9 Great Festive Season Gifts!

Ganesh Utsav, Dussehra, Diwali, Bhai-Dooj, Eid and Christmas – our favorite festivals are just around the corner and if you haven’t commenced the preparations, well, it’s time you did! Holidays and festivals are the perfect occasions to remind your near and dear ones that they matter. And there are several ways to do that – take a trip with your family or friends, host a dinner night at your place, call your relatives over to join in the revelries, pay your close friends a surprise visit, plan a family get-together or simply send your loved ones some great gifts! While the internet can be a chaotic place to find the perfect gift, we have curated a special list of diverse gifting options that you can choose from. Read on and take your pick!

9 of the Best Festive Season Gifts to Choose From

  1. Oats and Raisins Cookies

Everyone loves cookies! With ‘healthy food’ being all the rage today (we’re not complaining!), these oatmeal and raisin cookies can be just the perfect thing to treat your guests with! Protein- and fiber-rich, these delectable delights make for the perfect morning or mid-day snack.  

  1. Talking Alarm Clock with Projector

Looking for the ideal gift for senior citizens? This lovely little LCD alarm clock is the perfect bedside companion for the elderly or those with poor vision. Equipped with technology that projects the time above the clock and also reads out the time and temperature via an in-builtspeaker, the Talking Alarm Clock with Projector is a great utility gift.  

  1. Autobiography Diary - My Memories

Different people have different experiences throughout their lives. Imagine noting it all down in a diary – all the good and bad memories – the stories will remain timeless forever! Wouldn’t it be a great idea to gift a beautiful hard-bound Autobiography Diary to someone who has a lot to share? Help your loved ones or friends revive the fondest memories of their life by gifting them this multipurpose diary that can store a treasure trove of information and memoirs. The diary is packaged in a lovely carton and comes with a gift card on which you can write a personalized message.  

  1. Bluetooth Floating Speaker – Iomoto

Whether you have a friend who is a water baby or someone who loves spending hours in the bathtub – this innovative speaker is an extremely cool gift! This festive season, shop for Iomoto’s Bluetooth Floating Speaker for your music and water-loving friends or family members. Apart from being water resistant, the speaker offers Bluetooth/USB connectivity and an output power of 5W, you can listen to your favoritemusic and answer calls as it floats on water with you!  

  1. Premium Chocolate Almonds – Fabbox

Toasted to perfection and covered in a generous layer of premium chocolate, you don’t need to go hunting for sweets or chocolates as gifts this festive season as Fabboxbrings to you a pack full of goodness. Oven-roasted almonds, real cocoa, proteins, fibers, vitamin E and rich chocolate – that is what you get when you buy these Premium Chocolate Almonds.  

  1. Premium Chocolate Cashews – Fabbox

If you prefer cashews over almonds, we have a delicious alternative for you. Know someone who loves chocolates? Perfectly roasted cashews with a hint of sea salt and loads of sinful chocolate, Premium Chocolate Cashews make for a wonderful gift.  

  1. Premium Chocolate Raisins – Fabbox


The sweet tooth never seems to get enough, right? If nuts are not your thing, these milk chocolate-coated raisins are a great mid-day snack. Loaded with vitamins, potassium andiron, Fabbox’s Premium Chocolate Raisins also deliver a good deal of carbs to keep you energized through the day.  

  1. FIND - Never Lose Anything

Here’s a utility gift that is apt for someone who forgets a lot. Phones, pets, keys – there are many important everyday things that people (especially seniors) tend to misplace or forget. FIND is a thick-yet-lightweight gadget that can be attached to any such item and functions as a tracking device. The mobile application (SenseGiz FIND for iOS or Android) allows you to track these items within seconds! Check out the product’s multiple benefits and how to FIND works.  

  1. Triangle Wooden Clock

There is no point gifting flower bouquets, random centrepieces or sweets that nobody will eat. Instead, up your gifting game with something that will add value to the receiver’s life. Like this rustic, wooden clock that displays the time and temperature and also acts as an alarm. Not only does it fuse vintage aesthetics and modern technology, but also looks great anywhere in the house or office. A great gift, we think! So, that is our list of gifting options for the forthcoming festive season. With some amazing festivals lined up over the next few months, we hope you have a great end to the year!  

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