Social Life - Am I Doing Something Wrong?

Social animals by nature, humans need company, whatever the age. A good, happy social life and the means to keep the home running is all we really need – that’s simple, modest living. Even when there is enough money for comfort, the need for good company becomes a matter of concern for the elderly.

Research says that the only cure for loneliness is, social connect – meet new people and befriend those who are in a similar space. Growing old does not mean that you patronize solitude permanently; it could actually be quite the opposite. With time on your hand and a body which is reasonably fit, you can do wonders with your social life; there are millions out there waiting to find a company, just like you.

So, no, you are doing everything right, when you go out looking for company!

How can you make your social life richer?

1. Get connected

Get Connected

Use social media. Growth is not just about mental and spiritual advancement; it’s about learning new ways and new things. In our search for ‘how to meet new people,’ technology is a blessing. The brave new world of social media, with platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, helps you find new friends and join communities that are on the same wavelength as you:

  • If you like writing quotes and poems, then get on to ‘Mirakee’
  • If you enjoy reading then ‘Goodreads’ is a good option for you
  •  Art forms, music and other varied fields also have dedicated sites that give freedom of expression to those who seek it.


2. Engage yourself 

Engage Yourself

Enquire about travel groups, card groups, philanthropy groups, laugh clubs, yoga institutes or any other area of your interest, in your neighbourhood. It is always the first step that is arduous; conquer that, and you will have the rest sorted.


3. Exercise


A healthy body is home to a youthful mind; therefore, an active exercise routine is imperative. Fitness classes and groups are a great place to strike up lasting friendships.


4. Travel


Leave the threshold of your house, go explore the world; it has been proven that holidaying increases the levels of serotonin and dopamine - ‘feel good’ neurotransmitters - in your system and that should take care of your loneliness blues. You never know who you could meet on your next trip!


5. Find your talent, pursue it


With our younger lives mired in so many responsibilities, we never found the time to pursue what our heart desired. ‘It’s never too late’ might sound like a cliched saying but it actually is true. The passion and the excitement of doing something you love serve as a magnet for like-minded adventurers.

As we age, being alone or living alone doesn’t need to lead to loneliness, just as being with others may not always guarantee happiness – A good social life and strong connects can help us live life with zest and maturity, through all the stages.