Must Have Self Defence Products & Equipments For Senior Citizens

According to a report by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), more than 20,000 cases of crime against senior citizens were reported in 2016. This number went up to 21,000 in 2017 and again increased to more than 23,500 in 2018.

The government and police authorities have taken note of this issue and are constantly working for the safety of senior citizens. However, you also need to be aware of these criminal activities so that you can be prepared for any untoward incident.

The best way of doing this is by opting for various self defence products. While having a few self defence products allows you to take control of your own safety, it also helps you stay calm and confident in case of any unfortunate event.

So, here are some must have self defence products and equipment that will help you stay safe and guarded.

Self Defence Stick

Most senior citizens use walking sticks due to their mobility issues. While a walking stick can help you move around, you can also use it as your own self defence stick.

It can prove to be extremely useful in fighting off robbers or attackers. Also, a security baton can act as a helpful self defence stick during times of danger.

You can watch videos or tutorials on YouTube that teach you the smart way of using a self defence stick. Also, you need to be aware of the weight of your self defence stick, as it must be strong and easy to carry.

TigerTRACK - Wearable SOS Tracker

As we grow more and more reliant on technology, we need to realize that smart use of technology can also help us during times of danger. Yes, this security device is your personal GPS Tracker that comes with an SOS Button as well.

It is the smallest, ready-to-use wearable personal safety device designed to send instant emergency alerts to your friends and family discreetly, even if you don't have a cell phone.

It protects you at all times if you have a fall or in case of a medical emergency. It also protects you from wandering by warning your family. This Smart SOS tracker is the ideal smart self defence equipment for seniors.


Seniors often go for evening walks in order to stay physically fit and active. However, there may be times when they may have to go through dimly-lit areas or roads without streetlights.

Robbers tend to take advantage of such areas which may put you in some kind of danger. Here, a flashlight could prove to be your ultimate self defence product. It will not only help you pass through such an area, but it can also be used to distract the attacker.

High intensity flashlights make for ideal self defence equipment as they can easily blind the attacker for a few seconds. This will give you some time to look for a better path or to alert any passer-by.

Personal Panic Alarm

A panic alarm is the perfect self defence equipment to alert anyone nearby. You can use the Personal Safety Alarm if you feel threatened or unsafe - be it on the roads, public transport or any other public or private space.

A Panic Alarm produces extremely loud piercing siren which can alert people in an emergency. It is one of the most useful self defence products for elders and others with medical conditions.

These personal security alarms are not only a self-defence tool but it can also be used for a medical emergency. They are great self defence equipment for people of any age.

Self defence keychain

Another essential self defence equipment for seniors is the self defence keychain. While it is available in different types and designs, a self defence keychain basically allows you to protect yourself in case of any danger.

You can add your bunch of keys to a self defence keychain which will allow you to easily carry it wherever you go. This self defence equipment comes with a good grip that helps you use it with much more efficiency.

You can use it to protect yourself in a dangerous situation as it also gives you the element of surprise. A few swift and sudden hits with this self defence keychain will shock and injure the attacker.

Pepper Spray

Pepper sprays have been one of the most helpful self defence products for women. However, even senior citizens can use a self defence spray to evade attackers in times of danger.

As they are easy to carry and use, pepper sprays are one of the best self defence equipment, especially for seniors. So, if you are being targeted by an attacker or robber, you can spray it in their face as it causes an itching and burning sensation.

Again this will give you a few minutes to think, so that you can try and get to a place of safety. You can easily carry a self defence spray in your pocket or purse, which makes it one the best self defence weapons for seniors.

Speaking of which…

Stun guns

Considered to be non-lethal weapons, stun guns may be one of the most useful self defence products for seniors. Just like pepper spray, you can easily carry a stun in your pocket or handbag as well.

Stun guns use high-voltage charges that can cause temporary muscle paralysis and imbalance. Stun guns make for ideal self defence equipment and are mostly used by police forces in some countries.

However, you need to check the legalities of using a stun gun as their use is subject to legal restrictions in India.

These were some of the most helpful self defence products for senior citizens. They are easy to carry and can be used in any kind of dangerous situations.

While a self defence stick or any other self defence equipment can probably give you an advantage over your attacker, you must also pay attention on how you use these self defence products.

You can take a few classes on learning a few self defence moves that can prove to be extremely helpful in practical situations. Apart from that, you need to practice some basic safety measures as well.

These safety measures include staying alert at all times and avoiding dimly-lit areas during early morning or late evenings. Also, you must always inform your family members of your whereabouts.

This will allow them to reach you as soon as possible in case of any emergency situation. Also, apart from physical attacks, senior citizens must also be aware of online frauds that are now widely used by criminals.

Along with the above mentioned self defence products, these safety measures will also allow you to stay safe and protected from all kinds of danger.