Here Is All You Need to Know About Commode Chairs

Here is all you need to know about commode chairs!

It is important for one to make a living space adaptable to ease their lifestyle. For those people who are dependent on someone else, such as the elderly, it is imperative that they be adequately equipped to deal with their decreasing mobility. It is important to include all the necessary pieces of equipment in the surroundings of elderly people who need care, to ensure a comfortable environment for them. One such equipment is the commode chair. It is also commonly referred to as the autonomy chair and is a great tool to facilitate comfortable care. Commode chairs, these days, are widely used by people who are incapable of walking on their own. Given the affordability and comfort that these commode chairs offer, more and more aged people are opting for it.

What is a Commode Chair?

A commode chair is a mobile toilet that can be placed in your vicinity and is often used by those who are unable to cover the distance to the bathroom due to frailty or any other disease. The vessel for waste attached to the commode is removable and can be easily emptied.

Why are Commode Chairs Important?

Commode chairs are of great importance for debilitated people.

1. Offer Autonomy

No one should have to compromise on safety and hygiene, irrespective of the predicament they are in. A commode chair helps you go to the toilet without assistance, calling for greater independence and discretion.

2. Preserves Privacy

Privacy is of prime importance and for those dependent on others for their biological needs, it can often become a concern. However, a commode chair helps you count on yourself. It helps preserve your dignity since you no longer need anyone to assist you.

3. Safer Option

A commode chair is equipped with support bars meaning you are protected from any risks that may arise due to movement when alone. Apart from that, these chairs also help reduce your chances of suffering an injury by minimizing trips to the bathroom at night.

4. Portable Equipment

Commode chairs are portable enough to be carried to places. These chairs are foldable and can easily fit inside your vehicle, thereby making it easier for elderly people to undertake trips outside of their houses.

Types of Commode Chairs

Take a look at some of the popular types of commode chairs:

1. Portable Commode Chairs

These chairs are foldable and can be carried anywhere quite conveniently. They are also equipped with wheels and occupy a very limited amount of space.

2. Static Commode Chairs

Such chairs do not have wheels. However, they usually come with the feature of detachable arms for mobility and transportation. They are available in different makes and are quite popular among users.

3. Bariatric Commode Chairs

Bariatric commodes are designed keeping durability in mind. They can carry weights up to 600 pounds. They are wider in size and allow enough space for the person using it to sit comfortably.

Commode Chairs for the Elderly:

Here are the best commode chairs available. You can buy them by clicking on the link provided below the description of each product. The products listed here come with unique features keeping in mind the needs of users as well as safety standards.

1. Invalid Medipedic Commode Plain- Vissco

Invalid Medipedic

These commode chairs are exclusively designed for those who suffer from knee pain and find it difficult to use Indian style toilets. The Vissco Invalid Medipedic Commode Plain is foldable and has a sturdy grip to ensure that it does not move while in use. It has an excellent hand grip too. 

2. Invalid Commode With Cover – Vissco

This product comes with a cover so you can fold it when not in use or when you need to carry it somewhere. Additionally, the commode chair has an adjustable height to ensure convenience. The seat top, as well as the handles, are made using a soft material so that you feel no pressure at all. 

3. Invalid Adj. Commode Walker With Back Rest – Vissco

Commode Walker

This commode chair is extremely useful for those who have backaches or joint pains. It comes with a backrest and an adjustable height feature. The chair does not occupy much space and is durable. If you have recently undergone surgery or are prone to nerve problems relating to your lower body, we suggest you buy this product. 

4. New Wall Mounted Commode – Vissco

Wall Mounted Commode

The Vissco New Wall Mounted Commode is quite easy to install. The equipment has a sturdy make which ensures that the user remains safe while using it. The seating space is large enough to suit all body types. Also, it can be mounted on a wall while not in use. This commode is light in weight too. 

5. Economy Commode (Plastic) - Pedder Johnson

Economy Commode (Plastic) - Pedder Johnson

This Commode is quite easy to use and provides a great option for those who are weak and are unable to visit the bathroom. It serves a dual purpose. Apart from being used as a commode, it can also be used as a chair. The commode is very durable, and it can accommodate all body types. Given its price, the product makes for quite an economical option. 

6. Steel Folding Commode Chair – Vissco

This steel commode chair, as the name suggests, is foldable and is easy to transport. The floor grips are made of rubber ensuring that the chair remains in place while in use. If you cannot use Indian style toilets or find it difficult to walk to the washroom, you should opt for this product. 

7. Steel Folding Commode Chair – Comfort

Folding Commode Chair

The foldable design of this product has an adjustable seating system wherein you can adjust the height of the seat before using it. Made using steel of impeccable quality, the Vissco Folding Commode Chair with Castors has been built to perfection. The waste pan is quite easy to remove. The product is rust free and durable too. 

Toilet & Commode Accessories

Here are the best toilet and commode accessories you can buy. These accessories complement commode chairs in a variety of measures and are priced quite nominally to secure the interest of buyers.

1. Foam Toilet Seat - Pedder Johnson

The foam toilet seat is used to softening the surface of the seat to relieve any pressure that the user might feel. It is also known as the elevated toilet seat. By elevating the height of the seat, the foam ensures that you do not suffer from knee problems. You can strap these seats to the existing seat without any hassle. The foam has a vinyl cover to ensure hygiene. It is also a water absorbent. 

2. Toilet Safety Rails – Vissco

The Vissco Toilet Safety Rails are a great way to ensure support to the user while sitting or standing during the commode chair’s usage. They also prevent you from falling. These rails have been made with a rust-resistant substance to provide durability. With a feature to adjust the height of the armrest, these make for a great purchase. 

3. Raised Toilet Seat With Clamp With Bag - Pedder Johnson

The raised toilet seat is better known as the elevated toilet seat. It is quite easy to install and can be attached to your toilet seat. If you are one of those people who suffer from knee problems or other joint pains, we suggest you buy this product. 

4. Invalid Arm Support Stainless Steel - Pedder Johnson

The Invalid Arm Support Stainless Steel offered by Pedder Johnson is made of stainless steel. It is durable and helps you get up from and sit on the commode chair with great ease and comfort. A useful accessory for commode chairs, the arm support prevents you from injuries which could otherwise occur by losing balance while using the chair. 

5. Raised Toilet Seat Anglo-Indian Commode - Pedder Johnson

Anglo Indian Commode

The raised toilet seat is made of plastic. Moreover, the product is quite durable and is easy to clean. You can latch the toilet seat over your commode chair without having to use any complex tools. 

6. Invalid Elevated Commode Seat – Vissco

The Vissco Invalid Elevated Commode Seat is available in a universal size. It is at a comfortable height and is a great accessory for those who suffer from arthritis. The product comes in three sizes which are: 2 inches, 4 inches, and 6 inches. 

7. Indian Conversion Commode (Powder Coated) - Pedder Johnson

For those who have Indian style toilets at home, this product can be of great help. The Pedder Johnson Indian Conversion Commode can be placed over the Indian styled commode and allows you to sit comfortably without having to bend your knees much. Additionally, the product comes with a cover lid just like western toilets. Priced nominally, this commode chair is great for people who find it tough to squat while defecating. 

8. Toilet Squat Stool

Toilet Squat Stool

The Toilet Squat Stool helps you squat in a natural position. The squat stool is extremely useful for pregnant women as well as kids. Sitting in the right posture by using this equipment can help you keep constipation at bay. 


Commode chairs are a great option for older adults who don't like depending on anyone else for their personal needs. With newer varieties being developed, commode chairs are constantly being revamped to ensure the maximum possible comfort and safety to its users.

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