Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas For Your Cool Dad


Indian dads are rarely impressed by our work or gesture. They always push us to achieve more and bring out the best in us. As Father’s Day is around the corner, don’t miss the chance to make your father feel special. Dad’s don’t like gifts that aren't useful, so keeping that in mind we have curated a list of products we bet your father will love to have.

6 Pcs Shaving Kit - Bombay Shaving Company

6 Pieces Shaving Kit- Bombay Shaving Company


It is always better to gift things that will be useful in the long run. This 6 pieces shaving kit will be all that your dad will need to maintain his stylish beard. This kit consists of tea tree oil pre-shave scrub, soothing cream, mollifying cool post-shave balm, etc. The products in this kit are safe to be used on sensitive skin.


Retro XS Vintage Classic Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Noizzy Box

Retro XS Vintage Classic Portable Bluetooth Speaker- Noizzy Box


A warm cup of tea in hand, trotting in a rocking chair and listening to 80s classic songs is what our fathers wish to do every weekend. Gift him a Vintage Classic Portable Bluetooth speaker which comes with modern features but will bring back the evergreen memories. This speaker features a tuning LED indicator that helps you know when you are receiving the best possible reception. Being compact in size, you can also take it outside or to places you travel.

Dozee- Health monitor

Dozee- Health Monitor


While our fathers always look out for us, more often than not, their health is overlooked. Take care of your father’s health by gifting him Dozee. Dozee helps in monitoring the heartbeat, sleeping and breathing pattern because symptoms of major diseases develop over time and it is best to prevent it beforehand.

Pillow Massager - Evercare by Seniority

Pillow Massager- Evercare by Seniority


This is the perfect gift for fathers who constantly remain under stress and could use a sound and relaxing device that can help them unwind a little. This handy pillow massager has 4 nodes that rotate in opposite directions to help relax and relieve muscle tightness. It also delivers a powerful and intense shiatsu massage. You may add extra layers such as a pillow in between your spine and the massage cushion if the intensity is too much.


Hem-7600T Tubeless Blood Pressure Monitor (Black) - Omron

Hem-7600T Tubeless Blood Pressure Monitor (Black) - Omron

Men are more at risk to get hypertension compared to women. Stress may lead to elevated blood pressure and that can lead to many health related issues (click here to know more about high BP). It is best to keep a regular check on blood pressure, this BP monitor comes with an Intelli wrap cuff which gives comfort to the user.


Adjustable 360 Rotating Mobile Stand - Urban Kings

Adjustable 360 Rotating Mobile Stand - Urban Kings


We all are aware of the new found love our fathers have developed for online videos. This is the best gift for fathers who are found glued to their screens, watching comedy standups and skits. This adjustable 360 rotating mobile stand allows you to fit the mobile phone or tablet within 12 inches. This product is completely compact, easy to carry and is also equipped with anti-slip grips which avoids scratches while fitting the device.


All-Metal Hi-Fi In-Ear Earphones With Mic (Ash Gray) - Tizum

All-Metal Hi-Fi In-Ear Earphones With Mic (Ash Gray) - Tizum


Comedy skits are best enjoyed with high-quality sound and these earphones are just the accessories you are looking for. The earphones work perfectly as a handsfree with most Android, iPhones and other smartphones for crystal clear call quality. You can simply play and pause calls with just a simple press of a button. The earphones are featured with a super bass dynamic treble that delivers powerful super bass sound and is something that your dad is going to love!


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