Wi-Fi Hotspot Safety for Seniors


As a retired senior with more time on my hands, I have found that the internet allows me to connect with friends, interact with people on social media, and stream movies and TV shows among so many other things. The convenience of accessing my bank accounts, paying my bills, and tracking my finances online is another major bonus. Like all good things though, the internet is also a hotbed of corrupt activities. Cybersecurity is a concern these days as a lot can be done with all the sensitive data being shared online.

 Seniors connecting through video chat




Here’s how as a senior you can be safe online. 

  • Don’t connect to a stranger’s Wi-Fi It is great that you know how to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot on Android or Apple devices, but that doesn’t mean that you connect to just about any hotspot present around. Only connect to those networks you trust. Did you know that a hacker can easily collect the data that flows through a controlled Wi-Fi network?

  • Set up a password when offering a hotspot We often let our friends and relatives use our data services through our phone Wi-Fi hotspot when needed. That’s great, but you need to know how to set up a password for a hotspot; secure your hotspot before turning it on. This will ensure that only those you trust would be able to connect to your device. 

  • Make your home Wi-Fi password secure Not only should you know how to change the Wi-Fi password for your home network, but you shouldn’t use known dates, words or phrases, as these are susceptible to hacking. Instead, use complex combinations that are more randomized to keep your network secure.

  • Use an anti-virus program There are lots of capable free and paid anti-virus programs available to help protect your smart devices and computers from online threats. Make sure you have a good one installed to ensure protected browsing. 

  • Don’t share personal details with strangers If you receive online correspondence about a deal that’s too good to be true, be warned, it probably is. So, don’t go sharing bank account details or personal information like your address and contact number with people you don’t know.  

The good thing is that as long as we take certain precautions, our data should be secure from hacks. 

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