Maintain Your Lung Health with Respiratory Exercises

The human body parts are meant to last for a lifetime. This is a fact but with terms and conditions apply. The one simple and primary term and condition are we need to take care of it. Our body air filters which are the lungs are no different. With growing age, like other body parts, the condition of our lungs also deteriorates a bit. It is why we must strive to keep it healthy and keep the respiratory problems at bay.

In this blog, we will cover effective tips to keep your lungs fit and fine

Basic rules to keep your lung healthy and strong

● Quit smoking

● Make a routine for doing regular exercises

● Stay away from polluted area or smoking zones (passive smoking is also harmful)

● Opt for breathing exercises

● If you have breathing problems or taking medicines, start using a respiratory exerciser.


What happens to the respiratory system during exercise?

Deep breathing exercises are a must; they relax your whole body and mind. In our day-to-day life, we often take shallow breaths. Such shallow breaths use only a portion of our lungs, which is not good. One must take deep breaths at intervals during the day to clear the lungs and ensure the maximum inhalation of oxygen.

Within a few minutes of deep breathing exercise, you will feel the immediate change and get relief from stress and anxiety. Long term benefit includes healthy lung functioning.


How to do such deep breathing exercise at home?

Find a quiet place and start with slow deep breathing through your nose alone, and then breathe out through the mouth slowly taking twice the time of inhalation. Practising this with a count will be more helpful.

Ideally, such exercises must be done to inhale fresh air, which is more of oxygen and less of pollutants. So, the best time to do the exercise is early morning when the pollution level is low, possibly before the sunrise. Also, you can choose to take a walk in the park or do yoga early in the morning.

If you find it difficult to carry out such exercises, then there are respiratory rehabilitation exercises with the help of respiratory exerciser, which you can use at home easily.

Respiratory Exerciser:

You can also opt for a respiratory exerciser to enhance the respiration process, which will make breathing easy and comfortable.

Here we share respiratory exercisers so that you can see how to use the respiratory exerciser and also how it benefits in breathing easily.

1) Lung Boost Respiratory Trainer:

The Lung Boost Respiratory Trainer is a simple device that strengthens your respiratory muscles, which helps you to breathe with ease. Moreover, if you are having any breathing or respiratory diseases, it can be treated effectively with the help of a nebulizer. A nebulizer is a simple device that lets you take medicines in a mist form.

It is a compact, handy, and easy-to-use device. It is an effective way to treat different respiratory disorders, especially when your lungs are not strong. It is specially designed for elderly people, who are prone to respiratory health problems.

How to use respiratory exerciser?

It has a mask and mouthpiece and can be used by both children and adults. It consists of a sturdy compressor, which helps you in taking medication effectively with ease. It also helps in breathing effectively.


2) Respirator Exerciser - Newnik

Deep breathing is a way to clear the air passage and to expand the small air sacs inside of your lungs. However, sometimes it is difficult to take deep breaths without any problems. In which case, you can look at Newnik Respiratory Exerciser; it strengthens your lungs to take deep breaths easily. It helps you to exercise the lung muscles by controlled, slow and deep breathing. Moreover, Newnik Respirator Exerciser helps to restore and maintain healthy lung functioning.

How to use Newnik respiratory exerciser?

Newnik has a central part, which is divided into three different chambers containing spheres with three different sizes and colours, and these chambers are over a base. With the inhalation, the three spheres rise proportionately depending on the pressure exerted due to the inhalation.

Based on the current strength of the lungs and the ability of inhalation, you will see the rise in the sphere. Possibly, the lungs are not effective now, but with daily practice on the exerciser as prescribed by the physician, you will notice the rise in the point to which each of these spheres rises.

The same process can be done for the exhalation, but with the turning of the device upside-down.


● Helps in the recovery of normal respiration, even in the case of the chest or abdominal surgery

● Increase the blood flow and circulation of hormones in the blood

● Strengthens your whole respiratory system

● Reduces shortness of breath

● Helps in maintaining a sustained deep breathing

Our lungs are amazing; they allow us to sing, dance, and cheer loudly at a game, laugh, cry, and more. These reasons alone are enough to keep our lungs healthy and enjoy life. You can show your love back to your lungs by following the tips mentioned in this blog.