How Online Tambola Can Help You Stay Calm During Lockdown

The lockdown has forced all of us to remain indoors for several months now. While everyone hoped for the pandemic to get over soon, we are now at a stage where life in quarantine has become the new normal.

Despite tough challenges, people have mostly adapted to the current situation and have been looking for ways to stay happy and productive. This has led to an increase in activities like Virtual Antakshari, Online Zumba, Virtual Yoga and also…

Online Tambola Sessions

Tambola or Housie is probably one of the most popular games that can be played with friends and family. The game is often played during family get-togethers or outings with friends. This iconic game has remained popular among people even during the current pandemic.

It is an all-time favorite among older adults, who now have managed to give this classic game a unique twist. Also known as Online Tambola, this game is now played by everyone in a new, virtual way.

Online Tambola offers an opportunity for elders as well as youngsters to bond over an exciting game from the comfort of their homes. Although the way of playing Tambola has shifted to a digital medium, the general rules of the game remain the same. This has proved to be quite beneficial, especially for seniors.

Reasons Why Seniors Should Play Online Tambola

1. Improved Mental Health

The importance of taking care of your mental health cannot be emphasized enough. Seniors have had to endure some tough situations during this pandemic which has led to a rise in cases of loneliness and depression.

However, playing a simple game of Online Tambola regularly, can work wonders for their mental health. The fun-filled game can improve their overall well-being and can also help relieve stress among seniors.

2. Increased Social Interactions

The retirement life often leads to seniors leading a more isolated lifestyle. But, Online Tambola and other online activities can help with better aging among the elderly.

Games like these allow seniors to maintain good social interaction and can help them stay mentally active as well. All of these factors can actually help the elderly to live a more happy life. They can have a lot of fun, meet different people and most importantly…

3. Make New Friends

Playing Online Tambola with some virtual friends is one of the best ways to spend the quarantine days. Since, it is played virtually, seniors can easily join others and make some new friends through the game.

Not only will they be able to interact with different people, but seniors can also find people with similar likes and interests. Also, playing games like Online Tambola is a great way to form some meaningful bonds with people who are also on looking for an escape from these tough times.

4. Offers Physical Benefits

Even though seniors would be playing this game virtually, they would also be experiencing some useful benefits through Online Tambola. One of these benefits would be improved hand-eye co-ordination among seniors.

The game involves the use of a person’s listening, reading and concentration skills. Thus, playing Online Tambola can help strengthen these skills and can delay the threat of common old age problems like dementia or memory loss.

5. Stimulates Brain Activity

Decline in cognitive health is one of the most common health problems among the elderly. With age, seniors face have to face cognitive decline which can affect their overall quality of life. However, Online Tambola offers the elderly a chance to improve their cognitive health.

The game helps seniors by offering some much-needed mental stimulation and boosts brain activity as well. Simple tasks like listening to the numbers and finding them on the ticket can prove to be beneficial for their long-term cognitive health.

6. Ideal Hobby

Although there are various hobbies that seniors can cultivate after retirement, playing Online Tambola with some virtual friends is indeed a unique choice.

It is a hobby that can help them stay productive and also gives them something to look forward to. While it can have a positive impact on their mental and physical well-being, Online Tambola will also allow the elderly to…

7. Have A Lot of Fun

Online Tambola has a unique yet familiar concept. It allows seniors from different parts of the world to connect with each other and have a good time while doing so.

The game is a fun way for the elderly to spend some quality time with their friends and family. Even though it is just a simple game for some, the multiple benefits of Tambola prove that it can play an important role for seniors during this quarantine.

Playing the game virtually during this lockdown has allowed people to rediscover their love for Tambola. With its many twists and turns, Tambola is bound to give everyone a good laugh as well some memorable quarantine moments.