Myths About Sex as You Age

Contrary to popular belief, sex in the later years is more gratifying in comparison to any other age. Although the frequency might decline, the enthusiasm for intimacy remains the same. As Kinsey Institute reports point out. Interestingly, a Duke University report suggests that 20 percent of people over 65 have sex lives that are better than ever before.

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Maturity brings intensity; besides, older people often have a great deal more self-confidence and self-awareness. Released from the unrealistic ideals of youth, prejudices of others, and responsibilities of children and work, couples are better able to relax and enjoy one another without distractions, bringing umpteen advantages to sexual activity/intimacy for seniors:

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Myth - Engaging in sex is too much activity for the heart 

Engaging in sex improves Cardiac health: Reports suggest that one can lose up to 200 calories during sex. For women who engage in regular sexual activity have higher levels of estrogen that help protect against heart disease. Researchers have also found that men who have sex two times a week have fewer heart attacks than those who don’t. The hormones released during sex cause an increase in blood pressure and heart rate and can engage almost every muscle in the body.

Myth - Abstaining is good for health.

Sex in older adults Improves mental health and boosts immunity: Sex makes the brain release endorphins which help reduce anxiety drastically. This is also good for overall mental health, and stimulate immune system cells to fights infections.

Increases lifespan Various studies show that people who have regular sex tend to live longer than those who don’t – thanks to the feel-good hormone ‘oxytocin’ released during sex.

Improves Relationships Intimacy and sex help in staying connected with your partner. It is not just an activity but a way of expressing love.

Sex, particularly for the elderly, can be a powerful, intimate experience, with no place for myths, guilt or prejudices associated with elderly sex.

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