How to Choose the Right Room Heater

With Indian winters getting colder and harsher with every passing year (especially in northern India, eastern India and parts of the country that are way above sea level or surrounded by hills), room heaters have become a necessity. While different people have different ways of keeping themselves warm and the house cosy during winters, using a room heater is perhaps the best and most effective way of tackling low temperatures.

Comforters, blankets, thermal wear, and woollen clothes can only go a certain extent in providing warmth and comfort. Warm cups of coffees, soups, and teas can deliver a great deal of warmth, but again, it is temporary. The stone-age man used to light up fires to keep himself and his people warm at night, especially during winters. Its modern-day equivalent is an electric heater.

Room heaters can help keep not just an individual, but the entire room warm for extended periods of time. However, since there are hundreds of options, types, and makes available in the market today, it might get difficult to pick the ‘right’ room heater for your needs.

Through this comprehensive buying guide, we are trying to make this decision making easier for you, touching upon the types of room heaters, essential features to look for in a room heater, along with Seniority’s top picks.

Different Types of Room Heaters

There are various types of heaters available in the market today. Before you make a buying decision, it is important to first understand the different options you can choose from. Here is a quick look at the three main types of heaters you will come across in India:

1.     Convection or Fan heaters

Convection or fan-enabled heating devices are a great option for Indian households since you can store them away when not in use. Effective in warming mid-sized to large rooms, fan heaters are widely acknowledged and used around the world.

 2.     Infrared or Radiant heaters

Using infrared technology to manufacture heat, radiant heaters are ideal for warming small spaces or rooms with a smaller carpet area and low ceilings. Here, electricity goes through quartz tubes, transmitting the resulting heat to people and objects around it.

 3.     Oil heaters

In the case of oil heaters, the heating element is dipped in oil. This results in heating of the oil, which in turn makes the surrounding air warm and comfortable during winters.

Features to Look for in the Ideal Room Heater

Apart from looking at the most obvious features like the manufacturer, warranty and make, there are several other factors that you must look at while choosing the right room heater for your needs.

Here’s looking at some of the most important features to consider while looking for the perfect room heater:

  • Humidity

Room heaters basically use the oxygen available in space to deliver warmth. It is important to note that this results in a significant drop in humidity levels, especially when used in smaller rooms. Low humidity and moisture content can lead to conditions like the blocked nose, dry eyes and nasal irritation. The best solution to avoid this problem is looking for a humidifier or a heater that maintains normal humidity levels when in operation. 

  • Thermostat control

Being able to dictate the required temperature is essential when you choose a room heater. After all, you want to be able to control the temperature in the room according to your comfort and convenience. Room heaters that offer precise thermostat control are ideal in this case.

  • Portability

Some heaters come with a handy handle and are ultralightweight, making them perfect for households that wish to move the heater from one room to another (rather than buying multiple ones). Portability is important if you live with a senior citizen since they can manoeuvre the heater as and when required.

  • Cord length

Make sure you inquire about the length of the power cord when you shop for a room heater. The longer the cord, the better it is, since this gives you the freedom to place it according to your convenience. 

  • Wattage and heating capacity

Check for the heating capacity of the room heater – the greater the capacity, the superior the heating. To give you a simple example, if you are looking for a room heater for a 200 square feet space, a 2000-watt room heater should work.

  • Auto turn-off

Using a heater that turns off automatically can serve many benefits. For starters, the user can switch it on and fall asleep without worrying about turning the heater off. The other benefit is that you can save precious energy by setting a timer. 

  • Energy efficiency

Heavy-duty electrical appliances can take a toll on your monthly electricity bills. It is important to consider the energy-efficiency factor since this can save you from an exorbitant electricity bill and also ensure environment friendliness. After all, if you can do your bit for the environment, there’s nothing quite like it!

  • Heating speed

When you check for a room heater’s wattage, also consider checking out reviews that talk about the efficiency of the product so you can get a decent idea about how effectively the heater can deliver warmth.  

  • Noise levels

Isn’t it an absolute turn-off when you have to deal with products that make a lot of noise? Imagine ordering a room heater that kills your sleep by creating a ruckus! It becomes essential that you check for noise levels – modern-day room heaters are designed to do their job silently.

  • Cost

While the cost shouldn’t be on top of your list of priorities, the heater that you select must justify its price. Make certain that you compare product prices and deals before zeroing in on a heater. At Seniority, we have high-quality room heating equipment that ranges from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 5,000.

  • Aesthetics

Once you have looked at all the essential features from a functionality point of view, you could also consider comparing heaters from a design perspective. Contemporary room heaters come in a variety of shapes, makes and colours, giving you a variety of options to choose from, depending on whether you wish to match it up with your home/room décor.

Looking for a room heater online?

Here are Seniority’s Top Picks – 9 of the Most Efficient Room Heaters

Let’s take a look at some of the top-rated room heaters and bestsellers that we have shortlisted so you can make an informed choice when buying one.

1.     Quartz Room Heater – Oreva

Room Heater

With features like auto shut-off and low energy consumption, Oreva’s Quartz Room Heater is a low-maintenance product that is super easy to use. The absence of any moving parts ensures that the heater doesn’t make a lot of noise. The heater’s power string can be easily mounted on the snares provided at the back side of the radiator.


2.     Heat Convector Fan Room Heater

Fan Room Heater

A shock-proof room heater that allows you to control the temperature of your room, this heat convector is extremely convenient to carry around. With a cool-touch plastic body and safety grill to avoid shocks and burns, this room heater’s thermal cut feature help protects it from overheating. The long-life heating element is anti-sagging, thus making the product ideal for long-term usage.


3.     Grey Fan Heater – Oreva

Grey Fan Heater

This blow heater with a variable thermostat is extremely lightweight and portable. Equipped with a handle and cool-touch plastic frame, it is easy to store and carry this heater around. With an auto shut-off feature and non-sagging thermal cut out, this compact heater’s long-lasting warming component offers two heat settings – 1000 watts and 2000 watts.


4.     All Rounder 360-Degree Room Heater

With a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, this product lives up to its name. It is an ‘allrounder’ in the true sense and offers 360-degree heating effectively. Its ability to deliver instant warmth clubbed together with high-quality spiral ceramic wound element means that the heater delivers powerful and quick heating. Its 360-degree heating technology and tip-over switch are two features that make it uniquely different from other similar products in the market. The room heater has two different heating settings – low and high – which you can adjust manually depending on your comfort and convenience.


5.     Quartz Heater with Humidifier – Clearline

With long-lasting quartz tube heating elements, this fan heater by Clearline spreads heat and warmth effectively across the room. Made from high-quality stainless-steel reflectors (as opposed to the regular tin-plated reflectors), its steam function helps maintain the humidity levels in the room. The tip-over switch for added safety and child-proof safety grill makes the heater ideal for Indian households. With four heat settings, you can adjust the heating levels according to the user’s convenience and requirements.


6.     Carbon Fibre Room Heater (NLB 12B) – Clearline

Say goodbye to discomforting winter days and nights with Clearline’s modern Carbon Fibre Room Heater. With three different heat settings (400/800/1200 watts), the carbon fibre heating element ensures quick and efficient heating. Its cool-touch heat-resistant material and tip-over switch help ensure total safety when you use the product. The wide angle oscillation technology means that the heater works equally effectively in all kinds of rooms and indoor settings.


7.     Quartz Heater Qh 2400 – Clearline

Sleek, compact and extremely stylish, this Clearline product comes equipped with three quartz tubes with a stainless-steel reflector, thus enabling effective heat dissipation over the entire indoor area where it is being used. ISI certified and designed with a cool-touch handle for additional security. Available in a classy black colour, this heater is ideal for areas lesser than 125 square feet. Its child safety grill makes it safe to use if you have kids at home. With three heat settings, you can set the heater to a transmission level that you are most comfortable with.   


8.     Handy Heater

Handy Heater

This small-yet-effective product is your ideal companion for the winter season. Compact and portable, the Handy Heater plugs directly into a 3-point outlet and comes with an adjustable temperature setting. The best part about this heater is that it has a built-in 12-hour timer that can be programmed according to the user’s requirements. Ideal for heating up areas or rooms up to 250 square feet in size, this heater has an LED display and cool-touch exterior that makes it easy and safe for usage.

9. Element Heater - Oreva

Element Heater

This room heater by Oreva is light and versatile. It has a simple conveying handle and cool touch plastic body, which enables it to be moved anyplace effortlessly. It comes with a temperature control alternative which can be customised according to your need. The heater has a variable thermostat setting and is given a modern, stylish design. This heater can be placed in two positions - vertical and horizontal, depending on your preference.

In case you have children at home, it is best to look for safety features such as a child-proof grill or cool-touch handle. If the user suffers from a preexisting medical condition (like asthma or other respiratory illnesses), it is best that you consult a physician before using a room heater.

These were a few of the best room heaters you can opt for during this winter season.

Nothing beats being in a warm room on a chilling day or tucking yourself in with the heater on, on a freezing night. Keep snug and warm this winter with these amazing heating products and room heaters by renowned brands.

Still haven't found your perfect match for winters? At Seniority, you can buy room heaters at great discounts and choose from a wide variety of products that suit all your requirements.

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