My New Year Resolutions : To find a new hobby!

Congratulations on your second innings! Oh, how you had been longing for a phase when you could just sit back and relax, without any worry. The time has come now, and you can focus on doing things absolutely close to your heart. Yes, now you can have that perfect ‘me’ time without the guilt factor coming in the way! It’s time to make that start, and doesn’t this thought make you want to jump out of your bed and get in to action?

Taking up a hobby is the best way to keep the mind and body healthy. Why not spend time learning something you wanted to all these years but didn’t have the time? What’s more, when you pursue a hobby in a group, you meet like-minded people frequently and stay socially active. Remember, starting late is better than not following the burning desire in your heart at all.

Here’s a quick look at some hobbies you can consider learning and pursue.

Home gardening 

Learning to maintain a home garden is truly uplifting owing to the beautiful surroundings you get. So, what are you waiting for? Arrange for some pots, paint them in bright hues (another lovely DIY idea!) and pot your favorite plants, but make sure to choose a mix of perennial and seasonal ones. Shower them with water and loads of care. Sit back with a cup of tea every morning and spend time with these potted beauties. Blissful, indeed! IB158121_158121112233453_SM512697

Balls of Yarn, Needles, and Loads of Creative Fun

All you ladies with a creative bent of mind, wouldn’t it is great to learn sewing, crochet, embroidery, or knitting and inspire awe from those around you? The quick-stitch ones contain all supplies you require, and you won’t need to make trips to the market at all. Start with something simple like the Easy Embroidery Stitch Kit Combo or join a group class if you want to learn the different methods.

Your own pottery barn The art of pottery is often described as therapeutic and relaxing. While spinning clay, your mind and body are in natural synergy, wrapped around your creative ambitions and goals. This thoughtful, artistic activity can open up the mind and relieve you of outside worries. Catch some tips here. Inking Down Your Ideas on Canvas Paintings can be a wonderful expression of your inner self and give wings to your creativity and imagination. If you have a passion for fine arts but aren’t sure how to get started, why not take up a basic course to help you build your confidence levels!


Be ‘Game’ for a Favourite Sport

There is no dearth of sports and games you can enjoy with your friends and family. Try a hand at chess, golf, swimming, or darts to give your mind and body every reason to feel fresh and rejuvenated. IB152560_152560180655127_SM578304

Reading Spiritual and Health-Focused Books

Are you a book lover at heart? Whether you are spiritually inclined or the health conscious kind, assess your reading preference and lay your hands on beautiful books that help you grow as a person. To aid reading small characters or reading in the dark, a handheld magnifier with LED lights is very useful.

Capturing Brilliance on Film

If you have a passion for freezing all things beautiful on a film, know that it’s never too late to take up this hobby. Invest in a well-equipped camera and get started with exploring the world with it. What’s more, you can become a member of a photography lovers group and flaunt your photography skills at the next family gathering.


Stir Your Soul with Music

Music is food for the soul. It gives life to your emotions and is the perfect tool to set the mood. Pick an easy to operate music player and play soulful melodies to cheer you up instantly. The Saregama Carvaan Mini is a handy Bluetooth speaker you can carry on the move. Versatile enough, it lets you listen to pre-loaded old songs or stream music from your phone or pen drive. If a musical instrument excites you, go ahead and learn to play it.

Parting Thoughts

Learning is a continuous process in life that helps you stay active both mentally and physically. Engaging in a hobby keeps you entertained, encourages movement, builds confidence, and promotes social interaction. The happiness of learning something new is truly priceless! Leave your thoughts on the hobby that inspires you the most and what have you been doing to pursue it.    

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