Seniority Health Week: Geriatric Physiotherapist

World Health Day was on the 7th of April, and we at Seniority celebrated this week as Seniority Health Week. Each day we had a specialist-doctor who did live chat with our Seniority community members on various health issues and topics. On 1st April 2019, we had Dr Luqman Shaikh- Sports Scientist and Geriatric Physiotherapist. He resolved all the queries of the community members. Below are the queries asked by our various members, along with the solution.

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Queries and Solution:

1. I’m thin and weigh 52kg, I want to gain weight. How do I do that? I feel I have a weak immune and my muscles pain at times. Other problems like acidity are common. Kindly, suggest how do I gain weight and stay healthy.

Ans: Increase protein intake by having more leafy vegetables and other meat products if you are a non-vegetarian. Consume electrolyte powered water or have basic fresh lime water.

2. How to gain weight especially the upper part of the body?

Ans: Start working out at least 4-5 times a week. Cut down your sugar intake from your diet for immediate impact.

3. Tips for weight loss, please.

Ans: Cut down your sugar intake. Increase your protein intake.

4. I suffer from diabetes for 14 years, readings are under control. I am 5.8 feet in height and 79 kg by weight. I want to reduce my weight because I am suffering from both knee pain. Please give me your valuable suggestion.

Ans: Since you are diabetic, cut down your sugar and salt intake also reduce your carbohydrate intake. Also do 45 minutes of physical activity 3 - 4 times a week. This will help you lose that extra kilo.

5. I've gone through Bariatric surgery. I am still overweight by 5 - 6 kgs. I still take Glycomet SR 1MG. Please suggest through this.

Ans: Just 45 minutes of physical activity 3 - 4 times a week will help you lose that extra kilo.

6. Can I take supplements and gym for weight loss?

Ans: Yes you can. Try Diet Fab Box

7. My name is Renjit Thomas I understand physiotherapy is used for weight management. Can you explain?

Ans: So Seniority in association with Prehab 121 has designed a weight management program called The Potato Project. It’s a Body Transformation Challenge and the results will be visible in 3 months.

8. Is Protein drink required for an athlete to gain muscle power during training?

Ans: It is important for an athlete.

9. I suffer from uric acid. After testing, it's around 4. Something I have cut down on is protein, but that makes my muscles weak hence I get sports injuries. Also, obesity concerns as I am 86kg and 176 cm in height. Please suggest.

Ans: Cut down carbs from diet and workout more. At least 4-5 times a week.

10. What is the right way of losing belly fat?

Ans: Cut down sugar and carbs from your diet, Regular physical activity, try diet fab box, easily available at Seniority store or can order online easily available at

11. How garcinia green coffee and forskolin help in reducing weight?

Ans: It helps in increasing your metabolism which eventually helps in losing weight.

12. What is the reason that a good amount of exercise and right diet also at times fails and we aren't able to lose weight?

Ans: It depends on what kind of exercise you do. If you suffer from any disease of health problems, they also play a role in weight loss and gain. Diet, sleep patterns should be proper. Also if no result is seen, you can alter your exercise intensity.

13. Do pistachios consumption lead to an increase in body weight if consumed daily?

Any bad effects if apple cider vinegar is taken on an empty stomach mixed with honey and garlic?

Ans: Yes, pistachios are not recommended on a daily basis. Also apple cider vinegar, ideally should not be consumed on an empty stomach.

14. Diet plan to maintain the proper weight for both Veg and Non-Veg.

Ans: Increase protein intake, cut down sugar and carbs. Also, diet fab box is easily available at Seniority, you can even order it online. This will help you maintain your weight.

15. I’m 48 years old. and 5.4 feet tall. I weigh 90 kg. My main problem is my left upper part hand has been hurting for 2 months and from last 1 week, I am sweating a lot in spite of AC. Please suggest.

Ans: Get your Blood sugar and cholesterol level tested. Physical activity like running and jogging for 30 minutes would help.

16. Hi, as I m diabetic wanted to know how to lose weight as I am on insulin.

Ans: Physical activity for 30 mins a day will help you lose weight.

17. I feel hungry when I take some diet plan. Do you have any plan for this, so that I can feel energetic all day?

Ans: Have your meal at regular intervals, Hydrate more, Consume more fruits and veggies.

18. Hi, this is Suhas Paranjpe,68 years old. In weight loss one is advised to increase protein intake but I get frequent attacks of Gout. What should I include and what should be avoided while losing weight, considering gout?

Ans: Cut down Protein intake completely if you have higher uric acid levels. Reduce sugar intake in your diet and choose healthier options instead. I would advise regular physical activity.