Tips for seniors to make Road Trip a Smooth Ride

Senior adults tend to spend a lot of time at home and it can become a boring routine. Impromptu travel plans are the best way to beat boredom. In fact, more than the destination, it’s the journey where we make the most memorable memories and it’s more fun to take a nice, long road trip. Age shouldn’t stop you from taking a road trip. and it shouldn't be a barrier to living your life to the fullest.

But to make the road trip safe and comfortable, you should prepare it well. This blog is all about how to prepare an ace road trip while ensuring safety and comfortable ride.

Pre Plan

Pre-trip Planning

Before you hit the road, it’s necessary to plan the trip a little, in order to avoid nasty surprises that could come your way. Of course, the first thing to do while planning a road trip is finding the right partner who could make your journey more memorable.

In case you are planning a long road trip, it’s advisable to have more than one person who can drive.

Taking turns while driving ensures that everyone is well-rested and have their share of fun

What should you take on a road trip

Here are a few things you must do before hitting the road:

1. Check your vehicle’s condition and all its parts, also, ensure to carry spares, if necessary.

2. All the necessary vehicle documents should be inside your vehicle.

3. Have a puncture Repair Kit in place.

4. Have a rough plan - It may include a tentative schedule, halts, a guide map, torch etc.

5. Ensure First Aid Kit, your medicines in the prescribed bottles, medical reports, sugar level test machine in case you have diabetes, and a list of medical centres, a list of garage or roadside service centres are handy and available in case of an emergency.

6. Camera, games, card games, a car karaoke, etc.

7. Personal Toiletries, glasses, extra pair of shoes, travel alarm clock, mobile chargers.

How to plan a road trip:

1. The Ride - Plot your route; start with chalking out route to the destination. Using technology like Google Maps will help you plan the ride much better. It gives you an estimated time taken to reach the destination and you can always check for restaurants and hotels on the way. This way, you don’t need to detour for basics like food and water.

2. Travel Time, The Duration, and The Driving Companions - Now, you have a rough estimated reaching time, you can plan the long and short driving spells, discuss it with other driving companions and schedule out driving hours so that it is not too much for anyone. Also, consider weather conditions and road conditions before starting a journey. With advancing age, it becomes difficult for some to drive through torrential rainfall. Ensuring that you are accompanied by experienced drives will ease the travel experience.

3. Bags – Carry different bags to use as per your comfort and need. A tote or sling bag can come handy and must carry the basics, like toiletries and money. The rest of it can go into the boot of the car.

4. Music - Ensure playlist of your and of others’ favourites is ready. Of course, you can carry Saregama Carvaan with you. Just ensure that you’re stocked on enough batteries!

5. Awaited Destination - Once you reach your destination, plan your day. Maybe, you just want to indulge in sightseeing or spend the evening watching the sunset; create a list of all the places nearby that you do not want to miss out on. Also, note down the restrictions in timing for visiting the place. Museums, temples, mosques, forts etc are open during certain hours. Plan your trip accordingly.

6. Road Service Centre Numbers - This is a must even if you have bought a new vehicle, for you never know when it will be necessary. It’s always important to keep these booklets handy. Also, carry your insurance details with you. Most travel insurance companies offer free pick-up in case you are stuck somewhere.

7. A list of all Check Posts & Tolls - On the road, you will have Check Posts and Tolls, so ensure cash and documents such license, insurance, PUC certificates are kept handy.

8. Pre-Book Your Stays - It’s always a better idea to have a place booked in advance so that you can relax, sleep, and enjoy once you reach the hotel after a long road trip. Pre-book hotels to reduce the anxiety and frustration of finding an at the last moment.


9. Don’t forget Your Medicines - Carry medicines and ensure to take it on time, as per the prescription. Also, share a list of medicines you are prescribed and how to take them with someone who is on the trip. You can choose to use a medicine organizer to make your trip easier.

10. Camera - Carry a camera to capture moments and make beautiful memories.

11. Power Bank – Ensure that you carry a power bank so that you can travel peacefully, without worrying about charging your phone or running out of battery.

Always keep your family informed about your whereabouts, a simple message or a quick call once or twice a day.

Travel Accessories

Do check out some of the essentials accessories which will enhance the experience of your road trip.

A few must-have road trip accessories:

1. One feels allergic occasionally due to the car’s interior. Feel fresh with a car aroma air humidifier, which purifies and spread your favourite aroma.

2. Don’t forget to carry a torch. Do not just count on the mobile torch. In case you are looking for a handy torch, check out the 5-in-1 emergency torch, which you can easily fix to car’s roof with the magnetic head. It has a flashlight, safety hammer, warning light, and cutter.

3. Not sure where to keep your medicines, reading glasses, water bottle handy in your car? We’ve got you covered. This car seat multi-pocket organiser, which can be attached to your car seat’s back is just what you need.

4. Bumpy roads can make your ride a sad one, but with the help of air suspension seat for your car would make sure you enjoy every moment even on the rough roads. It helps to maintain the body sitting posture and reduces back pain.

5. Let not the long-distance road trip worry you any more. Feel at ease with car massager, which provides stress-free massage for back with its vibrating massaging technique.

Hope you are now ready for your road trip. Bon Voyage!