Things to Know Before You Plan a Trip to The Rain Forest

Brimming with life, rainforests are home to half the world’s plant and animal species. Found in a variety of landscapes such as, scenic mountain ranges, lowland rivers, beaches, and coral reefs, rainforests, the perfect vacation places, offer opportunities for photography, adventure, fishing, hiking, relaxation and bird watching. However, before planning your first trip to the rainforest there are some things you should consider

Planning a Trip to Rain Forest

Keep climate and season in mind

Caution- bad weather

As the name suggests, “tropical” is warm and humid. While the tropical sun can be very strong, the rains can be fairly overwhelming as well. It's best to be well-prepared for this variance in the weather. In the Indian context, the best time to visit the rainforests is from October to March. 

Beware of insects and mosquitoes

Parent applying mosquito repellent

The humidity and moist atmosphere are just what mosquitoes need to breed - ensure that you carry effective mosquito repellents and keep dabbing your skin as well as clothes. Look out for leeches -carry salt while on a trek or an insecticide specifically made for leeches.

Hire A Local Guide 

Rain forest trip with a guide

Who could show you to the best that the forest has to offer? A local guide of course. Not only is it safer to get a guide – you won’t get lost – but you tap into their knowledge to learn endlessly about the flora and fauna, increase your awareness about the landscape, and help support the local economy too. 

Be well-prepared

Travel bag for the trip

Your travel bag should always have walking shoes, light and airy clothing, something to protect you from rain, sunscreen, travel insurances, emergency medication besides other things that you pack anyway.

Plan your itinerary

You can plan your trip to a rainforest keeping your budget and convenience in mind from top travel planning sites like Thomas CookCox and Kings, and MakeMyTrip. Some of these sites even have packages readily available for you to choose from. 

Exploring the Indian Rainforests

Backwaters of Kochin, Kerala

India has a range of interesting rainforests that can serve as perfect getaways - Andaman Islands, Brahmaputra Valley, North Western Ghats’ Moist Deciduous Forests and Odisha’s Semi-Evergreen Forests to mention a few. Discovering the flora and fauna can be quite a unique and exciting experience.

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