Instagram For Seniors:  Quick Guide on How to use Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular photos and video sharing social media platform around the globe. With changing times, we need to update ourselves with innovation and technology to adapt and keep up with the new trends.

Today’s world is all about expressing oneself with photos and videos. Instagram is simple and fun to use when it comes to creating memories in the form of photos and videos. This blog focuses on “how to use Instagram for older adults” so that even seniors can start creating, sharing photos and videos to share it with their loved ones also, see what family and relatives are up to. Moreover, also experience and like what other Instagrammers (other users) share through their lenses. There are many famous users that constantly update on food, makeup, travel and various other

The Instagram mobile app is available for any smartphone totally free of cost. Be it an Android, Apple, or Windows phone, you can simply download and start using instantly.

Let’s see how does Instagram work.

Once you download the app, either from Google store or App store, its time to make an account on the app. Making an Instagram account is easy. To make an account, you have two options:

Instagram Log In

1) You can easily make an account by simply selecting ‘Log in using Facebook’. This way your new account is created, which is connected to your Facebook profile. If you use this option, your loved ones — friends, family, and anyone on your Facebook Friend List will come to know that you are now active on Instagram. Or

2) Sign up using an email. You need to enter your email address and password, which you can use to login Instagram.

Once you have created your account, you can edit your profile—keep a profile picture which people can see and identify as your account and add some words about yourself in the profile info. You can keep any picture as you per your preference.

Hurray! Your Instagram profile is ready. Now, you can keep up with your friends, celebrities, political figures or people having similar interest, or anyone you would like to know.

Instagram is all about Follow and Followings. To keep up with the people you want to know about, you can follow them. You can follow whoever you wish to follow. However, the person may or may not follow you back.

You can follow profiles which are public. In case it is a private profile, a request is sent to the person and on acceptance of the request, you will see the updates.

Instagram is safe to use. You can opt to keep it private or public. You can update the privacy and security option available under settings in the Instagram app.

So, there are two options: Private and Public.

Private Profile:

  • Not everyone on Instagram can see your profile
  • Only those requests that you accept can see your updates in posts and stories you share
  • Only people who you allow to follow you will be able to see your updates on their home tab

When to keep your profile Private?

In case you don’t want unknown people to know about you or the photos and stories you share.

Public Profile:

  • Everyone on Instagram can see your profile
  • Everyone on Instagram can follow you, no one would need the approval of acceptance to follow you
  • Everyone on Instagram can see your updates in posts and stories you share
  • All those who follow you will be able to see your updates on their home tab

When to keep your profile Public?

In case you are comfortable to share your updates with everyone on Instagram.

Profile Public

Let’s start.

Suppose, you want to follow your favourite celebrity, go on to the search button, which you see at the bottom in the picture above. Search by typing the name and follow their profile by clicking follow button.

● Once you follow them, their updates will start appearing in your feed, which you can see by clicking on the ‘Home’ tab. As you scroll down on the Home page, you see all the updates from all the people you follow.

● You can share your love by double tapping on the photo or video as you see in your feed, or by simply clicking on the heart shape icon below images and videos. When you do this, whoever has posted the photo or video will be notified that you have liked their post.

● You can also leave a comment on the post if you want.

How can you post any photo or video on Instagram?

If you wish to share a selfie on a beach, a family dinner pic, or something you cooked and want to share a recipe it’s absolutely doable.

Well, it’s simple and easy.

Capture it live or Upload it from the gallery. It’s just a click away. Just click on the ‘+’ icon (as shown in the above image) at the bottom when you are logged into the app.


Now, you have the option to select a photo or a video up to 1 minute from your gallery. Next is to click it instantly to post by selecting the option ‘Photo’ or ‘Video’, depending on what you want to share.

Plus, you can edit it using the built-in editing features including various fun filters.

What is Instagram Stories?

You can post a 10-second story on your profile, and your followers can see the stories. The stories are different than the photos or videos uploaded on the profile page. The stories stay up for only 24 hours from the time it is posted and can be seen by the followers before the 24-hour duration ends.

What are hashtags on Instagram?

You can now follow celebs, artists, chefs, and more stories and photos by following hashtags. Search and follow people, page, hashtags.

Hashtags on Instagram

Hope you will soon start using Instagram to share and follow with the social media lives of your loved ones, friends, celebs, and what interests you. Even Elderly can use Instagram and enjoy those special moments, live with the modern tech changes, share life in photos and videos with the loved ones and world.

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