingertips. So, gear up to start a new inning from this age and live life to the fullest!