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Specially designed for everyday use, co-adhesive stretch tape is great for compression wraps, wound care and pad application. The superior q...
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Cohesive stretch tape is made with a dry bond formula as the tape only sticks/adheres to itself and not to other surfaces. The tape provides compression from strenuous activities, it includes light support and securing, compression dressings and partial immobilization. It is an easy and cost effective way for an athlete to apply a clean, dry pressure wrap after a home ice bath. It can also be used as an under wrap to any adhesive taping product for additional skin comfort.

  • 5 yard hand tearable rolls
  • Easy and even tear
  • Comfortable to the skin
  • Consistent unwind tension
  • Easy on anatomical angles
  • Non-sterile
  • Cohesive formulation contains Dry Natural Rubber (DNR)
  • Made with non-woven stretch fabric

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