Importance of Social Engagement and How it Helps With Better Aging

As we move into the next phase of our life, we are greeted with a whole new set of challenges and experiences. The hustle and bustle of our daily life is soon replaced with a sense of relaxation and calmness.

However, for some people, the retirement life proves to be a very challenging experience mainly due to lack of social interaction. Studies have also shown that a large number of seniors suffer from depression because of social isolation and loneliness.

Importance of Social Engagement for Better Aging

While we all know about the benefits of physical exercise during old age, we often ignore the importance of healthy engagement and social interaction.

The relationships that we build over time and the connections that we form with others have a huge impact on our mental well-being. Since seniors often stay alone, they lose the chance to form meaningful connections with others which can lead to a decline in mental as well as physical health.

Moreover, this pandemic has forced seniors to stay at home for longer periods of time. Thus, they have not been able to follow their regular routine which has increased the risk of social isolation, depression and anxiety among seniors.

Healthy social engagement may help avoid these feelings of isolation and loneliness. Being in the company of other like-minded individuals allows senior citizens to experience a sense of belonging and gives them an opportunity to create meaningful bonds.

Regular interaction with different people also requires various mental skills such as listening, concentration and memory. These skills are like exercise for our brain as they keep us mentally active and may improve our cognitive health as well.

Research also suggests that seniors who are socially active and regularly interact with other people are less likely to suffer from dementia or memory loss. These practices allow senior citizens to experience a feeling of satisfaction with their lives.

All of these factors together point towards the importance of social engagement among seniors. Not only does it allow them to stay mentally and physically active, but social engagement also helps with better aging among seniors.

Benefits of Social Engagement for Seniors

1. Improved Cognitive Function

Participating in online group activities that require a good amount of focus and concentration helps in keeping the brain active. This allows us to stay mentally engaged and, in turn, improves our cognitive health as well.

2. Better Self-Esteem

When seniors participate in engaging activities with others, they are more likely to be a part of positive interactions. This gives them a sense of confidence and proves to be beneficial for their self-esteem as well.

3. Lower Risk of Health Issues

According to various studies, senior citizens with healthy levels of social engagement remain healthy for a longer period of time, as compared to individuals with lower levels of engagement. It helps them experience an active lifestyle even after retirement.

Speaking of which…

4. Sense of Belonging

An active lifestyle involves being in the company of people having similar hobbies and interests. This is helpful for seniors as it allows them to cultivate new friendships and experience a renewed sense of belonging.

5. Improved Mental Health

Healthy engagement and social interactions can have a positive impact on the mental health and well-being of seniors. Participating in some fun workshops or learning about their favorite hobbies can help the elderly have a more positive outlook towards life.

6. Increased Self-Care

A decline in proper self-care is another common issue among older adults. However, it has been observed that seniors who participate in social engagement, are more likely to take care of themselves, which also allows them to develop a healthy state of mind.

7. Healthy Sleeping Patterns

Loneliness and isolation often lead to various other issues among seniors such as lack of proper sleep. As social interactions can help older adults experience a sense of satisfaction, it also allows them to have a relaxed and peaceful sleeping pattern.

8. Increased Learning

Participating in online games and quizzes are a great way of learning and staying socially active during this pandemic. They offer you an opportunity to learn new things and also allow you to take care of your mental health during these tough times.

9. Better Understanding of Technology

In this digital world, we cannot stay socially active without having a basic knowledge of technology. Thus, participating in online workshops and activities will also help you gain a better understanding about modern technology.

10. Sense of Purpose

One of the most important things that we need in life is a sense of purpose. Staying active through engagements and social interactions gives senior citizens something to look forward to everyday. It allows them to spend quality time with people and also gives them a sense of purpose in life.

Online Activities That Can Help With Social Engagement

Online Cooking Workshops

Cooking is probably one of the most favorite hobbies among seniors. Thus, you can participate in online cooking workshops where you can interact with people from all over the country and learn about useful tips, hacks and prepare some delicious, mouth-watering recipes.

Virtual Dance Therapies

It is often said the dance is the secret language of the soul. It helps you stay active and offers various mental and physical benefits as well. Seniors can participate in Online Dance Therapies from the comfort of their homes and experience improved strength and balance.

Online Yoga Sessions

A large number of older adults love to stay fit and active through yoga. Thus, seniors can now be a part of Online Yoga Sessions where they can experience relief from constant back aches and joint pains.

Online Antakshari

That’s right. You can now play your favorite childhood game with some of your new, virtual friends. Online Antakshari gives a unique twist to this classic game, as it tests your memory skills and also gives you a chance to showcase your singing talent.

Open Table Discussions

One of the best ways to work on a problem is to talk about it. Seniors can participate in Open Table Discussions where they are given an opportunity to share their thoughts and talk about their experiences on a wide range of topics.

Online Tambola

Housie or Tambola – whatever you call this game, it is sure to give you some nostalgia. So, when you play Online Tambola against some of your virtual buddies, you are bound to experience a whole new level of fun and excitement.

How to Participate in These Online Activities

Seniority gives the elderly an opportunity to engage in exciting online games and activities. The Seniors Club, an amazing initiative by Seniority, is a platform where senior citizens from all over the country can connect with each other, explore new hobbies and learn new ideas.

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