Upgrading Your Cooking Experience

"Cooking done with care is an act of love" - Anonymous

Cooking is super-fun. And, the joy of concocting a culinary masterpiece is matchless. But, honestly, devising a lip-smacking wonder requires various pre-requisite like chopping, storing, organizing, and prepping the ingredients which may be cumbersome as well as time-consuming.  So, here are some awesome tools and appliances which will not only upgrade your cooking experience but also make it look like a walk in the park.

1. Portable Smoothie Maker

Portable Smoothie Maker


Kickstart your day with a beautiful smile and a glass of homemade nutrition-packed smoothie with this portable smoothie maker. Just throw in some chopped fruits or vegetables, add some water and voila! you are ready with a fulfilling breakfast even while traveling. The smoothie maker is crafted with a non-toxic material and doubles up as a glass cum water bottle. It can be charged easily with your mobile charger or power bank.


2. Cut resistant kitchen gloves

Kitchen Gloves


These cut resistant kitchen gloves which are 4 times stronger than leather will provide you with adequate protection against the sharp edges of the knife while chopping vegetables, meat etc. Made of food-safe polyethylene, glass fiber, and spandex, these easy-wash gloves slide perfectly into your palms, irrespective of the size.

3. Stainless Steel Multi-Functional Adjustable Vegetable And Fruit Chopper Dicer With Storage Container - Home Puff

Multi Functional

This 11-in-1 vegetable and fruit chopper as well as storage container will make your cooking experience an absolute breeze. This must-have appliance comes with blades to suit all your culinary needs be it slicing, chopping, cutting, peeling, or zesting. It also comes with an egg-white separator, a boiled egg chopper, and a lemon squeezer. The device has a food container base and a lid to preserve the freshness of your chopped fruits, veggies, or meat. 


4. Glass Salad Spinner - Home Puff

Salad Spinner

Salads are an excellent way of including extra fibers in your diet but cleaning, chopping, and seasoning the ingredients can be a time-consuming affair. This glass salad spinner comes with a unique drain and cover system, with a spout for drying your greens hence you don't end up with a soggy salad. It also comprises of a convenient rotary handle for fine-chopping of the greens. Also, it comes with an extra large bowl for seasoning and serving.

5. 5 Blades Vegetable Chopper, Cutter With Storage Lid - Home Puff

Chopper with storage

Chopping veggies for your favourite Chinese dish would be hassle-free with this 5 blade vegetable chopper that can save up to 60% of your time in the kitchen. This appliance comes with a unique pull-tab mechanism which operates without electricity. All you need to do is pull the cord a few times and the 5 sharp blades would chop your fruits and vegetables perfectly. Also, it has a durable lid lock and an in-built container to store your veggies.

6. Burlington Set - Wonderchef

Burlington Set

Unveil your inner master chef with this beautiful Burlington set from Wonderchef which will definitely fetch your kitchen a few extra brownie points for elegance. This set comprises of a frying pan, wok, and a saucepan which can be used for deep frying, making curries, biryanis, and even for low oil or no-oil cooking. The cookware has a durable non-stick, PFOA free coating and also consumes less fuel owing to its high conductivity.

7. Milk Pan 2 Ltrs - Wonderchef

Milk pan

Milk spills would be a thing of the past with this Wonderchef Milkpan. It has a whistle to indicate that the milk has been boiled. This double-wall stainless steel milk pan has curved edges for pouring the milk as easily as possible. The cool-touch handle and the knob makes handling as well as storage very convenient.

8. Salad Cutter Bowl

Salad Cutter Bowl

Crafted to ease up your salad making experience, this salad cutter bowl comes with a unique lid and multiple slots for chopping the greens efficiently. The lid even doubles up as a strainer and can be rotated to cut the greens according to your need. Just wash and toss the veggies in the bowl, put on the lid securely, and cut the ingredients evenly in small pieces. The bowl is made up of food grade BPA free material and it is dishwasher-friendly.

In a nutshell Cooking need not be a time-consuming and tedious affair. With these handy appliances to your rescue, we assure you that cooking will become your new found love!     


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