Why Sex Can Improve Overall Health for Seniors

Talking about senior sexual health is something unusual for a majority of the Indian population. But you should know that seniors enjoy sex just as much as the younger population – or even more! They are experienced and obviously know more about it. Additionally, seniors’ sexual health is often associated with their overall wellbeing. If this is something that interests you – read on, there’s lots to uncover!


Seniors and Sexual Health


It is a common belief that sex becomes boring with age – this may be due to the fact that people often don’t want to discuss this. Well, how is that fair?

It is true to an extent that the frequency and flexibility to perform intercourse may decrease with age, but research states that a lot of men and women above the age of 50 are enthusiastic about having a healthy sexual lifestyle.

As you grow old with your partner, there’s timeless love that you develop, and that’s where intimacy lies. And, when it comes to sex, it is just a part of getting intimate with your better half! Love and romance have no age, no gender; they are beautiful and timeless. This is something you’ll explore as you grow old with your significant half.


Does Sexual Performance Increase with Age?


In addition to the health benefits, sexual activity tends to get better as we age, and it surely improves your self-confidence. But, most importantly, the realization of what works best and what doesn’t gets better. For example, you get a better understanding of what excites you as well as your partner.

After all, children are now busy with their lives, you have fewer distractions and a lot of time to explore what’s new – so why don’t you?

The secret to a happy sex life lies in understanding how your body works and the level of comfort in the bedroom, especially if you’re planning to explore something new!

For some reason, people feel conscious about sex in their later years, either because they’re ashamed of their body or by their ‘performance’ and others may be affected by some kind of illness.

Lack of accurate knowledge and ignorance can turn a temporary situation into a permanent one. Being proactive can help in avoiding this. Whether we’re restarting our sexual life or improving it, we should be ready to try new things and seek professional help if needed.

We can quickly compensate for the changes that come with an aging body and mind. And, both sexual as well as emotional aspects, can be explored with proper information and support.


Sex and Overall Wellness for Older Adults


As older adults, sex could be viewed as a medium to reunite with our partners, and it provides the following health benefits:

Improves mental and physical health –

Sex helps in burning fat and causes the brain to release endorphins and oxytocin. This hormone is also known as the pain-killing hormone. So, we can say that sex, in the golden years, can help improve overall mental and physical health. Moreover, it is also believed that sex can drastically reduce anxiety.

Increases Lifespan –

Active and enthusiastic sex life can add years to life through its manifold health benefits.

Solidify relationships –

Sex can be used to communicate closeness with our better halves, thereby helping in solidifying relationships.


Other Surprising Health Benefits of Sex


  • Helps in minimizing the risk of incontinence
  • Assists with better sleep by easing the body, mind, and spirit
  • Reduces the risk of prostate cancer
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Helps in stress reduction

There are several ways to be physically intimate with your partners and trust us; it does impart several health benefits. Moreover, engaging in sexual intercourse takes about as much energy as climbing up a two-story staircase, so sex is rarely a health-risk. And, if you do face any concerns about your health, consult your physician or a healthcare professional.

Also, if you’re sexually active, you should be wary of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and practice safe sex. STDs know no age boundaries.

All in all, sex may not be the same as it was in your twenties, but it can become a lot more satisfying and fulfilling as we age. We should always celebrate our bodies and be confident about ourselves.

Hope you all are learning to have more fun as you age!