Retired, Still Not Tired!

Age is just a number, and the person who is young at heart can never grow old. But that is not the only requirement for an active and happy life after retirement; you also need to be active and healthy to accommodate all the whims of your young and energetic spirit. Retirement planning could mean anything- A new hobby, rekindled romance, leisure, and loads of passion you lost somewhere while fulfilling your responsibilities. What it doesn’t have to mean is resentment towards your life and a feeling of doom.

How to Ensure Your Life after Retirement Doesn’t Retire You from Life

There are loads of possibilities for a person post-retirement. While you had to deal with so many responsibilities and duties all your life, retirement would give you another chance to live your life sans worries.

Here are top five things everyone must seriously consider doing post-retirement.

Pursue your Passion

Your life till now has been a pursuit of success. Academics, grades, college, career and then the corporate ladder! It has been a tiresome race till now. Change that. Now that you have retired pursue that one thing you are passionate about but never got to consider it due to lack of time. It might be something serious like writing a book, singing or something as frivolous as learning a random language or stamp collecting. Just go for it!

Take up new opportunities

Opportunity can be a post-retirement job, volunteering for a cause or a project or starting a new business. To make your post-retirement career more fun-filled and merry, how about trying a completely random and unrelated career option? Learning need not stop retirement right? For those who would want a quieter post-retirement life, mentoring and knowledge sharing could be really good options.

Host parties or get-togethers

This is a must-to-consider option for everyone who is retiring. Have a get-together with all your friends and relatives. Play with your grandchildren, play cards, listen to music, watch funny movies together with your friends... The list is just endless. When there are loved ones around you, there is bound to be plenty of things to do and a bounty of happiness.

Learn cooking

Yeah, why not? Surprise your spouse with a new recipe you learned online. There is so much material available online.  Try your hand on some exotic cuisine, a new sweet dish or get to bake. There are so many recipes available which are waiting to be tried! Even if you burn the food, you can just order something online and enjoy it together!

Explore the Spiritual Side of You

Don’t go by how deep this sounds. Spirituality is not necessarily boring! Read philosophical books, understand your religion and its origin, visit some pilgrimage or meditate even. Everyone has their way of connecting with the divine. Understand what clicks for you and pursue it. It will fill your life with optimism. Also, read an article on how is Retirement - An excuse to follow your passion 

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