Here is How You Can Save the Environment

Care for nature? Willing to do your bit to make the earth safer and greener? Volunteering tasks such as cleaning roads, participating in drives & protests, etc. aren’t the only ways to contribute, seniors can do their bit right at home too.


How Can We Save the Environment?


Home Garden

Plants grown in a home garden

Imagine having your own beautiful herb garden, sounds amazing right? Well, it’s not difficult to have one. If you have space around your house or even a balcony, you must try your hand at kitchen gardening. It’s really easy to grow veggies and herbs like chilies, curry leaves, cherry tomatoes, etc. Apart from keeping you engaged, the joy of nurturing a plant is unmatchable!


Go Green for your Sanitary items

Sanitary and Diapers Disposal Bag (Set of 2 - 45 Bags Each) - Sirona

Many people don’t believe or understand that its high time we stop creating waste, especially plastic waste which takes millions of years to degrade. Even if one person in a family pledges to stop using plastic bags, it will make a huge difference to the environment. Also, instead of using plastic bags or newspapers for disposing of sanitary waste, opt for eco-friendly, biodegradable disposal bags. Go for biodegradable diapers, use green bags for disposal of medical waste.


Local is the Best

Organically grown vegetables being carried

Choose locally grown, organic, fresh and seasonal farm produce. They are not only healthier but also call for lower consumption of plastic packaging.



kitchen waste being used for composting

Leftovers, vegetable & fruit scraps, dry leaves, eggshells, etc. can be used to create home compost. This can act as an excellent fertilizer, thereby making optimal use of kitchen waste. All you need is a little patience to sort through things that should go into the compost – and - Voila! You have a happy garden, minus artificial fertilizer!


Cut Down Usage of Private Transport

Buses- Local transport

Do your bit to reduce air pollution by carpooling or clubbing trips with other fellow-seniors or family members, to run errands. Walk or use public transport, if convenient. Leverage the power of online shopping and reduce the stress of traveling to brick & mortar shops that are far. 

Health and the environment go hand-in-hand. Cleaner surroundings play a great role in maintaining your health. Additionally, a greener environment is something we owe to the upcoming generation.


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