Your Complete Guide to Must-Have Bedroom Accessories

The bedroom is by far the most important room in a house from a resident’s point of view. It is what makes a house feel like 'home'. It is that hub of quietude and tranquility which allows you the space and time you have for yourself. It is not interrupted or raided by frequent visitors, loud noises, pungent smells or any potential discomfort that one may experience in other areas of the house.

It is important that you do your bedroom thoughtfully and with a long-term view since the room happens to be the one place where you are likely to spend at least 8-10 hours every day (and maybe a few more when it is holiday time!).

Bedrooms are meant to be snug, comfortable and tranquil. They are meant to be your sacred space – a place where you relax, unwind and get ‘good’ sleep. But what is it that makes a bedroom all of this?

It is a mix of certain things that contribute to the look and feel of your bedroom:

1. The lighting

2. The bed

3. The supporting bedroom accessories

When designing, redesigning or decking up the bedroom, make sure you've got all three things sorted. Beds, mattresses, curtains, pillows, closets, cupboards, lamps – have you got it all in place? To help you out in this regard, we have put together a selection of essential bedroom accessories that will not only make the bedroom warm and cozy but also add a bit of colour and comfort to it!

Essential Modern Bedroom Accessories

1. Beds and Mattresses: Nobody likes an uncomfortable sleeping surface. After all, getting a good night’s sleep is the key to a healthy body and a fresh mind. If you have been putting up with mediocre or low-quality bedding, it is high time you made a change.

The Air Bed Mattress by Pedder Johnson gives your back ample support and is designed to align with the contours of your body. The easily-inflatable mattress is made to suit the needs of bedridden patients and senior citizens, helping prevent bedsores. Medically approved and effective against back pain and ulcers, this one is a must-have!

Air Bed Mattress

Another highly effective product is KosmoCare’s Mattress for Bed Sores. With a weight-bearing capacity of 110 kgs, this unique latex-free mattress can be put on top of your existing mattress (using the flaps attached to the product). It is easy to inflate the mattress using the accompanying pump that can be mounted on the bed with the help of a built-in bracket. Designed to avoid pressure sores, this anti-decubitus air pump mattress comes with a variable pressure setting for additional comfort of the user. Lightweight and easy to carry, the mattress is perfect for those who suffer from chronic back pain.

Mattress for bed sores

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Anti Besubitus bubble mattress

2. Lounge Chairs: Iomoto’s Chaise Lounge, available in a choice of green, red, brown or purple colour options, is just what was missing from your bedroom all this while! This fantastic lounge chair is dynamic in nature and allows you to use it anywhere. You can sit, lie down or lean on this unique bedroom accessory since it is adjustable in five different positions. Extremely comfortable and easy to fold, the Chaise Lounge chair is a good fit for people of all ages and body types! The durable stain woven linen further adds to the comfort quotient.

Lomoto's chaise lounge

3. Floor Mats: A great product to add to your daily lives is the Anti-Fatigue Mat by Iomoto. This brown-coloured floor mat, available in small and large sizes, has a hard outer layer and cushioned inner layer. Although it is primarily meant to ease the discomfort and fatigue that comes with standing for long periods of time, the mat is multipurpose in nature. You can turn it into a yoga mat and place it anywhere on the floor. Give yourself the support you need while standing or working out in the bedroom with this unique floor mat!

Anti fatigue Mat

4. Backrests: Pedder Johnson’s Adjustable BMS025 Back Rest is a great accessory to keep handy in the bedroom, especially when you have a senior at home (or someone who is restricted to the bed because of a physical condition). People with spinal issues, stress fractures in the back and arthritis can benefit from this product since it is designed to provide relief and maintain a good posture while sitting on the bed. Foldable and compact, the adjustable backrest can enable individuals to enjoy regular activities like eating, watching TV and reading with ease. The anti-allergic and non-irritant material make it perfect for even those people who have sensitive skin.

Adjustable Back rest

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5. Wedge Pillows: The Bed Comfort Wedge by Pedder Johnson is an innovative pillow that is made to support and comfort your back, cervical region, and legs. Particularly useful for people with esophageal reflux, the multipurpose wedge pillow is the perfect replacement for regular pillows and cushions that are difficult to maintain in one position.

Bed Comfort Wedge

6. Cervical support pillows and cushions: Cervical Support Pillows, like the one by Vissco, provide effective relief from muscle spasms, cervical spondylosis, and postural pain. Recommended for the immobilization and rehabilitation of the cervical region, the pillow is made from high-density foam and comes with a loop-and-hook fastening system. The memory foam helps maintain the natural curvature and posture of the user’s body.

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Cervical pillow regular

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Sleep buddy pillow Classic

7. Knee Spacers: Another gem of a product that lets you sleep peacefully and eases the pain in the hips, knees, legs or back, Pedder Johnson’s Knee Spacer is designed to fit between the legs and provide you with adequate support. We highly recommend this product for senior citizens and those who suffer from inconsistent sleep patterns.

Knee Spacer

How to Buy Bedroom Accessories?

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