How to Make Your Home Monsoon Ready


These invigorating showers – a much-needed reprieve from the scorching heat - breathe freshness and life into our world. Although a season we look forward to, the rains do bring on their share of complications - humidity, stagnant water, and water-borne diseases being a few. But there are ways to avoid or get around these niggling problems:

 A woman looking out of the window on a rainy day



Fix leaky walls and roofs beforehand If you’ve been drenched by the rain even inside your house the last monsoon, then make sure that you get the leakage fixed way before the monsoon starts this time. This way, the leak-proofing gets enough time to dry out and set before it rains.

Leaking roof during rainy season

Keep your home clear of stagnant water This is the season for mosquitoes. Clear out any blocked balcony, or porch drains, find alternatives to keeping decorative flower petals in a pot or water fountains - all breeding grounds for these bloodsuckers.

Stagnant water

Check electrical wiring and casings Check for exposed wiring or sockets that may lead to a short circuit and consequently to bodily harm or electrical failure. Make sure that you take care of the basic maintenance and install a voltage regulator, a trip switch, and encase all the open electrical sockets to protect your home during the monsoon season.


Protect wooden furniture Wooden furniture, flooring, and furnishings are particularly in danger of swelling, losing their sheen or spoiling, if not kept clean and dry. For the months of monsoon, it is a good idea to either wipe with a dry cloth or simply vacuum clean the wooden floors and furniture – a good way to control the dampness in the rainy season.


Clean carpets and rugs regularly Carpets and rugs gather dust quickly, and when the same dust interacts with the monsoon humidity, it makes the floor furnishings musty. Make sure you dry your carpets and keep them clean at all times to avoid the dampness - with gadgets available in the market at a fairly decent price.

Rug on the kitchen floor

Invest in a dryer for drying clothes and keeping them hygienic A washing cum drying machine can be a blessing in the rainy season. Clothes come out dry and crisp without leaving a foul smell of dampness behind, and there is no fear of fungal infections too.