What is Emoha Assure Care Plan and Why Should You Consider it for Your Seniors?

The unprecedented shift in the population has presented new challenges for the country’s healthcare system. With the 60+ population constituting 11.5% of the population in the world, it has become one of the fastest-growing segments. The aging population, although more comfortable living independently, requires the help of caregivers. With the change in family dynamics, it is no longer possible for children to look after their aging parents, therefore a greater number of seniors live independently. In certain cases, seniors begin having trouble while performing the daily activities that previously seemed easy. Activities such as cooking, cleaning, shopping, driving, bathing and even taking medicines become a difficult task and it leads to various safety concerns.

While age brings in a lot of challenges, this is the age that requires more attention, love, and care. Senior adults have emotional, medical needs such as doctor visits, medicines and health check-ups, and safety needs such as emergency alert devices at home, often a house is not fully equipped to take care of a senior. To give them a safe and healthy environment requires taking help from professionals which can assure that all their daily requirements are fulfilled. This is where elderly care systems come into the picture.

What is Emoha Eldercare?

Emoha provides specialized elder care services in India. From health management, providing support during emergencies and mishaps, the team of professionals helps the elders to maintain an active and engaged lifestyle. Emoha has created a special platform where the elders and caregivers have formed a community. The community believes in simplifying help and creating an environment that is safe and healthy for seniors. The platform includes a digital community of elders and people who love and care for them. The community is in constant touch with each other both in the real sense and digitally which is made possible by their app which is specifically designed for elders.

The Emoha app allows the senior users to take advantage of a number of services, offers, engagement opportunities, and activities that elders can choose from.

What is Emoha Assure Care Package?

The Emoha Elder Care Assure Package is a plan that can be customized as per an individual’s need. The package offers unique and complementary services to fulfill and an elderly’s emotional and physical well-being needs. The Elder Care Assure Package is specifically designed to deliver love and care while also catering to a senior’s everyday needs by keeping in mind the challenges that they regularly face. The Assure Plan includes services ranging from health check-ups, electronic health record management, doctor visits, hospitalization support, to everyday routine planning, and many more.

The Assure Care Plan is widely divided into five major segments to cater to all your needs.

  • Healthcare – Emoha offers a wide range of healthcare services at home. These services include geriatrics, dementia care, post-operative care, and long-term care for arthritis, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, stroke, and Parkinson’s. Nursing care is also available.
  • Emergency – Services such as firefighters, ambulances, first aid, paramedics, or police are available 24 x 7 in case of an emergency or accident
  • Safety – Comprehensive home assessment services are done by experts for older adults, identify aspects that could make the house unsafe for seniors, and install intelligent sensors and other helpful products and devices
  • Engagement - Engagement services include yoga & meditation, musical nights, comedy shows, cultural nights, health camps, book launch, nature walks, group tours, culinary festivals, literature festivals, talk shows, and more
  • Convenience - Concierge services, healthcare appointments, travel and shopping assistance, pension processing, visa/passport processing, senior citizen insurance, government paperwork assistance, and running errands, all these things are taken care of by professionals

Emoha Elder Care is India’s first comprehensive continuum of care designed specifically for elders. It is led by senior industry leaders in elder care, urban planning, and technology, who offer an envelope of care services, delivered within an elder's current home across all stages.