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The box includes personally designed and trendy re-usable box of 40 cotton feel sanitary pads (30 Heavy Flow (Xxl) and 10 light flow (Xl) pa...
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Pinq’s box of cotton sanitary napkins consists of 40 pads, which is especially crafted to ensure you don’t run out of stock. Any time you urgently need a sanitary pad, you can conveniently pull one out of the box to experience a hassle-free menstrual cycle. Each pad is individually packed in a pocket size pouch, for convenient carrying and disposable of your pad after use. These premium sanitary napkins feature a gel technology that absorb blood and lock it by converting it into a gel. The box also gives you an option to choose from different pad sizes, based on the flow of your cycle, heavy or light. These specially curated boxes of ultra-thin and extremely comfortable sanitary pads can make a great addition to your monthly hyenine essentials.

  • Cotton feel and rash-free sanitary pads and pantyliners
  • Ultra thin natural sanitary napkins
  • Large surface for an immediate dry and soft feel
  • Extremely convenient, comfortable, super absorbent and have odor control

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