1. 10 Fun Activities for Senior Citizens to Overcome Boredom

    10 Fun Activities for Senior Citizens to Overcome Boredom

    Time to bust a myth about life after retirement. A senior’s life is anything but boring! Almost all the things that couldn’t be done because of work schedules and commitments can be acco
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  2. Sadabahar Silsiley October 2019

    Sadabahar Silsiley October 2019

    With October, the most awaited festival of the year is here! At Seniority this year, the festival of lights was celebrated with immense grandeur and glamour with our evergreen Seniority family. Diwa
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  3. FAQ: #AskTheExpert Gardening Workshop

    FAQ: #AskTheExpert Gardening Workshop

    While monsoon can be refreshing after a long excruciating summer, it can be a little difficult on beautiful gardens and other plants that you may have grown. To give tips to seniors on how they can ta
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  4.  Caring for Your Aging Parents in This Busy Society

    Caring for Your Aging Parents in This Busy Society

    Over the years we have learnt one thing that 24 hours in a day are not enough. Gone are the days when one would work in a 9 to 5 job, stay with their parents and lived a happy, settled life. Today, th
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  5. Self Loving - 101

    Self Loving - 101

    Aham Brahasmi - one of the four Mahakavyas described in Brihadaranyaka Upanishad - talks about the importance of ‘self.’ It translates to ‘I am the Infinite Reality.’ The ancient s
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  6. Sadabahar Silsiley Nov 2017

    Sadabahar Silsiley Nov 2017

    When the hot parathas and chai taste even more delicious, when you feel the cold breeze graze your ears and everyone around you has already caught a runny nose - Yes, friends! Winter is here. Its the
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  7. Sadabahar Silsiley - 2

    Sadabahar Silsiley - 2

    We’ve had a lot going on this last month! With the festive season kicking off, all hands have been on deck. We’re preparing to make this festive season evergreen for you, so stay tuned, as t
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  8. Sadabahar Silsiley - The Introduction

    Sadabahar Silsiley - The Introduction

    In literal sense of the word, sadabahar means evergreen and silsila means continuation. Making lives evergreen has been our motto from the beginning and to continue we must, for it builds relationship
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