Cidni Capsules for for GIT Care - Proyurveda

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Created with the perfect blend of Probiotics and selected Ayurvedic herbs Cidni Capsule helps with GERD (Gastro esophageal Reflux Disease), ...

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Cidni Capsules for GIT Care by Proyurveda contains Bhringaraj, Chandana, Vasika, Satksheera Powder which helps in neutralizing acid, acts as a good appetizer and forms a protective covering over inflamed mucosa. If control of acidity is your prime concern Cidni Capsule is an ideal choice. These capsules help to improve digestion and maintains GI health.


  • 100% natural acidity tablets
  • Anti-acidity tonic
  • Beneficial for heartburn and gastric wellness
  • Helpful during esophagitis and peptic ulcers

Product Specifications

Country of Origin India
No of Contents 10 x 10 Capsules
Return Policy Non Returnable
Brand Proyurveda
Safety Instructions Seniority does not claim that this product alters/cures/eliminates etc any disease/pain.
The users are advised to seek a Dietitian/Physician/Nutritionist's opinion on dosage before consuming any such product.

Benefits of Cidni Capsules for for GIT Care - Proyurveda

  • Amalaki, 200 mg- Gives relief from indigestion and acid reflux
  • Amruta Satva, 200 mg- Rejuvenates the entire gastro intestinal tract
  • Bhringaraj, 100 mg- Good Appetizer
  • Chandana, 300 mg- Principle cooling agent
  • Karpur Kachari, 300 mg- Helps in neutralizing acid
  • Katuki, 100 mg- Reduces burning sensation
  • Vasika, 100 mg- Helps stop local bleeding due to peptic ulcer
  • Yasthimadhu, 600 mg- Forms a protective covering over inflamed mucosa
  • Satksheera Powder(Contains Probiotics ), 135 mg- Improves digestion and maintains GI health

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