Here’s Why You Should Play An Eco-Friendly Holi

Colours are the smiles of nature – Leigh Hunt

Holi, the festival of colours! It’s one occasion that makes everyone come under one roof and enjoy playing colours, splashing water and enjoying some amazing delicacies. Celebrated with dhol-tashe and colours, Holi is all about celebrating the win of good over evil.  

Each colour signifies beauty, culture and tradition. Bound by no age or gender, right from a kid to an elderly, everyone enjoys this festival.

However, it’s the time we understand the harms these festivals cost to our environment. It’s time we think about the future generation and how we, as responsible citizens of India handle this delicate situation of climate change and environment terrors.



Why one should play eco-friendly Holi?

  • You see colours everywhere on the street and people enjoying Holi. But unfortunately, it is observed that 59.5% of Indians suffer from itching, burning sensation and pain because several colours have a harmful effect on the skin.
  • ·Water gunfight and playing with water balloons is so much fun but it is important to know that 150 lakh litres of water is wasted every year in Holi.
  • ·You’ll find a lot of Holi parties across the city. It’s fun to see people drowning in the tub of colourful water however, this causes a lot of wastage of water and invites water-borne diseases.

How to enjoy eco-friendly Holi


Organic Holi Colors

Most Holi colours are oxidized metals or industrial dyes mixed with engine oil. Try to make colours at home using natural ingredients like Turmeric and Chandan. Organic colours are also easily available in the market. 


We all know the situation at hand with the amount of plastic wastage created by humans. Waterguns and balloons will create unnecessary garbage and also pollute the water. This will lead to a lot of waterborne diseases like jaundice, cholera and typhoid in the elderly.


Do not harm animals

Applying colour or throwing water balloons on animals is straight no! The chemical powdered colour has harmful effects on the animals, which often leads to forever blindness.


Make sure you apply oil all over your body. This will help you wash the colours easily. Also, ensure nothing goes inside your mouth or any sensory organs as it may lead to severe illness, especially in the elderly.

Let’s work together to protect our society and the environment by playing eco-friendly Holi. 

Happy Holi!