Assisted Living Facilities - How senior citizens can enjoy living in senior communities.

Welcome that beautiful phase of life when you finally retire from the daily grind of life and family responsibilities – when you make some time for yourself. What next? How can you shape your lifestyle to match the demands of aging and still have the freedom of living independently?

Assisted Living Centers are the answer.

Seema Nair, 58 years, has already planned her retirement. She has a son living in the United States, who visits them often. Yet, despite his insistence, she and her spouse are hesitant to shift overseas. "I love my country," she says "I wish to spend the remaining years of my life in India. But both of us are prudent enough to understand that we might require help in this age, so, we chose an assisted living facility to stay during our retirement. In fact, I am encouraging some of my older siblings to join us there."

Such assisted living facilities are a good option when compared with old age centers, which often have a poor reputation. Many elderly people have complained about the deteriorating quality of the traditional old age homes – something that has added to the negativity attached to that option of seniors living in independent communities. Senior assisted living center encourage independent living by providing facilities that enable us to live with the same confidence and keep help close in case of emergencies.

What is the reason for the growing popularity for such centers?


People wish to live in their own ecosystem without the pressure of compromising with or intruding into their children’s lives or shifting to a completely different country, like Seema's case above.

The convenience attached with these senior assisted living facilities far outweighs any old stigma associated with the old thought of “sending parents away to ashrams”. It’s a senior’s choice now.

The fact that daily nitty-gritties like housekeeping and maintenance is somebody else’s headache makes these resort-like facilities very attractive.

24X7 availability of trained medical care with the best hospital affiliations, emergency or longer term, as and when needed, is something that takes out the fear of being helpless – from the seniors and their loved ones.

While India has recently opened up to the idea assisted living residence, it has witnessed a healthy growth in the number of these senior independent living communities, with many people booking their retirement homes and setting themselves up for a stress-free time. Let's explore some of them.

Ashiana Housing

With four centers across India, their senior living facilities ensure 24*7 care with on-call doctors and nursing staff and support for the elderly along with facilities to ensure an active life.

Gagan Nulife

This is a chain of luxury resort residences for the retired, providing world-class premium amenities such as housekeeping, laundry, shuttle and concierge services along with medical facilities.

Eden Senior Living

Located across the backdrop of scenic landscape in Dehradun, Eden emphasizes on the need of active living in old age through nutrition, meditation and yoga along with providing medical facilities. they focus on wellness by providing a retreat away from the hustle-bustle of city life.



This brand, which has been a pioneer for senior living in India, has more than 17 retirement community centers across South India. Constantly evolving and adapting to changes, they provide holistic solutions for senior living and focus on offering environment-friendly services.

With families growing smaller and lifespans increasing, the Indian senior too are embracing this change positively to enjoy their second innings without worrying about security and other concerns.