We’ve Got You Covered – Supports and Splints for Every Part of Your Body

It is natural to suffer from aches, breaks and physical disorders at some point in your life, so instead of fretting about your misfortunes, the best thing to do is look up ideal equipment and support products that can speed up the recovery process.

Right from head to toe , there is not a single part of the body that is invincible. There are various scenarios and causes of pain or injuries in different body parts. Here is a quick look at some of the most common reasons why you (or your loved ones) might fall prey to physical injuries.


1. Age

Aging is a natural process and as beautiful as it is, it also brings along certain risks. Your body begins showing signs of wear and tear over a period of time and bones start to weaken, thus leading to various kinds of aches and ailments.

2. Accidents

Accidents at home or while moving outdoors are bound to have some kind of impact on your body. While you cannot stop conducting your daily activities because of the fear of accidents, being cautious is the best way to prevent any mishaps.

3. Overexertion

Working long hours, doing rigorous physical activities for long periods of time and trying to do more than can manage is bound to take a toll on your body.

4. Lack of fitness

A general lack of exercise and physical strength, stamina and flexibility are perhaps the prime reasons why certain body parts give in to pressure.

5. Lack of rest

Not getting enough sleep is another possible reason why your body is prone to injuries and aches. Giving your body a good amount of rest is key to recovering from a day’s of stress and strain.

 6. Incorrect posture

We have spoken at length about the need to maintain a good posture at all times in some of our previous articles and guides. Bad postures will, in the long run, lead to unavoidable pain and potentially-serious injuries.

 7. Traveling

Frequent travelers often complain about body pain, aching joints, and stiff muscles because they spend long hours sitting in the same position. More often than not, planes, buses, trains, and cars have seats that are not ideal in terms of maintaining the right posture.


Different Support Aids and Splints for Different Body Parts

When it comes to dealing with broken bones, stiff muscles, ligament injuries, sore joints or aching body parts, it is important to find the right fit depending on your condition. Here are a few handy products that can aid the rehabilitation process and help alleviate pain.

1.      Knee Brace

Vissco’s ultra-comfortable Neoprene Hinged Patella Knee Brace is designed to provide mediolateral stability and ample support to your knee. In case you have a knee injury or suffer from conditions like arthritis, patellar tendinitis or other patellar disorders, using this stabilizing brace can help you improve the performance of the knee and give it the required compression. Its adjustable straps allow for the easy correction of the patellar tilt, glide, and rotation.


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 2.      Wrist Splint

Wrist pain can be quite difficult to deal with and needs proper care, immobilization, and support during recovery. This splint by Vissco ensures that your wrist joint recovers quickly while allowing you to move your thumb and fingers easily. Its sleeve and silicone padding deliver ample compression, and the polyurethane splint makes sure you can move the wrist partially.


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 3.      Bunion Splint

Injured toe? Hallux valgus? Deformed big toe? Rheumatoid arthritis? This hinged splint gives you the best of both worlds – ease of movement as well as the required rigidity. It supports the metatarsal and arch of your foot with a band that fits tightly. Made from neoprene rubber, the splint enables retention of body heat and provides great comfort, too.


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 4.      Finger Splint

Vissco’s protective splint for your injured finger is designed to support the tip of your finger, which happens to be the weakest part. Made from anodized aluminum and with soft EP foam in it, this splint comes in a universal size and provides the required immobilization and protection to your finger in case of a fracture or minor injury.


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 5.      Shoulder Brace

A brace that has been specifically designed for postural correction of your shoulders, this excellent product from Vissco is made using soft cotton-knit fabric and padding so you can wear it for long hours without experiencing any discomfort. It basically helps pull your shoulders back into the right position and its triangular make enables two-way adjustments at the back.


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 6.      Lumbar Belt

Sacro lumbar belts essentially provide therapeutic relief from lower back problems and pain. Equipped with side straps for greater support and soft fabric for optimum ventilation and comfort, Vissco’s contoured sacrolumbar belt delivers immobilization and support to the spine, back muscles and reduces pelvic ante rotation. It also enables the stimulation of your metabolism, in turn reducing ache and discomfort.



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7.      Cervical Collar

If you are experiencing neck sprains, stiffness in the neck muscles or cervical spondylitis, get home this magnetic cervical collar that is designed to provide a good amount of cervical immobilization. Made from a special fiber and molded material, the collar (available in 5 different sizes) can be worn and adjusted according to your convenience and comfort.


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 8.      Hip Extension Abduction Brace

Hip problems are common amongst the elderly or people who are overweight. This hip abduction orthosis brace is great for those who have undergone a hip dislocation, surgery or replacement procedure. It prevents flexion or extension of the hip and also limits you from bending your legs. Designed to stabilize and support the affected area (the hip), the padded-for-comfort brace comes with three straps that ensure secure fitting. The belt holds the thigh or femur in the hip socket, thus making certain that the healing process is sped up.


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 9.      Metatarsal Support

A support product that you can wear with or without shoes, the silicone metatarsal cushion support fits perfectly fits with the contours of your foot. Used by several athletes, the cushioning reduces the impact or load borne by the metatarsal area, leg, and spine, too. Its special shock-absorbing abilities mean that you can perform your routine tasks without worrying about the load or pain in your metatarsal region. It is provided with a silicone padding that fits snugly into the foot arch and is made from soft fabric that ensures total comfort.


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 10.  Tennis Elbow Belt

Ever since Sachin Tendulkar was diagnosed with a tennis elbow problem, the entire country became aware of what the term and the injury really means! If you know someone who suffers from a tennis elbow, we recommend this excellent belt that helps reduce the pressure or load on the aching tendon. Designed to provide targeted compression on the forearm muscles, the tennis elbow belt comes with a hook and loop fastener so the user can adjust it according to their requirements. It is essentially very comfortable to wear and adjustable to various degrees of tension.


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Seniority is your one-stop shop for rehabilitation products and support aids, no matter what the ailment. We hope the aforementioned list of diverse products for various parts of the body was useful to you. In case you are looking for more options, head to our comprehensive section dedicated to different kinds of supports and splints and take your pick!

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