Introduction to Different Types of Traction Kits

Traction, or tractive force, is defined as the action of drawing or pulling something. In this case, we are referring to traction as the application of a pulling force to an injured part of the body or extremity.

Immobilization, rehabilitation, and recovery via traction therapy have been around for a long, especially in hospital settings. However, with the rise of eCommerce giving easy access to medical equipment and recovery aids like traction kits to people in the comfort of their homes, websites like Seniority have made life easier for those who are looking to speed up the recovery process.

How Do Traction Kits Work?

There are different types of traction kits and their usage depends on which region of the body is affected. The basic premise of a traction kit is that it works on a pulling force that is aided by the tension created by the weight attached to it.

If we are to take cervical traction kits as an example, the kit basically works on the principle of pulling the head away from the neck to stretch it and reduce pressure on the spine. As a popular alternative treatment for pains, aches and longstanding stiffness or soreness, the stretching, lengthening and expansion technique helps relieve discomfort and eliminate compression.

9 Undeniable Benefits of Using a Traction Kit

  •  It is a proven fact that traction therapy helps reduce stress in the affected area
  • Traction therapy prevents the recurrence of any old injury
  • Traction kits help in rehydrating degenerative discs
  • They relieve the pressure on a pinched nerve
  • They are highly effective when it comes to treating minor fractures, disc disorders, arthritis, strains, and muscle spasms
  • Traction therapy helps improve flexibility
  • It is one of the most efficient drug-free methods to relieve pain
  • Traction kits can be used in order to treat herniated discs or bulging discs
  • Using traction kits can result in enhanced mobility and range of motion

In this piece, we have shortlisted some of our top-rated traction kits according to the respective body parts or areas that need relief.

Best traction kits available online at Seniority 

1.     Pelvic Traction Kit - Vissco

Pelvic Traction Kit

For those who suffer from lumbar spondylosis, pelvic traction is perhaps amongst the best possible treatment methods you could ask for. Vissco’s portable traction kit is designed to decrease herniation and reduce compression in the spinal region, thus releasing any trapped nerves. The kit includes a traction pulley bracket, pelvic traction belt, traction cord, traction water and a weight bag filled with sand. A highly effective product aimed at alleviating pain in the pelvic region or lower back, using this traction kit regularly (under the supervision of a medical professional) can help you recover quickly. 

2.     Cervical Traction Kit 5Kg Sleeping - Vissco

Cervical Traction Sleeping kit

As the name of the product suggests, this traction kit is meant to relieve the pressure on the cervical spine region. Made to provide adequate support and traction to the cervical and upper dorsal vertebrae, the Cervical Traction Kit by Vissco works on the aforementioned principle by stretching the musculature and connective tissue components, expanding the intervertebral joint space and relieving pressure on the anterior vertebral area. The portable neck traction device has the complete apparatus that you might need for traction-based treatment at home. You can also add weights to it if your doctor advises you to do so. 

3.     New Foot / Skin Traction Kit- Vissco

A post-orthopedic surgery method of treatment and pain relief in the lower back, hip, and legs, skin traction is particularly effective for senior citizens or people whose skeletal system, joints and muscles are weak. The New Foot / Skin Traction Kit by Vissco enables you to leverage the benefits of this therapy at home and make your post-surgery recovery period shorter and simpler.

There are several similar products and options from trusted brands in the medical equipment manufacturing industry that you can choose from.

If you are looking for a traction kit for lower back pain or pelvic conditions, take a look at the following products:

Price: Rs. 1,799 

Tynor pelvic kit with weight bag

Price: Rs. 1,309

Pelvic traction kit without weight bag

And if you are on the lookout for a reliable cervical neck traction device, here are the other options you can take your pick from:

Cervical traction sleeping kit

Contents: Cervical traction over door pulley, cervical traction head halter, spreader bar, traction cord (10 ft.) and traction weight bag

Sitting kit

Contents: Cervical traction over door pulley, cervical traction head halter, spreader bar, traction cord (10 ft.) and traction weight bag

Looking for weights that you can attach to your home traction kit? Check Vissco’s offering:

Orthopaedic traction kit

Warning Signs: Things to Keep in Mind While Using a Traction Kit

Make sure you do a lot of research before actually using a traction kit. The results of the usage may vary from person to person, so it is best to consult a doctor about which traction device is best for you. Individuals may experience certain side effects, including dizziness, discomfort or headaches due to cervical traction therapy. There is also a small chance of the existing injury aggravating or the traction kit causing damage to the tissues or spine.

Avoid using traction kits if you suffer from conditions like:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Tumors in the cervical region
  • Bone infections
  • Any blockages in the vertebrae
  • Osteoporosis
  • Spinal hypermobility
  • Fractures in the cervical, spinal or pelvic areas

Another thing to keep in mind is the amount of weight you use along with the traction kit. Overexertion or unnecessary extra weight may result in discomfort. In case you experience pain or uneasiness while undergoing traction therapy, discontinue the usage of the kit and schedule a visit to the doctor.

We hope this buying guide has given you some insight into the options available and all traction therapy-related aspects.

Browse through Seniority’s wide range of traction kits, support aids, and accessories here. Remember, we offer free shipping on all our products. Wish you a happy and speedy recovery!