How to Deal With Loneliness Once Your Grandkids Go Back


Summer vacation or a weekend with your grandkids is something that you wouldn’t trade for anything. All the planning, preparing their favorite goodies, the anticipation – and then the time with them just seems to fly by at super-sonic speed, leaving you longing for more.  


While there is nothing like being in the same place as your loved ones, in these times of lightning-quick communication and travel, there are plenty of creative ways to bridge that gap


Plan your next meeting It’s easier to say bye when you know exactly when you would be meeting again.

Grandchildren playing with Grandfather

Practice ‘the switch Every time you feel melancholy or miss your grandkids, practice the switch. It means, instantly telling your brain to focus on good memories, for instance, your grandkids cute antics, or a funny incident, silly shenanigans or a memorable outing that you took during their stay, and so forth. You will observe that it instantly changes your mood

Grandchild enjoying with his grandfather.

Keep in touch through video chats They are as close as your cell phone screen - literally. Just pick up the phone and video call them, it will be almost like reliving the memory that you just left behind.  
Grandparents staying connected through video chat
Remember you have many things of your own to do It’s wise to bounce back to your normal routine as soon as possible. A new activity will prove even more beneficial, such as a yoga class, daily walks, joining a reading club, volunteering or even a fun movie with friends

Grandmother using laptop

Stay connected with your friends Keep yourself engaged in a good, meaningful company. Find more friends who you can talk to. Share your feelings when you have to – you’ll feel lighterSeniors having Fun with Friends

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