Wheelchair Accessories: Designed to Make Life on Wheels Easier

Modern wheelchairs are strategically designed to give the user not just the freedom to move around independently, but also a great deal of comfort. From manual wheelchairs to automatic ones, there is no dearth of options when it comes to choosing the perfect wheelchair for your needs.

At Seniority, we believe wheelchairs should be used, maintained and upgraded like any other automobile you use. Take your car, for instance. You make sure that it gets its regular dose of servicing, fix any erratic pieces, replace non-functional parts and add your preferred accessories to make your daily commute smoother and more enjoyable. You should think of your wheelchair in a similar way, ensuring that it is kept smooth and running at all times.

Here is a list of different types of handy wheelchair accessories and their benefits.

5 types of functional accessories for wheelchair users

Comfort, convenience, flexibility, mobility, stability, and freedom are the key factors you should look at when choosing the right accessories for a wheelchair. Let us take a look at some of the most important parts of the wheelchair that may need replacement or upgrading.

1. Wheels

When we talk about function, the wheels of the chair are perhaps the most important part that aids mobility. If you use a manual wheelchair and feel the need to replace the hind wheels, consider shopping for Vissco’s sturdy wheel with moulded tyre bearings. It is a known fact that composite wheels require lesser maintenance and are stronger, heavier and more reliable. And in case you are looking for the small wheels at the back, you could opt for the 5-inch diameter backside mag wheels by Vissco.

2. Brakes

When you are on the move, the brakes become an important part of the wheelchair, since they allow you to control the speed and stop the chair as and when you want. The wheelchair brake is basically a wheel lock assembly that makes it easy for you to maintain the wheelchair in a steady and stable position wherever you wish to park it.

3. Footrests

A wheelchair accessory that we recommend for all standard wheelchair users is the elevated footrest. This detachable product is extremely flexible and its length can be adjusted depending on the user’s height. Another stylish option is the footrest with bracket, which is equally durable and easy to use.

4. Restraint Straps

When dealing with aged individuals or paralyzed patients who do not have complete control over their bodies, it is important to ensure that their wheelchairs are equipped with the restraint straps of the highest quality. The new type of wheelchair restraints by Vissco are strong, durable and secure. Easy to install and extremely reliable, a restraint can help keep the wheelchair user in position and prevent any mishaps.

5. Cushions

Comfort is crucial when you consider the fact that an individual is going to spend a substantial amount of their day on the wheelchair. Using well-designed cushions can provide a great deal of comfort and convenience to the user. Take a look at Pedder Johnson’s innovative gel-based cushion here. Its corrugated 16x16 gel sheet absorbs pressure and can be used on all kinds of wheelchairs. Its fabric cover and handle facilitate ease of carrying in case you are traveling. We believe it is necessary to change your wheelchair cushions every two years. If you use a standard wheelchair and are on the lookout for cushion replacements, these seatback bottoms are the ideal fit for your needs.

Apart from these primary categories of wheelchair accessories, there are several other miscellaneous parts such as the Deluxe Axel Pin with Bracket that you can look up on our online store based on your specific needs.

Browse through our entire collection of accessories for wheelchair users and take your pick!