Seniority Health Week: Gastroenterologist

World Health Day was on the 7th of April and we at Seniority celebrated last week as Seniority Health Week. Each day we had a specialist-doctor who did live chat with our Seniority community members on various health issues and topics. On 4th April 2019, we had Dr. Vidyachandra GandhiSurgical Gastroenterologist and Gastrointestinal Surgeon. He resolved all the queries of the community members. Below are the queries asked by our various members, along with the solution.

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Queries and Solution: 

1. I have to go to the washroom at least thrice in the morning, to get a feel of completion of clearing my bowels.

Ans: If you are young than at times it is related to stress at work - irritable bowel syndrome - need to work on your work habits, dietary habits, etc. But if you are elderly you need to investigate what is the cause for it.


2. I’m 58 years old and have fatty liver medicinal effect. When I consume any type of food, gas and acidity get formed.

Ans: Fatty liver is very common. Reflux problems are very common in the elderly. Take some antacids for now, if the symptoms persist please consult a doctor.


3. Hello, I feel bloated and my digestion is very poor. I feel heavy on my tummy and body gets bloated as soon as I eat.

Ans: Bloating is very common. Avoid gaseous food like beans, sprouts, cabbage. Eat healthy food like vegetables, oats, chapatis, etc.


4. How can we avoid stomach infection?

Ans: Eat healthy home cooked food including leafy vegetables, sprouts, cereals, etc.


5. Usually, as we age we get a lot of issues with regard to digestion? How can we manage it?

Ans: As we age we start developing some or the other comorbidities like diabetes or hypertension, etc. Digestion issues at times may be related to your dietary habits. If this persists you need to see a gastroenterologist because there might be something other than a digestive disorder. Also, you need to eat the right things at the right time.


6. Hello Dr. I’m 45 years old and suffering from mild diabetes thyroid issue. I’m facing constipation and irregular stool issue. Please advice.

Ans: Diabetes thyroid issues can also cause constipation. We need to investigate more for the same. If not relieved with control of sugar then please consult a doctor.


7. If I have tea or sugar food between 6 to 11.30 in the morning, I face vertigo, high blood pressure, and gas. If I don't have them then nothing happens to me. What could be the reason?

Ans: Vertigo and High Blood Pressure is definitely not related to your tea or sugar. You need to get yourself investigated.


8. Can you suggest some fruits and vegetables for proper digestion?

Ans: If you are not diabetic then please eat every fruit which is equally good and has all nutrients in it. In addition, high fiber food and leafy vegetables will do.


9. I am suffering from digestive problems: Food digestion, stomach pain and irritation in stomach and also burning sensation if meals get delayed. Currently, I am on Homeopathy medication. It is giving little relief.

Ans: You have to eat right and healthy things at the right time. If homoeopathy medicines work for you then please continue. If it persists then please consult a doctor.