Hair Oiling : Know Which Oil is Best for Hair & Benefits of Oiling Hair

One of the most ignored practices in our modern hectic lifestyle is hair oiling. While we may still manage to find time for our fitness and nutrition, we often forget about the health of our hair and scalp.

This may lead to excess hair fall, premature greying, damaged hair and other such issues. If these problems are not taken care of at the right time, they might even lead to permanent hair damage as well.

Although regular hair oiling may not be the only solution to all these issues, it does provide essential minerals and nutrients to promote healthy hair growth.

So, let us look at various factors such as the importance of hair oiling, types of hair oil, benefits of oiling hair and which is the best hair oil.

Importance of Hair Oiling

Just like our body needs proper care and nutrition to stay fit, our hair and scalp also need good care and nourishment in order to stay healthy and stimulate proper hair growth.

We may have even heard our grandparents tell us that regular hair oiling is a must for healthy hair. This is because it does help in strengthening the hair and may even protect your scalp from external damage.

Apart from this, regular hair oiling also keeps your scalp nourished and hydrated. The hair oil seeps deep into your scalp and strengthens the hair roots which eventually lead to stronger and shinier hair.

Although applying shampoo and washing your hair are indeed essential for healthy hair growth, hair oiling still remains an important part of your daily haircare routine as it promotes the overall hair health and offers a wide range of benefits as well.

Speaking of which…

Benefits of Oiling Hair

  1. Keeps the scalp hydrated

  2. Due to constant outdoor exposure, our hair and scalp often lose their hydration which may lead to problems like dry hair and, in some cases, excess hair fall.

    You can easily prevent this by regular hair oiling. Applying hair oil a few times in a week and washing it the next day will help keep your scalp hydrated. This makes it one of the most important benefits of oiling hair.

  3. Improves Hair Growth

  4. As mentioned earlier, one of the main benefits of oiling hair is that it helps improve hair growth. You can also opt for a massaging method while applying hair oil, as it is known to improve blood circulation in the scalp.

    Regular hair oiling with the massaging method offers proper nourishment to your hair and ensures ideal supply of nutrients to the scalp as well. These benefits of applying hair oil eventually lead to improved hair growth.

  5. Strengthens Your Hair

  6. Apart from hydrating your scalp and stimulating hair growth, hair oiling also strengthens your hair. It provides important minerals and nutrients for the scalp.

    This may prevent external damage and strengthens the hair as well. Therefore, having strong and healthy hair is also one of the benefits of oiling hair.

  7. Prevents Dandruff

  8. One of the most common issues related to hair care is dandruff. In fact, more than 50% of the population is affected by this problem. However, one of the easiest ways to get rid of dandruff is regular hair oiling.

    Yes, that’s right. Having a dry scalp usually leads to dandruff and hair breakage. This can easily be avoided by hair oiling, which makes it one of the simplest remedies to get rid of dandruff naturally at home.

  9. Offers Shine and Glow

  10. Most of us wish to have long, shiny and lustrous hair. However, this may not be possible due to various hair issues that we may be facing. You can work on preventing these problems by oiling hair regularly.

    One of the main benefits of applying hair oil is that it offers deep nourishment for your scalp. This strengthens your hair roots and provides long-lasting shine and glow for your hair.

  11. Avoids Premature Greying

  12. Premature greying of hair is another common issue faced by most people today. It is mainly caused due to lack of scalp nourishment or deficiency of essential vitamins.

    Regular hair oiling ensures that your scalp receives proper nourishment along with the important vitamins and nutrients. So, oiling hair on a regular basis can be the ideal solution for preventing premature hair greying.

  13. Prevents Hair Fall

  14. The main causes of hair fall are known to be dry scalp, lack of hydration and protein deficiency. As we have seen earlier, these common problems can be solved by regular hair oiling.

    This is one of the main benefits of applying hair oil and is also one of the easiest solutions to prevent hair fall.

  15. Stress Relief

  16. There are a wide range of benefits of applying hair oil. However, a good old hair massage can also help relieve your mind and lower your stress levels.

    As the massaging method stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, you tend to feel calm and relaxed. Therefore, regular hair oiling can indeed offer stress relief.

Although there are various benefits of oiling hair, people often get confused by the question – “which oil is best for hair?”. This may even be one the commonly asked questions when it comes to hair oiling.

While there may be no definite answer, we can still find different types of hair oil that offer various benefits for your hair and scalp. So, here are some of the best products that may help you decide which oil is best for hair.

Red Onion Hair Growth Oil (200 ml) - Oriental Botanics

Made from an amalgamation of red onion oil with 30 vital oils and extracts to offer an all-round hair care regime, this hair oil provides relief from multiple hair related issues.

It offers the various benefits of hair oiling as it makes your hair silky, smooth, soft and healthy. This blend of oils enhances the look of your hair making it thick, lustrous and shiny.


  • All-round hair care solution
  • Contains natural vitamins, minerals & proteins
  • Provides relief from multiple hair & scalp issues

Oil For Hair Loss - Richfeel

Enriched with an active blend of essential oils this is one of the common types of hair oil. It helps prevent hair fall by strengthening the roots and improving tensile strength.

The oil is suitable for all hair types and promotes healthy hair growth. It is enriched with 100% organic blend of essential oils such as Grape seed, Rosemary, Cedar wood, and Lavender.


  • Offers natural conditioning
  • Improves the overall hair health
  • Can be used by both men & women

Herbal Hair Oil Combo (Pack of 3) - Deemark

Formulated by following Ayurvedic standards, the oil offers all beneifts of oiling hair as it helps prevent hair loss, strengthens hair roots and promotes hair growth.

It helps to prevent split ends, controls frizziness and keeps hair texture smooth. The hair oil also helps to keep the scalp healthy, prevents headache and promotes healthy sleep patterns.


  • Prevents itching and scalp infection
  • Useful against baldness and dandruff
  • Prevents premature greying

Onion Oil For Hair Growth with Blackseed, Castor and Argan Oil (100 ml) - Matra

Matra’s Onion Hair oil is formulated from a blend various essential ingredients that nourish, strengthen and smoothen the hair. Regular hair oiling may reduce hair fall and control dandruff.

It is infused with castor oil that contains ricinoleic acid which promotes the circulation of blood to increase hair growth. It is free from parabens, chemicals and is a cruelty free product.


  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Infused with blackseed, castor and argan oil
  • Contains vitamin A, E and C

Red Onion Hair Shampoo + Conditioner and Hair Oil - Oriental Botanics

This pack of Hair Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Oil offers the required nourishment for your hair and may even improve healthy hair growth.

It contains various anti-bacterial properties that may help prevent breakage and split ends. In addition to this, the Red Onion Hair Oil helps minimize hair thinning and promotes healthy hair too.


  • May protect against hair damage
  • Offers overall nourishment
  • Does not contain any toxic chemicals

Regular hair oiling is just a part of your overall hair routine. You need to also pay attention to other important factors like regular hair wash and consistent care that will eventually lead to strong, shiny and heathy hair.