Happy Mother’s Day – With A Heart Full of Love

Who is that one person in the world who loves you unconditionally, is there for you always and only wishes the best for you?

She gives birth to you, she nurtures you, she educates you, she cares for you. Mom, maa or mother, she is the one who loves you unconditionally!
We often forget to express our feelings for her, therefore, a special day dedicated to her comes as a blessing. Just like she always knew how to put a smile on our faces, there is so much you can do to express your gratitude and love towards her:

1. Take her on a short holiday

Short Holiday

Give her a surprise, book yourselves on a weekend getaway if you live in the same town. She will absolutely love it. Remember the time when she planned a holiday when you needed it the most? It's time you make her feel great.

You could also gift her an ‘all girls’ trip to an exotic locale, or buy her tickets to come to visit you if you live abroad. These gestures prove to her that you care for her happiness despite you not physically present there. The choices are abundant- online bookings for - Holiday Packages, short trips, light-hearted adventures and more.

2. Take her shopping

You may assume that she might not be interested in good old retail therapy, but that's not true!  Take your loving mom for an experience of a lifetime by making her buy her favourite things. Well, not necessarily be clothes, shoes, cosmetics or purses; it could be something that she needs in order to maintain her health. Take the effort and do what it takes to make her feel special on this day, just as she did for you on numerous occasions.

3. Gift her a health checkup

Health Check up

She may look healthy or be on her routine medication; that definitely is not indicative of her physical comfort or current health. A routine checkup is imperative for every single individual, more so for your ageing parents. Accompany her, get her to complete it, no matter how much she might protest, just like she made sure you got all your shots.

4. Spa therapy for her soul


Who wouldn't like a day full of relaxation and composure? Gift your maa a spa package where she is pampered from head-to-toe, enjoying the luxurious, beauty massages. In fact, join her in this spa journey, she would enjoy some company along with amazing beauty therapies. 

Your mother was always observant of your needs. Now it’s your turn to give her something that resonates with her, makes her feel good and takes care of her. Here are some products she would like to have it handy. 

A player with her favourite songs pre-recorded

A comfortable hip-cycle  

A neck and back massager

It's time for you to be #SameasMaa with care, affection and love.