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These stocking are a proven solution for the treatment of venous leg disorders. It is designed in line with the principles of graduated comp...
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Varicose vein stockings provide controlled compression to the legs to squeeze the veins thereby ensuring the normal back flow of blood towards the heart. They also help to put maximum pressure on the veins at the ankle level and gradually delivers less tension as it stretches over the knee and towards the thigh.

This stocking is made using special European machinery that provides accurate and graduated compression.Graduated compression is essential to ensure blood flow back up the leg. These stocking are not stitched or tubular like other products.

  • Made using German technology and imported yarn
  • Increases the speed of blood flow in the capillaries
  • Exerts greatest pressure at the ankle and gradually reduces up the leg
  • Provides consistent and durable compression
  • Retains pressure gradient over many months of use
  • Decreases the pressure in the veins
  • Excellent elasticity and air permeability
  • Applies 22-32 mmHg pressure

Product Specifications

SKU 2111_Comprezon
Brand Comprezon
Material Elastane 35%, Polyamide 65%
Color Beige
Return Policy 15 Days

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