Women’s Intimate Hygiene – Essential Tips and 8 (Amazingly) Useful Products

One of the most hushed topics in a woman’s life is her intimate hygiene. If only women’s hygiene were considered important in India, approximately 60% of women would not have been diagnosed with vaginal and urinary tract infections every year.

Awareness about women’s intimate hygiene and the availability of products is a big problem that plagues our nation. Hesitation around talking about these products and buying it over the counter, too, pose a big cultural barrier. Hence, it was a cause for celebration when two entrepreneurs - Ulka Sadalkar and Rajeev Kher - turned run-down buses into clean, hygienic toilets in Pune!

Image Source: NDTV

These washrooms on wheels called ‘Ti Toilet’ (meaning ‘Her Toilet’ in Marathi) offer clean toilet facilities and nooks for breastfeeding. Besides, you can purchase women’s hygiene products like sanitary napkins!

This is definitely something that will go a long way in helping women in Pune, however till such facilities are easily available across India, illnesses caused due to ignorance about women’s intimate hygiene remains a cause of concern.

Even simple changes in daily living can go a long way in maintaining personal hygiene for women. Here are a few vaginal hygiene tips that every woman should know.

  • Keep undergarments dry
  • It is important to keep undergarments clean and dry. Remember to wipe the vagina after urinating as this can protect you from vaginal infections.

  • Change sanitary pads every 4-6 hours
  • If sanitary pads are not changed for long durations, they can lead to skin rashes and bad odour. Women with normal flow should change the pads every 4-6 hours. This applies even on light-flow days.

  • Avoid using soap to wash intimate areas
  • Soaps and other cosmetic cleansers are laden with harsh chemicals, antiseptics and perfumes. This can harm the pH balance in the vaginal region causing irritation and growth of unhealthy bacteria.

  • Don’t buy scented feminine hygiene products
  • Avoid scented products as they could harm your skin and make the condition worse, leading to infections.

  • Avoid wearing tight clothing
  • Tight clothes usually mean low air circulation, leading to more sweat. Excessive sweating and moisture can lead to the growth of bacteria and yeast, causing vaginal infection. Use undergarments made from breathable fabrics like cotton.

  • Wipe the right way
  • When using intimate wipes, always remember to wipe from front to back and not the other way round! There is a huge risk of dragging harmful bacteria from the anus to the vaginal area if you wipe from back to front.

  • Practice safe sex

Unprotected sex can cause transmission of sexually transmitted diseases and infections like chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, warts, syphilis, and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Using condoms is the simplest way to protect yourself against such transmission.

Apart from practicing these tips, we suggest you take a look at these female hygiene products to take better care of yourself during travel and in difficult situations.

8 Amazing Hygiene Products for Women

1. Travel Hygiene Kit

This is a special travel kit that takes care of women’s hygiene when on the go. It includes intimate wipes, period pain relief patch, multi-purpose wipes, underarm sweat pads, and a stand and pee funnel. This kit also comes with disposable bags for discreet, hassle-free travel.

2. Flushable Toilet Seat Cover

Unhygienic public toilets are something that women have to put up with while traveling. Well, no more! These flushable toilet seat covers help protect your intimate area and avoid infections. These are 100% waterproof and easy to carry and dispose of.

Seriously, wow!

3. Toilet Seat Sanitizer

These toilet seat sanitizers can help kill 99.9% germs. Simply spray it on the toilet seat before using it for a clean toilet experience! It comes with antimicrobial, antibacterial and disinfectant properties. This is just the right option to use when traveling and using public toilets.

4. Bladder Control Pads

Keep your undergarments and intimate area clean with these bladder control pads. It is perfect for women suffering from light urinary incontinence. These pads offer discreet protection against unexpected leakage and ensure complete protection.

5. Intimate Wash

Regular soaps are laden with harsh chemicals and artificial scents that can affect the pH balance of the vaginal area and cause dryness. Intimate wash helps keep the vaginal area clean without harming the pH balance.

6. Disposable Stand and Pee Funnel

If the thought of using dirty public toilets make you anxious, you will agree this invention is worthy of an award!

Peeing in public toilets can be simply disgusting. A safe and clean way to pee in such situations is by using this disposable stand and pee funnel. These disposable funnels ensure no splashes or leaks. Yay!

7. Intimate Wet Wipes

Intimate wipes are a good way to clean the vaginal area without water. This helps clean the area when you don’t want to leave a mess. These wipes are mild and help in keeping away bad odor as well. Regular skin wipes can be harsh for the vaginal area, hence always use intimate wet wipes.

8. Sanitary Disposal Bags

Now dispose of sanitary pads or other female hygiene products the non-messy way and with consideration for those who collect trash. These oxo-biodegradable disposable sanitary bags are great for hygienic disposal of intimate care products. They are easy to carry and leakage proof.

To all the women out there - it is important to remember that the vagina is a self-cleaning body part and it does not need a lot of cleaning products. However, you need to protect your intimate areas from infections when using public toilets and other unhygienic places; this is where mild cleaning products come handy.

Spread awareness about intimate hygiene because awareness is the first step towards wellness.