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Emergencies can be of various kinds – medical emergency, compromise of security, accidents, etc. Thompson Rivers University defines ‘personal safety’ as the freedom from physical harm and threat of physical harm, and freedom from hostility, aggression, harassment, and devaluation by members of the community. While this is the closest to what one might get in terms of a proper definition, personal safety or security is not restricted to the aforementioned things. It includes several dispositions, like having complete peace of mind, feeling confident and independent at all times – whether you are isolated or in a public space. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you worried about leaving your parents or grandparents at home?
  • Are you skeptical about your child travelling alone to school or tuitions?
  • Are you constantly thinking about the safety and security of your female family members while they are out alone, especially after sunset?
  • Are you concerned about the inability of a bed-ridden patient to call for immediate help?

If the answers to anyone (or all) of these questions is a yes, you need to do something about it rather than just ‘worrying’. There are several items, devices and products out there that can be of great use when it comes to protecting yourself from any kind of danger. From pepper sprays and Swiss army knives to batteries and home security systems – when it comes to personal security and the safety of your loved ones, you don’t want to take any chances whatsoever. This guide is meant for all age groups, but more specifically for the elderly, women, night shift workers and those who live alone (and even children who travel by themselves), to ensure that they can feel safe.

Typical security threats that one might come across in India

Let’s take a quick look at some of the most common safety issues that we see in the news or around us in these modern times. 

  • Petty crimes - We all know that India is infamous for petty crimes such as pickpocketing, chain snatching and scams. These can occur anywhere and at any time of the day, especially when you are out in the public realm.


  • Assault - Theft and assault are again very common across most towns and cities. No matter what the motive, physical assaults can be dangerous and mentally disturbing.


  • Break-ins - Burglary is rampant in tier one and two cities, especially since a lot of Indian households tend to have cash, jewellery and expensive electronic appliances that are of great value in the market.


  • Eve teasing and rape - Ill-reputed for the rate at which rapes happen around the country, we as a society have gone from bad to worse in the last few decades. Eve teasing is also a common occurrence and the viral #metoo social media phenomenon proved it yet again.


  • Child abuse - As disturbing as it sounds, child abuse is for real. There have been innumerable cases in the news of late and so many more that don’t even get reported because of fear.

With the crime rates going up with every passing day, it becomes important that you are equipped to protect yourself from any potential threats or at least prepared to call for help, should the need arise.  

Handy personal security products and devices

Here is a curated list of some great products, including locks and alarm systems for a safe home, that can help keep danger at bay and help you in case of emergencies:

As the name suggests, this is a battery-powered keychain that doubles up as an effective personal security alarm that can be used as a means of calling for help. Designed for convenient use at any age, the device is your ideal companion when you are out or at home alone, especially late in the night. It has a built-in alarm that you can trigger in case you feel unsafe at any given point of time, whether you are travelling or in a private or public space. The alarm is basically a loud 120 dB siren that is triggered when you pull its pin out of the main unit. The unit comes in a stylish black colour with four LR41 alkaline batteries. Key features:

  • A 120-decibel piercing siren that can ring for over 1.5 hours
  • Combination siren (two different frequencies put together to maximize the effect)
  • Compact and easy to carry and use as a keychain – you can even attach it to your bag zipper
  • Extremely lightweight (0.8 ounces)

  2.   Personal Alarm with Torch – Juvo

Juvo’s convenient personal alarm device comes equipped with a powerful torch so you can use it no matter what time of the day or night it is. Simply pulling the cord can enable you to trigger an extremely loud alarm in case you need to call for help. Its 120 dB siren can go on for up to 1.5 hours once the cord is pulled, helping you alert people in your surrounding area that you need assistance. Weighing just 27.2 grams, this black-coloured personal security alarm is easy to use and great in terms of looks and design. It can be used as a keychain or kept in your pocket or bag (so that you carry it with you wherever you go). Key features:

  • Built-in mini torch
  • Built-in white LED light to help you see in the dark
  • Easy to operate (just pull the pin out of the main keychain unit)
  • Extremely loud 120-decibel siren
  • Three LR44 alkaline batteries included with the unit

  3.     Panic Alarm – Juvo

Elders and patients with serious medical conditions have a new companion – the wall-mounted Panic Alarm by Juvo. In case of an emergency, the user can pull out a 3-foot-long ripcord to activate the device’s loud siren and flashing red LED light. The LED light blinks every 30 seconds, making it the perfect way to call for help instantly. Easy to install and even easier to operate, this is an ideal personal security alarm for senior citizens, people with mobility issues, etc. The next time there is an emergency of any kind, there will be no reason to panic since you know that you can call for assistance by notifying the people around you through this simple-yet-effective device. Key features:

  • A shrill 120-decibel siren that can be triggered by pulling out the drawcord
  • Bright red panic lights that flash every 30 seconds
  • On/Off switch
  • Battery strength testing button

  4.    Deluxe Door Safety Alarm – Juvo

Secure your office or home doors and windows with Juvo’s easy-to-install Deluxe Door Safety Alarm. This wireless, battery-powered device automatically sets off a piercing 120 dB alarm when the said door or window is opened. It has two modes – the ‘Home’ mode and the ‘Away’ mode. An instant siren gets triggered when the device is on the Home mode, while the Away mode offers a 45-second exit delay and 30-second entry delay. The alarm works on 3 AAA alkaline batteries (not included). It is an ideal product to help scare intruders away in case of an attempt made to break into the house or office. In case you are concerned about the security of your house or loved ones, install this safety alarm (available in while colour) that can double up as a chime to announce visitors or guests during the day!   Features:

  • Powerful 120-decibel alarm
  • Password operated (you can set your own four-digit code)
  • Toggle switch to select between Alarm mode or Chime mode
  • Low battery indicator
  • Versatile mounting plate and screws included

  5.     Door Alarm with Chime – Juvo

Are you worried about the safety of your house or your loved ones while you are away for work? Install Juvo’s two-in-one safety alarm that helps alert the people in the surrounding about any attempted break-ins. This door and window safety alarm automatically trigger a 105 dB siren, scaring intruders away when they try to break in. What’s more, it can be used as a chime to announce guests or visitors during the day if you like. There is no need to call an electrician or deal with a mess of cables since the device runs on four LR44 batteries that are included with the main unit. You can set it up yourself using the double-sided tape included in the package. Available in white colour, you can toggle between the Alarm, Chime and Off modes easily with a built-in switch. Key features:

  • Loud 105-decibel alarm
  • Toggle switch to choose different modes
  • The siren is triggered when the said door or window is opened and gets switched off when it is closed

  6.    Key Vault – Iomoto

Do you always tend to forget your keys or lock yourself out of the house or car? If the answer is yes, this innovative product is just what you need! Designed to store a set of spare keys (locker, house, office, car, etc.), the Key Vault by Iomoto has ample storage space. Senior citizens and especially those with conditions like dementia often forget to carry keys when they step out. The easy-to-carry vault also has space for extra cash that you might need in case of an emergency. Made out of durable metal with a waterproof cover that protects the dial, the vault is extremely handy and portable. You can easily set it up with a 4-digit code of your choice to ensure total security.    

Key features:

  • Ample storage space for your keys and cash
  • Waterproof and weatherproof cover for the dial
  • No batteries or electricity needed
  • Extremely compact and lightweight (550 grams)
  • Available in two colours: Silver, Black

  Quit worrying about the safety of the elders, children and women in your family – choose from the aforementioned personal security products to empower them with a sense of confidence, independence and safety.    

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