Get on the Scale Every Day with These Weighing Machines

Remember those massive, colourful weighing machines at railway stations; the ones that played eccentric music and radiated a dizzying combination of lights? Remember the little brown cards that would have your weight printed on them along with some reference to pop culture at the back after you shoved in a rupee? It’s a happy memory for most people, but you could never really rely on the results these amusing machines would show you.

But who needs a weighing scale, right? Well, if you ask us, everybody does. Except for the rare few lucky souls who never seem to put on any undesirable kilos, no matter what they eat or what kind of lifestyle they live, watching one’s weight is essential in today’s times. We say it is ‘essential’ because it can spiral out of control before you know it.

On a more serious note, weight management has become extremely important, especially in developed nations like the United States and parts of Europe, and developing countries like India and China. The simple reason for the subject becoming a topic of concern worldwide is the excessive prevalence of obesity around the globe.

Understanding obesity and its presence in India

Obesity, in broad terms, is basically defined as a medical/physical condition that is typified by the accumulation of excessive body fat.

But hey, we thought only Americans were obese, thanks to all the junk they eat all the time! Well, think again.

If you have been under the impression that the pervasiveness of obesity in India isn’t your concern, the following statistics could change your perception.

  • The number of Indian adults with obesity is expected to rise from 3.7% (2014) to 5% by the year 2025. That is quite a meteoric rise in a decade!
  • Back in 2001, there were only four to five bariatric surgery cases. Today, that number is in excess of 30,000. We don’t even have words to express how we feel about that.
  • With over 65 million diabetes patients, India is set to become the ‘diabetic capital of the world’ by 2025. A title no country would be proud of!

Obesity and weight problems tend to increase the likelihood of a variety of diseases, including cardiovascular disorders, type-2 diabetes, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, dyslipidemia, osteoarthritis, cancer, and depression.

Primary causes of obesity

Let’s take a look at the main causal factors that lead to an individual putting on excessive weight:

1. Excessive calorie intake

Overeating is something that we all tend to do, knowingly or unknowingly. Imagine your favourite delicacy being served to you when you are famished. It is natural to overindulge yourself and binge on foods, especially unhealthy ones when you are hungry. However, this leads to bloating and an unhealthy increase in the body fat percentage.

2. Genetic predisposition

It is a proven fact that your genes, to some extent, determine your physical appearance and the way it changes over time. If excessive weight runs in the family, it is highly likely that this trend will pass on from one generation to the next. In most cases, this tendency to put on excess weight can be controlled and managed.

3. Sedentary lifestyle

Broadly speaking, today’s generation has got into the habit of living a really sedentary lifestyle, bringing into the picture the ill effects that come with it. Weight management is on the table because of inactivity, laziness, desk jobs and a general lack of physical fitness.

Managing and gauging weight with weighing scales

There are several weight management therapies that work for different individuals, including strict diet control, exercise and in extreme cases, surgery. No matter what approach you take towards managing your weight, it is always good to keep a tab on how much you weigh.

Weighing scales are devices that allow you to check your weight instantly and accurately. Typically, weighing scales are of two types:

Analog or Mechanical Weighing Scales

This type of weighing devices uses mechanical methods to gauge your weight and can generally bear up to 120 kilos of the load. With rigid bodies and measurements displayed on dial mode, you are likely to find these at your family doctor’s clinic or government hospitals.

Digital or Electronic Weighing Scales

Electronic scales work on batteries and are considered more accurate as compared to the aforementioned type of weighing devices. Popular in gyms, nutrition centers, homes, and high-end hospitals, digital weighing scales offer users with several useful features in addition to gauging an individual’s weight.

Modern-day weighing scales have evolved with the advancements in technology. They no longer serve the sole purpose of telling you how much you weigh. The influx of digital weighing machines in the market has brought about so many different options and features that it becomes difficult to zero-in on the ‘right’ one. From step-on sensors and auto switch-off technology to weight reading history and Bluetooth-enabled or app-enabled weight machines, the options are varied.

8 efficient weighing scales that you can choose from

At Seniority, we feature top-rated products from the most reliable brands in the Indian market. We know how confusing it can get when it comes to choosing the right weighing scale, so we have narrowed it down to a list of eleven of our favourite ones.

Here is a curated list of some of the most effective weighing scales that you can order online and keep at home or in your office in order to regularly gauge your weight and work towards a healthier body.

1. HN-286 Digital Weight Scale – Omron

Digital Weight Scale HN286

This bathroom weighing scale is equipped with a large LCD panel to display the results and its silver coated advanced tempered glass can bear weight up to 180 kilos. The digital scale provides accurate results and also features overload and low battery indicators. Operating on a 3V lithium battery, the scale comes with an auto switch off feature to save battery, in case you forget to switch it off manually. Its compact design makes it easy for you to carry it and store it away when not in use.

2. HN-289 Digital Weighing Scale – Omron

Digital weighing Scale HN 289

Another handy product from Omron, this weighing scale helps you track the changes in your body weight with accurate digital measurement. Its silver-coated safety glass makes it crack-proof and the ultra-sleek design (available in four delightful colours) makes it ideal for usage in the gym, office or at home. The scale’s anti-slip surface makes it extremely secure for senior citizens.

3. USB Charging Weighing Scale (EC3310)

USB Weight Scale

Designed using top-of-the-line materials and technology, EasyCare’s contemporary weighing scale can be charged using a USB cable. Sleek and ultralightweight, this product is extremely handy and portable. Its large LCD screen displays the results with precision every time, thanks to the strain gauge sensor technology. Strong and highly durable, the tempered glass on top also makes the scale scratch resistant.

4. Digital Weighing Scale (SCS201)

Digital Weighing Scale

Available in different colour options, Smart Care’s new-age weighing scale is made from high-quality material and has 6mm tempered glass to ensure durability and strength. Its well-calibrated LCD display allows users to read the results from a height. The scale is designed to provide great foot grip and rests easily on the floor. Its high-performance strain gauge sensor enables accurate readings.

5. EQ-EB-9300 Digital Weighing Scale – Equinox

Digital Weighing Scale

A thin and smooth glass gauging scale that delivers accurate readings every single time, this easy-to-use scale’s auto step-on technology enables quick results. Although the product looks slim, sleek and elegant, Equinox’s modern scale is equipped to carry a maximum weight of 150 kilograms. With a big LCD screen, the machine indicates the battery status and shuts down automatically a few seconds after the user steps off it. Running on a 3V lithium battery, the digital weighing scale comes with 18 months of warranty from the manufacturer.

6. Mechanical Weighing Scale (SCS_301) – Smart Care

Mechanical Weighing Scale

If you are on the lookout for an old-school mechanical weighing machine that still works like a charm in this digital age, this one by Smart Care is just what you need. Crafted using high-quality material to ensure durability and sturdiness, the device can be set down on any kind of floor with ease. The mechanical scale has clear numbering and displays readings in a large font, making it easy for anyone to read (without having to bend over).

7. Mechanical Weighing Scale (9313) – Smart Care

Mechanical Weighing Scale

A super-compact and portable device, this versatile mechanical weighing machine is perfect for senior citizens. With a large font size and easy-to-read numbers, the device is great for use at home, in offices, hospitals, etc. The scale’s skid-proof design allows the user to gain a sturdy and risk-free grip on the surface. Made from the best quality of materials, this one’s a keeper!

8. EQ-BR-9808 Mechanical Weighing Scale – Equinox

Mechanical Weighing Scale

This personal weighing scale is another handy product that you can choose for home use. Equinox’s mechanical weighing machine can bear body weight of up to 120 kilograms, thanks to its sturdy build. The device has a zero adjustor and offers accurate readings. It is important to place the scale on a flat surface in order to gauge the weight correctly. Easy to operate and read, this mechanical scale comes with 18 months of manufacturer warranty.

So, there you go! 8 of the best digital and analog weighing scales you will find online in India. The accumulation of excessive body fat is never a good sign. If you think you are exceeding the limit of what is considered ‘healthy’, checking your Body Mass Index (BMI) would be a good first step to take.

BMI = your weight / the square of your height

While a BMI over 30 kg/M2 is considered obese, falling in-between 25-30 isn’t great news either. In fact, if your BMI seems to be crossing 21, it should be enough cause for concern. It is best to take early measures to address weight gain.

At Seniority, we recommend and strongly advocate activities that help you stay physically fit. So, no matter what your age, indulging in a minimum of 300 minutes of physical exercise every week is the bare minimum you should look to achieve. Stick to a strict routine, follow a healthy eating regimen and keep a track of how you progress – with a weighing scale, of course!