Kitchen Accessories: 6 Must-Have Food Cutters for Your Kitchen


When was the last time you ‘enjoyed’ chopping and cutting vegetables?


Admit it – the least-enjoyable part of cooking (no matter how much you love cooking up a storm in the kitchen) is the prep that goes into it. Peeling, cutting, chopping, dicing, slicing, julienning, grating and the works – it really is a boring task. And no matter how or what you are making, these activities come into the picture at some point or the other.


Whether it is fresh veggies, meat, fruits, nuts or herbs, these common ingredients need effective chopping and slicing in different ways, depending on what you are cooking.  


Imagine going through half a dozen onions and ending up with tears and burning sensations in your eyes. Or handling foods that leave your skin with irritation and redness. Or even worse, getting nasty knife cuts while chopping or peeling fruits.


Add to that the inconsistency that comes into the picture when you try to do these activities manually – the thickness and sizes of the pieces or slices never seem to be the way you want them to be. And who can get away with the mess in the kitchen? Cleaning up afterwards is perhaps the most taxing thing to do!


The best alternative to avoid all of the above is by equipping your beloved kitchen with some modern cutting tools. In today’s day and age, especially when you always seem to be running short of time to cook, kitchen equipment like food cutters, vegetable choppers and fruit slicers are becoming indispensable.


Here are a few benefits of using new-age cutters and choppers in your kitchen:


  • They help save time

  • They save manual effort

  • They avoid making a mess on the kitchen counter

  • They cut / chop / dice / slice the ingredients evenly

  • They can be used by people of all ages since they are extremely user-friendly

  • They are easy to wash and maintain

  • Most of them are dishwasher safe

  • They last long and are made from anti-rust material


Modern kitchen tools like food cutters are versatile and innovative, so don’t be surprised if you come across one that enables you to do multiple things at once! What’s more, such tools make the prepping and cooking experience extremely hassle-free, allowing you to focus on the more complex parts of the cooking process.


6 Innovative Cutting Tools That Every Indian Kitchen Must Have


  1. Salad Cutter Bowl


Salad cutter bowl


The elderly or people with a weak grip may find it difficult to chop vegetables, even while trying to make something as simple as a regular salad. Who doesn’t love a fresh and nutrient-rich salad? This hassle-free and user-friendly salad cutter bowl makes their job of chopping and cutting veggies and fruits easy. All you need to do is take your veggies and fruits, wash them thoroughly, put the ingredients in this bowl and cover it without leaving any gaps. Make sure you don’t try to fit in more ingredients than the bowl can accommodate. Turn the bowl (not the ingredients inside). Your knife should be about 7 inches long. With this salad chopping bowl, you can save the hassle and mess of using a chopping board. The salad maker bowl enables you to make yourself a nice, healthy salad within 60 seconds!


  1. 2-in-1 Clever Cutter


2-in-1 clever cutter


Buyerzone’s two-in-one device is clever, just like its name. It provides the perfect combination of being a cutter as well as a chopping board at once, satisfying multiple culinary preparation requirements. The Clever Cutter has a scissor-like design and chops through any kind of veggies within seconds. Its pressure handle is aided by a spring, which enables faster and more effective cutting. The cutter’s premium-quality blade made from high-grade stainless steel and the scissor mechanism makes for the ultimate kitchen experience. The product’s handle is made from A-grade plastic. All in all, this kitchen tool is a great combination of ultramodern design, efficiency and dynamic, mess-free cutting.


  1. 5 Blades Vegetable Chopper Cutter with Storage Lid – Home Puff


5 blades vegetable chopper cutter


Here is a chopper you didn’t know you needed! The 5-blade veggie chopper/cutter with a handy storage lid is an easy-to-use kitchen gadget. It helps save up to 60 per cent of your time in the kitchen, allowing you to work smarter and faster. This tool’s pull-tab mechanism, aided by five very sharp blades, makes the everyday cutting of fruits and vegetables a walk in the park. This 5-blade chopper works without electricity and is connected to a strong nylon rope to make the cutting process easier. All you need to do is put all your ingredients into the container and pull this nylon cord a couple of times. Home Puff’s 900ml chopper has been designed to help you save precious time in the kitchen – you can order it online at Seniority.


  1. Angurello Melon Cutter



The one-stop solution to your melon cutting needs is finally here! The Angurello Melon Cutter is designed to help you slice your favourite melons with absolute ease. This inventive tool enables you to cut and serve watermelons without making a mess – sounds like every watermelon lover’s dream, doesn’t it? You can slice and extract the best part of the fruit without getting your hands messy. Get perfect slices of the melon pulp with just a simple movement of the melon cutter with this stainless-steel tool. Combining the functionality of a knife and the convenience of tongs, the Angurello Melon Cutter is a must-have for melon lovers!


  1. Stainless Steel Cookie Cutter (12 Pieces) – K Kudos


Stainless steel cookie cutter


Love baking cookies or making biscuits at home? Equip your own little home-based bakery with this stainless-steel cookie cutter set by K Kudos. The set includes cutters of four different types, each shape available in three different sizes. With this 12-piece beauty, you won’t need to rely on traditional cutting techniques and will immediately notice the difference. Made from high-quality and durable stainless steel, these cookie cutters are super easy to clean with regular water. Non-corrosive and tasteless, this set of cutters can be used in various ways, depending on how you want to shape your cookies. You can use them on cookie or biscuit doughs and create shapes like heart, flower, star and circle. With a long-life span, these cutters will stay with you for decades to come and give you a great company when you bake special holiday cookies!


  1. 13-in-1 Fruit and Vegetable Cutter (Assorted Colour) – Miracle


13-in-1 Fruit and Vegetable Cutter


Imagine a fancy kitchen tool that combines the power of a chopper, grater, slicer, dicer and peeler – all in one! You’d better believe it – Miracle’s magical set of food, vegetable and fruit-cutting tools is just what you need. Made from top-quality ABS plastic and stainless steel, the cutter’s robust, sharp blades make slicing and chopping seem like child’s play. Its dicer consists of 11 blades and a peeler, made using virgin plastic. Chopping and dicing your everyday vegetables and favourite fruits is now easy and smooth, thanks to the cutter’s pyramid-shaped blades. Its multi-function feature means that this one product can potentially replace multiple individual kitchen tools like knives and chopping boards and cut your preparation time by 50%. Super easy to clean and maintain, you can wash this veggie cutter with regular water and use a mild dishwasher liquid. Another USP of this 13-in-1 cutter is that despite being multi-functional, the overall set is very compact and extremely lightweight.


Advantages of Using Manual Kitchen Cutters Over Electric Cutters


One might ask, why use manual vegetable choppers when you have the option of going for electric ones? Well, here are some of the unarguable benefits of using manual food cutters:


  1. Most of the aforementioned products come with stainless-steel blades. Stainless steel resists rust and corrosion, and hence, lasts longer.

  2. Manual cutters are better than electric ones since you don’t need a power supply to operate them.

  3. These tools are extremely lightweight and compact in size, which makes them portable. You can carry them with you when you travel outdoors with your friends and family for picnics or road trips.

  4. The versatility of this kitchen equipment is undeniable – they serve multiple purposes, fulfil various functions and can be used for a range of activities, including cutting, chopping, peeling, grating, julienning, dicing and more.

  5. Manual cutters make less noise as compared to electric ones.

  6. These tools are extremely user-friendly and can be used by people of any age. Since they are easy to grip and operate, even senior citizens or people with weak grips can use them.

  7. Cleaning the entire unit or parts of the unit is simple and can be done using regular water and a little bit of soap. Most products come with removable blades and are dishwasher safe, too.

  8. From a safety point of view, these items come with an anti-skid base so you can go about your cutting and chopping business without the worry of the tool sliding off in the process.

  9. All these products are made by reliable brands from the highest quality of material, which makes them durable.


Have you taken your picks yet? Explore a wide assortment of kitchen tools and equipment and place your orders online at Seniority. We ship all items for free, right to your doorstep!