Girls Trip – It’s High Time You Plan This

When just the thought of ‘an all girl’s trip’ triggers happiness hormones, imagine the joy an actual holiday with your best girls! If you haven’t experienced it yet or have only been thinking about it, now is the time to gift yourself that holiday - away from the hum-drum of routine and the endless 24X7 chores 365 days a year.

Everyone needs a break, more so, from the guilt of leaving the family behind and spending on yourself. You have done enough; kept your nose to the grindstone in trying to give precedence to others needs before your own, toiled ceaselessly without complaining – ok, maybe you have complained a bit and have had those little breaks and evenings out with friends once in a while – but what you really need is a longer carefree time-off with your girlfriends, doing just what you please. So, why friends and not family?

Your interests match: Lazily shopping in the streets of an exotic locale, hopping in and out of shops without really buying anything, sit in a restaurant have a drink and get into another, relaxing without an agenda.

You always have common topics to talk about: When women sit together, they can chat their hearts out and have an active audience in each other. Attentive to one another, women can make great conversation partners without being judged for ‘talking too much’.

You are all Spa junkies at heart: Do you know many women who wouldn’t like to pamper themselves every once in a while?

Tips to plan your holiday:

1. Put safety first

safety first

Look for destinations that are known to be safe for ladies. Best places for girls’ trips include Singapore, Hongkong, Japan, Finland, and a few more; closer home – Shimla, Sikkim, Gokarna, Lhasa, Dharamshala, the list is endless. Look for packages that cater specifically to ladies’ tours, and your safety concerns will automatically be taken care of.

2. Put a budgeting embargo on yourself


Fix an upper limit and then don’t stress too much about budgeting. Generally, travel agencies get the benefit of bulk bookings from hotels and airlines; as a result of which they can afford to pass on a little of the advantage to the customers. In any case, you probably don’t do this every now and then so, go all out and indulge.

3. Travel light

Travel Light

Be prepared to cart your own luggage around. Make sure that you travel light and that your travel bags are on good quality wheels. Laundromats are everywhere these days; a quick wash and you can repeat all your clothes as often as you want.

4. Prepare well

Prepare Well

You would know best what your requirements are - if you need to organize your pills then go ahead and purchase a travel pill box, or if you are diabetic get organized with an insulin kit; you might even want to buy yourself a pair of travel socks or travel pillows, if you always like to be cozy.

Don’t fret the minor details, you will sail through them once you are with your friends. Remember, a happy person is a delight to have around and an ‘all women’s holiday’ is a great way to take a break, enjoy and return happier.

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