How To Choose The Right Home Stairlift For Seniors & The Disabled


New technology, modern devices, novel ways of going about things, and a general sense of compassion for everyone has brought about certain changes to the way we function as humans. Take residential and commercial spaces, for instance – new homes, shopping malls, and restaurants are designed purposefully in order to make them accessible by anyone and everyone. Can you imagine how difficult it is for a disabled individual or senior citizen to move on difficult terrains, uneven surfaces, and flights of stairs?


However, all said and done, the picture is not always rosy and the grass is almost never green – especially if you live here in India. No offense, but we are way behind as a society when it comes to things like these. Older homes, shops, offices, and restaurants (and newer ones, too) are not designed to accommodate such individuals. People who are wheelchair-bound find it extremely tough and cumbersome to access such places even with assistance – let alone moving about by themselves. After all, there are very few places that are designed to help you find a way to bypass steps and stairs.


In such cases, slightly elevated surfaces, decks, patios, and upper floors of a home, hotel, restaurant, commercial building or shop can become inaccessible for the said individuals. So, is there a solution to this problem? Yes, of course. Ever heard of stairlifts?  


What Are Stairlifts or Stair Elevators?


Stairlifts, stair elevators or stair climbing wheelchairs are contemporary mobility aids that are designed to help people who face such mobility and accessibility issues. A stairlift is basically a motor-powered wheelchair on rails. Stairlifts are manufactured to operate on the ‘racks and pinion’ technology, enabling wheelchair-bound people or individuals with mobility problems to use staircases and steps with ease.


10 Undeniable Benefits of Using a Stairlift


To put it in simple words, a stairlift or stair elevator makes climbing stairs easy. The benefits of using stair climbing aids include the following:


  • Safety Since the stairlift is secured to the staircase or steps with a rail track and screws, it is a safe and secure way for the user to ascend or descend a flight of stairs.
  • IndependenceUsing a stair elevator can give the user a sense of freedom, knowing that they can access any part of the house with ease.
  • Convenience A stairlift can ensure that people affected by mobility issues do not have to rely on someone to physically carry them or help them climb stairs.
  • No change to the staircase structure Using a stairlift means that you don’t need to worry about making any kind of modifications to the structure or build of your home staircase.  
  • Adaptability Most stair-climbing wheelchairs are designed to adapt to different types of stairs and steps – even complex ones.
  • Low-power Stairlifts consume very little power and hence, are considered an energy-efficient mobility aid.
  • Battery-operated Most stair elevators run on potent batteries, meaning you can use them even when there is a power failure.
  • Control Stairlifts are technological marvels – they give the user the power and control to dictate their motion on a staircase, right at their fingertips.
  • Compact Most stairlifts are foldable and compact in terms of design, meaning you can stow them away when they are not in use. You can also carry them around when the user needs to step outside or travel.
  • Emergency Stair elevators are extremely handy in case of emergency evacuation situations.

3 Excellent Stairlifts and Stair Climbing Wheelchairs Available Online


  1. Electronic Stair Climbing Wheelchair - Seedee

Electronic Stair Climbing Wheelchair

Are you trying to find a permanent solution that can help transfer a person with limited mobility up and down the stairs? Look no further! Seedee brings to you a folding stair-climbing wheelchair that is fully automatic and works on a powerful battery, with a weight-bearing capacity of 125 kgs. This stair wheelchair is extremely lightweight and is specially designed for keeping the needs of senior citizens and disabled individuals in mind. With this electronic stair climber chair, one can climb all kinds of stairs in a hassle-free manner. Seedee's modern stair wheelchair is widely rated as the number one electronic stair chair by users. Since it is easily foldable, you can carry it around with you without worrying about the weight or area taken by the mobility aid. You can neatly fold and pack it away in the car while traveling or going out for dinner! Its integrated automatic braking system works efficiently, allowing you to stop instantly, whether you are moving upwards or descending down a flight of stairs. The climbing wheelchair’s stable and self-supporting tracks grip securely, making it simple and safe for the user to climb or descend all types of stairs. With smooth 100 mm front swivel wheels and extra-tall 125 mm rear wheels equipped with high-quality brakes, the chair runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The waterproof battery displays the remaining power so you know when to recharge it. Its comfortable seat and sturdy back support can be removed and washed as and when required. The wheelchair has a 2.5 cm track-to-ground clearance, making it convenient for usage across a variety of steps and stair types.

  • Power: 24 V

  • Output: 20-29.4 V

  • Speed: Up – 5.8 m/min

  • Speed: Down – 7.9 m/min  

  • Dimensions: 58 x 165 x 85 cm


  1. Stair Climbing Wheelchair

Stair climbing wheelchair

Super-easy to operate and extremely comfortable, this one-of-a-kind stair-climbing wheelchair packs a punch. It is recommended for people suffering from lower body injuries, joint problems, and leg-specific disabilities. The adjustable wheelchair does not glide, slip or fall when you try to stop it midway on the stairs. In fact, it is equipped with an emergency STOP button that allows the user or operator to control the chair better and bring it to a halt if and when needed. The chair can help senior citizens and disabled individuals climb up and descend down all types of stairs in a smooth and steady manner. What’s more, it is very comfortable, too, and the 50 cm wide backrest can be adjusted in three different positions (in terms of height). Made from the highest quality of aluminum alloys, this stair climbing wheelchair features a detachable lithium battery that can be charged easily and is completely safe to use. Easily foldable and compact in terms of size and design, this wheelchair can help you ascend or descend three stairs or steps at once (thanks to the 82 cm track length). It's gas spring allows you to fold the chair quickly and easily by pulling the handle. Another great feature of this stair climbing chair is that there are no messy cables/cords and it operates without making any noise. Its circuit is neatly tucked inside the pipe, which is waterproof and highly durable. The chair comes with four robust, wear-resistant rubber wheels, meaning you can use it as a regular wheelchair on plain surfaces, too! To ensure the user’s safety, vest-type straps with a metal buckle have been provided on the product. The chair can work for two hours on a full battery and the powerful battery can last between 3 to 5 years, depending on the usage. The stair climber chair’s seat is made from waterproof and fireproof PVC fabric.

  • Power: 200 W

  • Dimensions: 58 x 165 x 85 cm

  • Contents: Vest belt, lithium battery, wrench set, spongy cushion

  • Weight-bearing capacity: 160 kgs

  1. 130 Superglide Straight Stairlift – Acorn

Superglide Straight Stairlift-Acorn

Here’s a product that you just cannot take your eyes off! If you have been on the lookout for a premium-quality stairlift or stair climber chair, Acorn’s 130 Superglide Straight Stairlift is just what you need. Having earned the prestigious Ease-of-Use Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation, this is by far one of the safest and easiest stairlifts available in India. Highly advanced and widely used around the globe, this rack and pinion stairlift ensure the highest level and standard of safety and comfort. The Acorn stair elevator is designed to help the elderly climb or descend stairs and is a phenomenal mobility aid for specially-abled individuals, too. Known for its cutting-edge technology and stylish looks, the stair climber chair assists you to access various areas of your home with total ease, thanks to its extruded aluminum track. Powered by a maintenance-free DC pack, the stairlift works without any problems even in case of power cuts (which are no strangers to us Indians!). Its Superglide start/stop action means that the experience of using the stairlift is smooth and jolt-free. One of its highlighting features is the onboard diagnostic control panel that alerts you to any potential issues even before they arise. The lift’s padded manual swivel seat means there is no need for the user to twist their body while sitting on or getting off the chair. Add to that convenient features like a padded backrest, ergonomic seating, easily-accessible controls, safety belts, and a lockable ON/OFF switch, and you have yourselves a winner. The Acorn 130 Superglide is equipped with a foldable footrest and armrests along with paddle levers on each arm for added convenience. You can check the diagnostic status of the stairlift at any time on the digital display provided. The product also features five sensors on the footrest for an emergency stop. Acorn provides a two-year warranty on the stairlift (from the date of purchase), should you face any breakdowns.

  • Power: 0.25 KW

  • Output: Torque – 108 Nm

  • Speed: Up to 0.15 m/s

  • Supply: 24V DC battery

  • Mains Supply: UK 240 V / EC 220 V – 50 Hz charger

  • Load-bearing capacity: 127 kgs

5 Things to Look for in a Stairlift

Here is a list of must-have features in your stairlift or stair elevator:

  1. Safety features (seatbelts, buckles, straps)

  2. Battery (power, rechargeability, life)

  3. Adaptability (usability on a variety of staircase types)

  4. Comfort (padded seats, adjustable backrest, armrests, foldable footrest)

  5. Emergency braking (to prevent mishaps)

Now that you know so much about stair elevators and stairlifts, we believe you can make an informed choice when you finally buy one. Check out some of the Seniority’s other mobility aids that can help senior citizens, handicapped individuals and people recovering from major injuries/surgeries move around with ease, comfort, and convenience.

Here is a product demo video of the stairlift: