1. Sadabahar Silsiley April-May

    Sadabahar Silsiley April-May

    While the summer bids adieu and rains pour in, it is important to keep your spirits up whilst this seasonal change. Over the months, Seniority organized a series of events to provide them with a won
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  2. Sadabahar Silsiley Oct 2017

    Sadabahar Silsiley Oct 2017

    This past month, festivities have been at an all time high. The lights and diyas that once adorned our homes have been kept away. The gifts have been opened and we are suspecting a slight gain on the
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  3. Pune's Biggest Yoga Event for Senior Citizens- Rejuvenate By Seniority

    Pune's Biggest Yoga Event for Senior Citizens- Rejuvenate By Seniority

    400 Not Out! On the occasion of International Yoga Day, June 21, we launched ‘Rejuvenate by Seniority’, our directive towards a continued commitment to rejuvenate the lives of senior citize
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  4. Sadabahar Silsiley April 2018

    Sadabahar Silsiley April 2018

    Celebrating April, a Month of Sunshine, Health and Happiness at Seniority All’s well that ends well. But a month that begins on just the right high and that which also ends on a high note, makes
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  5. Sadabahar Silsiley Nov 2017

    Sadabahar Silsiley Nov 2017

    When the hot parathas and chai taste even more delicious, when you feel the cold breeze graze your ears and everyone around you has already caught a runny nose - Yes, friends! Winter is here. Its the
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  6. Sadabahar Silsiley - 2

    Sadabahar Silsiley - 2

    We’ve had a lot going on this last month! With the festive season kicking off, all hands have been on deck. We’re preparing to make this festive season evergreen for you, so stay tuned, as t
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  7. Sadabahar Silsiley - The Introduction

    Sadabahar Silsiley - The Introduction

    In literal sense of the word, sadabahar means evergreen and silsila means continuation. Making lives evergreen has been our motto from the beginning and to continue we must, for it builds relationship
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