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  1. 1 Slim and Curve Massager - Solomon
    Slim and Curve Massager - Solomon
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  2. 2 Multifunction Foot Kneading Massager - Deemark
    Multifunction Foot Kneading Massager - Deemar...
    ₹4,649 ₹9,999
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  3. 3 Mini Foot Massager - Deemark
    Mini Foot Massager - Deemark
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  4. 4 Infrarot Massager - Deemark
    Infrarot Massager - Deemark
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  5. 5 Eyes Exercise Massager - Deemark
    Eyes Exercise Massager - Deemark
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  6. 6 Health Hammer Massager - Deemark
    Health Hammer Massager - Deemark
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  7. 7 Brain Comfort Massager for Head, Body and Face - Deemark
    Brain Comfort Massager for Head, Body and Fac...
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  8. 8 5 in 1 Beauty Massager - Deemark
    5 in 1 Beauty Massager - Deemark
    ₹281 ₹1,599
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  9. 9 Car Massager - Star
    Car Massager - Star
    ₹3,999 ₹4,950
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  10. 10 Neck Heat Massager - Star
    Neck Heat Massager - Star
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  11. 11 Heat Massager - Star
    Heat Massager - Star
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  12. 12 6-In-1 Smoothing Body Facial Massager
    6-In-1 Smoothing Body Facial Massager
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• Electric Massagers

Massaging the body is a great step towards recovery, the relief and relaxation you feel after a good massage is something to look forward to. Put simply, a massage is beneficial for you in a number of ways. Massages improve circulation, improve overall blood flow and increase the flow of oxygen to tissues, which helps reduce muscle tension and improve recovery.

If you don’t have the time or the budget for a regular massage from a masseuse or are looking for something more innovative than a foam roller? An electric massager might be a solid choice for you. Now, more than ever, electric massagers have become a necessity as they are also servicing the stay-at-home crowds. There are a number of electric massagers available in the market, so how do you know which to choose? Below are some of the best massagers out there and how you can best use them on different parts of the body. Although, before going to the various electric massagers available in the market, let us check out some of the benefits it has to offer, its types, its uses and much more.

It is very common to turn to massagers for some quick relief when your muscles are sore or tense. While electric massagers aren’t exactly like a spa massage— they do act like them. With just a push of a button, you can turn a simple device into a body massaging tool. Whether it's your feet that are sore from running, your neck aching from sitting at work or your lower back feeling sore from too many chores, an electric massager is a hands-on relief device, designed to loosen up your muscles. An electric massager can also be used to increase blood circulation in some areas of the body, they help decrease muscular density and may also temporarily allow more range of motion that may have previously been inaccessible.

Most electric massagers are handheld devices with a round tip. The round tip often sports as one of the several possible attachments that help you target muscles. There’s a variety of electric massagers that vary in its application, the speed with which they operate and the motor that dictates how deep into the muscle and tissues the massager is able to target.

• Choosing The Right Electric Massager

As there are a number of electric massager options available in the market, there are a few things that should be kept in mind before purchasing “The One”.

1) Massager's Battery Life

Since most of the Electric Massagers available are handheld devices, you should look for or consider how long you can expect the massager to operate before needing a recharge. It all depends on your use of the massager, and for which aching body part you need it.

2) What Attachments Does It Come With?

An Electric massager usually includes a variety of attachments, it is quite common. Some come with a soft foam or rubber ball attachments which is on the softer side, a flat head attachment that are great for denser muscles like the quads and back, some with bullet head attachments that mimics trigger point massage, while some come with a pronged fork attachment that works well along your traps, Achilles tendon, and calves.

3) If The Electric Massager Is Adjustable?

It is highly important to know if you can adjust the speed settings etc on the Electric massager, as they vary among most electric massagers. From enabling target sensitive or especially sore muscles to sharing the device with others, this flexibility will help you remain or get more flexible, too.

4) How Much Space Does It Massager Need?

Being able to store the massager without taking too much space, or being able to tuck the massager into a corner, under the couch or into your travel bag allows for greater accessibility — and also probably leads to more frequent use.

5) How Does The Device Deliver The Massage?

Percussion, vibration, heat and rollers are just a few examples, they all are different in the ways that they can help you or offer relief.

• Benefits Of Using An Electric Massager

Do you use a manual massager? It is great at releasing knots and relieving sore muscles. However, sometimes they just take up too much energy to use. Most of the time when people want a massage, they’re too tired to give one to themselves. Also, going to a masseuse each time you want a massage isn’t the most cost-effective solution. One way to give yourself a massage at home is by using a minimal effort electric massager. It offers you the most convenient way of relieving tensed muscles without the hassle of having to do it manually.

Some people might find it weird, but the health benefits of electronic massagers have been known and recognized for centuries. People in ancient Rome used electric fish to cure muscle pain, increase blood flow, and also for electronic stimulation.

1) Helps rejuvenate the body:

A great massage can help relax and rejuvenate your body. Although they are sometimes expensive, electric massagers are great for giving the massage you deserve with minimal effort. This is because these massagers operate using electric power to simulate the performance of a professional masseuse. The main benefit of electric massagers is that you can use them without anybody’s help and you can use them at home at any time. This is a great benefit because if you need a massage to help you sleep, you can use it at your own convenience.

2) They are versatile in Nature:

There are different types of electric massagers that are used for different parts of the body, depending on the body ache. For instance, you can’t use a massage chair for your feet. Massage chairs are mainly used for your back, buttocks, and legs. However, there are more portable handheld massagers that you can use for localised pain relief. Choosing the right electric massager is crucial in targeting muscles that need relief. With the right electric massager, you can ease the pain of injuries and swelling while improving flexibility.

3) They are Convenient:

Electric massagers are a great way to get a professional quality massage with the convenience of doing it yourself and at the comfort of your own home. Electric Massagers help you to avoid trips to the salon, it may even help you avoid constant trips to the physiotherapy centres. Thus, saving you both, time as well as money.

4) Helps relieve pain:

Electric Body Massagers are designed specifically to help you relax and de-contract your muscles. They may help in relieving chronic pain and reducing stress and anxiety. Moreover, they may also help offer assistance in combating the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome in women and facilitate better sleep. Relieving body pain is one of the most important reasons why people get their own electric massagers. Body pain, no matter how mild or severe, is no doubt annoying. As much as you try to ignore it, it can cause you discomfort and may even affect your daily routine. Using an electric body massager, and through its massage techniques, it can help relax your stiff muscles and give you the relief you need.

5) They are easy to use & User Friendly:

You don’t need another person to help you out, most of these electric massagers can be used by yourself. You can self-massage, you can also avail a deep quality massage while sitting at home. Electric massagers nowadays are equipped with Shiatsu, kneading, rolling and many more massage nodes. Modern electronic massagers are super user-friendly, and anyone can use them. You can easily customize the settings according to your requirements and enjoy the massage at home.

6) Nerve retraining properties:

Nerve damage can be a big cause of severe pain and restricted motions in the body. People experience pain when nerves cannot send indicators accurately, it can cause serious discomfort and pain. You can use an electronic massager to help retrain those nerves, as these devices are designed specially to perform this task in a flawless manner.

7) Comes With Great Customization Features:

Modern electric massagers are designed to create different pulse designs. You can easily increase or decrease the intensity levels to massage that is specific to the part of your body that is to be massaged. These devices may also be able to massage your muscles internally. Some standard massagers work great with available programs to soothe muscle strain issues.

8) Improves Flexibility:

An electric massager machine does two things: it puts pressure and aids in relaxation. It may seem ironic that a device can give you both pressure and relaxation. The two actually work well together. The pressure exerted by your electric massager gives you the relief and relaxation you are seeking. In the process, it makes your strained muscles less stiff and more flexible. After a massage, you will feel freer and more energized to do your physical activities.

9) Stimulates Better Blood Flow And Circulation:

Proper blood circulation is important for your body to function efficiently. Daily routines may hinder your blood flow from going smoothly. Your electric back massager can help you with this. A few minutes of massage with your electric back massager is enough to wake up your muscle cells. The pressure energizes your muscles and as a result, improves your circulation. Better circulation means better oxygenation and an overall improvement in your health and wellness.

• Types of electric massager

1) Electric Cushion Massager:

Turn on the warmth to ease tightness, boost circulation, and help achy muscles relax more deeply. The use of infrared therapy may be an effective form of therapy to increase blood flow. Infrared massage combines both the heat from the rays and manipulation of the body, which may be beneficial for circulation issues. The deep penetrating warmth of infrared massage stimulates blood flow which can help reduce arthritis pain. This is an easy to use massager which helps relieving pain in the back, neck, feet, calf and thighs.

Eg- Apple Massager - Star:

Shiatsu form of massaging uses pressure on specific points on the body to restore healthy flow of energy to your body. This versatile back Shiatsu electric massager cushion combines shiatsu kneading with a famous Thai step massage to give you the best of both the massages. You can switch them with just the touch of a button! It can be used while you are at home, office or in your car. It has twelve 3D massage nodes to de-stress your muscles and has an automatic shut-off feature. It has three-layer breathable mesh fabric and premium PU leather for the ultimate comfort.

2) Electric Pillow Massager:

A seat massager is a massaging device that can be placed on a chair or to help massage your back, buttocks and thighs. It usually consists of rollers that rotate along the spine and thigh muscles in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions to offer quicker relief to the entire back region.

Eg- Neck Heat Massager - Star:

It is possible to get rid of neck and back pain without a spa treatment. You do not need to take any medication or see a doctor. Whenever you feel stressed or feel a painful sensation in your back or neck, you can get a relaxing massage with this handy and portable Neck Heat Massager, which provides therapeutic and medical benefits of a neck/ body massage effectively. Using of this heat massager grants many benefits such as pain relief, tension and stiffness relief, relaxation, improvement in circulation, increases flexibility and speeds up muscle recovery. This massager comes with an adapter, plug and charging socket, so you can keep it in your office or car and get a massage anytime you need. It is extremely convenient because of it's handy shape and design, if you travel frequently. This innovative massaging device is useful for every individual.

3) Electric Foot Massager:

There are a number of foot massagers in a variety of types. Some release stress and pain of muscles and ankles through vibration while some press the points on your feet, healing all organs connected to the points.

Eg- Leg and Foot Massager- Deemark:

The Deemark leg and foot massager is ideal for people who want to get their tired legs relaxed and the muscles to be stimulated in order to improve blood circulation. It can also help in making your legs toned and thinner effortlessly by just using it as opposed to daily jogging or walking exercises. The flexible kneading discs create a professional massage technique, which stimulates blood circulation and relieves tired and aching muscles. The kneading action penetrates deep into the muscles of feet, ankles and calves, alleviating tension and reducing stress, it effectively massages the soles and muscles of feet, which relieves sore and tired feet.

4) Electric Neck And Shoulder Massager:

These electric massagers are usually lightweight and portable, they work with heat or vibration. Not only do the massager press and soothe your muscles, they also calms the nerves, thus relaxing the brain and releasing stress.

Eg- Beurer MG 21 Handheld Electric Vibrating Massager

Pamper yourself with a gentle vibrating massage with Beurer MG 21 Infrared Massager. The MG21 massager provides a deep tissue massage and works effectively to relax the muscles and joints. It comes with three different attachments, i.e., two nub attachments and one brush attachment, that can provide you a personalized massage. You can use the different attachments to loosen up any tight areas or knots, while also increasing muscle flexibility. It has a long handle to reach areas such as your back, shoulders, feet, calves, neck - and other parts of the body. The long handle makes it extremely easy to use and ensures a solid grip. It has two intensity levels to choose from and you can enjoy a soothing massage with or without infrared heat. The massager has two function levels, i.e., vibration massage and vibration massage with infrared heat.

5) Electric Head And Eye Massager:

These massagers are designed very carefully as they need to work on and around delicate areas such as our eyes. They are mostly used by people facing headache and migraine problems, hair loss and stress.

Eg- Eyes Exercise Massager – Deemark:

This electric eye massager uses the vibrating massage function effectively to help diminish fine lines, bags, puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. The massager provides rapid relief from eye soreness, dry eyes, blurred eyes, eye fatigue, eye redness etc. The massager may also help restore your skin tone affected by fatigue or tiring working hours, as well as to deflate the eyes and alleviate eye fatigue.

6) Electric Back Massager:

This focuses your shoulders, upper back, lower back and abdomen. An electric back massager copies the movements of a professional massage therapist. It helps relieve back and your body from pain and soreness by using kneading and massage techniques.

Eg- Health Hammer Massager - Deemark:

The electric beating massager adopts leading intelligent chip in domestic, integrated multi massage modes and different beating strengths. The strength beating function relieves ache on neck, shoulder back, wrist, joints etc. The special transmission could relieve channels and collaterals, enhance blood circulation, remove fatigue and stress. The massager can effectively replace the use of heating bags as the heat comes from the beating film and the 32 breath holes. Using the product regularly can improve immunity and provide mental and physical relaxation.

7) Electric Scalp Massager:

Scalp Massagers are designed to help offer relief to headaches, migraine problems, hair loss and stress. They are available in various types depending on your requirement.

Eg- Brain Comfort Massager for Head, Body and Face - Deemark:

Deemark multi-function massager provides acupoint kneading massage which relaxes channels and collaterals, the massager also promotes skin and facial beauty. It helps alleviate fatigue and stress with the full body beating massage that relaxes body and brain thoroughly. It is efficient in relieving the symptoms of headache or dizziness and improves blood circulation to improve facial beauty and promote healthy skin.

8) Hand-Held Electric Massager:

Electric hand-held massagers are designed specially to be light in weight and have adjustable power, designed to treat knotted and strained muscles. The benefit of having this type of electrical massager is that it can be used on any part of the body at the speed and intensity you require.

Eg- Multi Massager (With 7 Attachments) – Star:

This multi massager is a handheld electric massager that comes with 7 attachments. It has a unique oscillate feature of penetrating deeply into the inner layers of the skin to help break down unwanted fat and burn calories. After a tiring and stressful day, this multi massager will also help in releasing tensions along with toning muscles. All the 7 detachable attachments are created to stimulate different pressure points on your body. Repeated and regular usage will help in generating a soothing sensation all over your body and relax the stiff muscles. The enhanced blood circulation will allow your body to be instantly revitalized.

9) Massage Chair:

It is one of the most convenient massagers for your back and legs. You need to install the chair in your room and then you can use it as a normal chair as well as a body massager.

10) Electric Car Massager:

Electric Car Massagers are designed to give you a back massage usually, while you are in the car. If you are busy with your office work as well as residential work, then a car massager is the best one for taking massages in your neck, back, wrist, foot, and some other locations.

Eg- Car Massager – Star:

Promoting a comfortable car drive, this easy to use massager helps in relieving back, neck, feet, calf and thigh pain. This massager is based on advanced infrared heat technology. It promotes blood circulation, relieves muscle pains and fatigue and also improves sleep. It can be used in a car, home or in the office. This massager comes with 6 kneading massager heads that apply a deep massage. The rollers are extremely strong, leaning on them with your full weight slows them down.

• Various Electric Massagers Available on

i. Infrarot Massager – Deemark:

This vibration massager with infrared light is designed to provide effective and instant relief from chronic pain and orthopaedic disorders. It has a detachable handle which permits easy operation, it also features 2 function levels, tapping massage and tapping massage with infrared heat which gives you both physiotherapy and rehabilitation solutions.

i. Slim and Curve Massager – Solomon:

This slim and curve massager consists of small parallel discs of semi rigid silicone with a serrated surface. It helps to reduce the excess fat in the body by using massage therapy. The massager assists in eliminating cellulite and flaccidity, stimulating the circulation of blood toning muscles, lymphatic drainage, volume reduction, soothing backaches, sciatica, and lumbago, relaxing massage and warming up the muscles.

iv. Magic Cordless Facial Massager – Robotouch:

This electric face massager is rechargeable, sporty and cordless. In-built with the double points vibration design and a soft and bendable head, the Robotouch magic massager relieves muscle pain and soreness in an instant. This massager is equipped with adjustable power speed capability and is designed to address muscle fatigue caused by poor blood circulation.

v. Air Pressure Massager LLM18 (Brown) – Lifelong:

This air pressure massager is designed to offer a feeling of lightness and provides relief from pain when used on the legs or any other body part. These leg compression sleeves have been designed to give you relief from stress by improving blood circulation. Made using a breathable and skin friendly fabric, the massager has velcro belts that can be adjusted up to 22 Inches which can fit every size. It has three pressure level settings (low/mid/high) and 2 different types of massage (1/2) modes.

• Other Electric Massagers Available Online

i. Philips Electric Face Massager:

This Electric Facial Massager by Philips is an easy to use massager that easily fits in your skincare routine. The massager comes with 2 extra attachments that are easy to clean with warm water and soap deep gentle cleansing. It uses the dual motion technology with intelligent head recognition to help increase the absorption of your skincare products.

ii. Naipo Handheld Massager:

Naipo’s massager is designed to offer deep percussion massage, its effects reach your tissues for accelerated muscle recovery and alleviated muscle pain. It features three interchangeable nodes that provide a perfect fit, suitable for leg, foot, shoulder, neck and back massager.

iii. Dr Scholls Electric Foot Massager:

This Electric Foot Massager by Dr Scholls is designed specially to help you relax and massage tired or aching feet. The Massager has an anti-splash hood with storage bins. The massager has dual foot massage rollers and also promotes smart heat for soothing relief

iv. Wahl Electric Massager:

This Electric Massager is designed to offer deep-tissue percussion therapeutic massage. It will help relieve pain and fatigue. The massager features a variable speed feature which allows you to adjust the massage intensity from light to intense. It also comes with four attachments to customize your massage.

v. Ohuhu Electric Massager:

This Electric massager is a multi-use handheld massager that comes with 3 sets of removable heads. The massage lets you customize the speed settings to manage the intensity and power of the massager through multiple personalized speed features.

vi. Oster Electric Massager:

Oster brings to you their lightweight therapeutic massager that combines the advantages of both hand and mechanical massage. The Electric Massager features a special contoured design to reduce hand fatigue.


1) How to use face massager machine?

Electric face massagers are easy to use, they are specially designed for cleaning your skin, giving it glow and controlling early signs of ageing. Facial massagers usually feature rollers or vibration to help massage the facial skin. You can also use Face Massagers regularly with facial creams, oils, and cleanser for getting clean, radiant, and healthy skin.

2) How to use facial massager at home?

They are very easy to use, electric facial massagers are usually battery operated or plug-in massagers and you need to simply start the massager. They usually feature roller or vibration, some of the facial massagers can also be used with serums, oils etc.

3) How to use 5 in 1 face massager?

A 5 in 1 face massager is very user friendly. Simply put in the battery and attach the various nodes provided in the pack. Turn the massager off before changing the attachment and use again.

Eg: Dragon Massager - Star Health

4) How to use body massager machine?

Some body massagers come with multiple attachments and some don’t. It depends on the type of massager. Both the types are very easy to use and hassle free.

• Attach the head as per your choice

• Then attach the protective cover

• Choose the intensity level of the massage by turning the knob

• Start to massage

Eg - Electric Handheld Full Body Massager LLM27 (Brown) - Lifelong

5) Which body massager is best?

There is a wide range of electric body massagers available in the market. Check out Seniority’s range of body massages, we have a variety of electric massagers to suit your needs.

Here a few body massagers available at

    1. Electric Handheld Full Body Massager LLM180 (Brown) – Lifelong

    2. Infrarot Massager – Deemark

    3. Nine Ball Jade Projector (ARG 712) - ARG HEALTHCARE

6) How to use dolphin massager?

Dolphin massagers usually come with plug-in type

• Connect the wire to a power source

• Attach the desired massage cap or attachment

• Turn on the electric massager using the on/off button

• Place the electric massager on the desired body part for about 3-6 minutes

• You can adjust the intensity of the massager

• Switch off the device and detach the massage cap

Eg: Digital Dolphin Massager (DHM) - Deemark

7) Are vibrating massagers good for you?

Vibrating Massagers have their own benefits, they are very effective as they work their best on the muscles. Vibrating Electric massagers promote good blood flow and makes the muscles smoother. They may also help break the clods of blood and continue the blood circulation naturally. Apart from that, the vibrating massagers work well on the joint section of the body including knee joint, elbow joint etc

8) Can you use electric massagers on your face?

Yes, there is no issue in using an electric face massager on your face. Although, you need to be careful while you run the massager on your face. Keep in mind the sensitive areas on your face and read the instruction manuals that come with the massagers very carefully before use.

Products & Price list:

Electric Massagers Price (₹)
Eyes Exercise Massager - Deemark 429.00
Multi Massager (With 7 Attachments) - Star 3109.00
6-In-1 Smoothing Body Facial Massager 169.00
Beurer MG 70 Infrared Massager 3,999.00
Multifunction Foot Kneading Massager - Deemark 4,649.00
Mini Foot Massager - Deemark 469.00

Data last updated on 01/01/2023

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