Long-Distance Caregiving: Technologies That Can Fill the Gap

When it comes to caring for our parents and grandparents, we leave no stone unturned. From ensuring they get the best quality of life to taking care of their medical needs, and from spending time with them to entertaining them, we do everything in our power to make life easier and happier for them.

However, in an increasingly fast-paced life, giving time to seniors has become more difficult than it was ever before. Jobs, meetings, business deals, work tours, vacations and the inevitable nuclear family system in India have made it difficult for families to live together in one place for sustained periods of time.

When you are away from home for whatever reasons, taking care of the emotional, physical and medical needs of the elderly is a constant worry for most people. Seniority tries to lessen this burden that family members carry around by recommending technologies and products that can make caregiving much simpler for you (or the caregiver) and senior citizens.

What/who is a caregiver?

A caregiver could be a member of the family who spends time with the elderly, taking care of their daily needs or a professional who specializes in looking after senior citizens or patients. 

Top 5 technologies that make caregiving an easy job

Here are Seniority’s top picks in terms of innovations and assistive technology for long-distance caregivers – a list of devices that are designed to help senior citizens lead an independent, simplified and convenient life.


1.   Hearing Aids   

Siemens Hearing Aids

Impaired hearing can seriously take a toll on the elderly, especially if they have to interact with people, make and answer calls, and be aware of their surroundings. High-quality hearing aids, like the Siemens Vita 118, can go a long way in ensuring that their hearing capabilities are restored. With a high gain and excellent output, a reliable hearing aid assists senior citizens with mild, moderate or severe hearing loss to function normally. The usage of hearing aids can also make it easy for you or the appointed caregiver to talk to them.


2.     Pill Organizer  

Pill Pro

Medications and supplements are extremely important in the second half of a person’s life, more so if the individual in question suffers from certain medical conditions or illnesses. When we talk about senior care, a major area of concern is the time-bound intake of medicines, tablets, and pills as prescribed by the doctor. How can you ensure that all the different medications stay within reach and are easily accessible to the patient or caregiver? How can you make sure that the right pills and tablets are taken at the right time? The Pill Pro is a pill organizer that comes with seven portable trays (one for each day of the week). Every tray has four distinct components that can be used for segregating medicines according to the time of the day they are supposed to be taken.


3.     Telescopic Torch 

Telescopic Torch

Aging makes you clumsy and forgetful. Seniors keep losing or forgetting things around the house all the time. Equipping them with an easy-to-use torch can ensure that they are at ease and can find things in the dark. This extendable, flexible, pen-sized Telescopic Torch comes with a magnetic head that is capable of lifting small metal objects (such as keys). The torch is especially useful for senior citizens who live alone.


4.      Air Touch X8 Purifier

Air touch purifier

We are all aware of what is happening in Delhi. And unfortunately, it is not the only city with terrible standards of air quality. With pollution levels at an all-time high, it is important that you at least try and keep the air in your home clean and fresh. The quality of air becomes even more vital for those who suffer from respiratory conditions and breathing difficulties. Consider getting home a modern air purifier like the Air Touch X8 with HEPA and HiSiv filter technology. It is designed to get rid of harmful airborne bacteria, toxic gases, and odor.


5.      Radisafe  


The modern-day granddads and grandmothers are all hooked on to television screens and some technologically-advanced ones even spend a lot of time peering into their smartphones and tablets! Cell phone radiation (electromagnetic waves), combined with the heat and radiations generated by electronic gadgets can have an adverse effect on the human body. Radisafe is a circular chip that can be easily attached to the mobile phone. It basically absorbs and neutralizes all the harmful radiation.

These innovations can truly help fill the gap when you are not around to take care of your beloved elders.

When it comes to advising for caregivers of elderly parents or seniors in general, we believe it is best to keep looking out for assistive devices like the ones mentioned above. After all, technology is evolving with every passing day and there are a lot of advancements that can enable the elderly to feel at ease, independent and content.

Seniority offers a massive range of daily living aids and assistive tools that can make life easier for senior citizens. Shop according to your needs!